Sunday 15th of September 2019

peddling flake .....

peddling flake .....



an opinion piece in the Sydney morning herald by federal Health Minister & purveyor of smelly fish, Tony Abbott …..

‘Australians are fair-minded people and for a few months will give Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard a chance to prove themselves. Whether they will ultimately warm to this odd couple flung together by ambition and the main chance is open to doubt.

Noel Pearson hardly gave his former boss a ringing endorsement despite backing the fellow Queenslander for the Labor leadership. Australia's most prominent Aborigine came to know the then state cabinet secretary in the early 1990s during a reform of land rights legislation that turned out to be "measly political trimming". In those days, says Pearson, Rudd's "arrogance was equal to his abilities" and, in the years since, he still seems "mightily impressed with himself".’

They Smell Fresh, But Will Soon Be On The Nose

praise be the lord of swift hypocrisy

Vaile praises 'swift action' against Santoro

Deputy Prime Minister Mark Vaile says he hopes the public takes notice of the swift action taken against the Minister for Ageing, Santo Santoro.


Gus: yes definitely swifter than on the massive AWB fraud, where so far not a single soul has been charged with bribing or paying kickbacks (tax deductible) to our "worst enemy" S'dam... A governmental comedy of error that should have seen a few incompetents ministers, including his majesty Rattus UnAmericanus bite the quick dust...