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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has vowed to outlaw the "indulgent and selfish" practices of environmental groups who campaign against Australian businesses that work with companies and industries they are opposed to, such as coal. 

Key points: 
  • The Prime Minister will give a speech in Brisbane on Friday, saying the Coalition is looking at ways to prevent boycotts from spreading to other sectors
  • Mr Morrison will also argue the right to protest "does not mean there is an unlimited licence to disrupts people's lives" 
  • His speech will then reaffirm his Government's commitment to jobs in traditional industries


At a lunchtime speech to the Queensland Resources Council on Friday, obtained by the ABC, Mr Morrison will argue that so-called "secondary boycotts" can have serious consequences for the Australian economy.

"Environmental groups are targeting businesses and firms who provide goods or services to firms they don't like, especially in the resources sector," a copy of his speech says. 

"They are targeting businesses of all sizes, including small businesses, like contracting businesses in regional Queensland.

"It is a potentially more insidious threat to the Queensland economy and jobs and living standards than a street protest."

Mr Morrison will lament the fact that Australian businesses, under pressure from environmental groups, are increasingly refusing to provide services like banking, insurance and consulting to coal mining companies.


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insuring the insurance against global warming....


meanwhile in germania...

German farmers sue government over climate change failures 

For the first time, the German government is being taken to court for failing to protect the climate. Ahead of the hearing, DW spoke to one of the plaintiffs in the case, organic farmer Silke Backsen.

A legal case against the German government over climate change came before the Berlin Administrative Court Thursday. The action was filed in autumn 2018 by the environmental organization Greenpeace, along with three German families who say global warming is threatening their livelihoods.

The plaintiff families, who are all organic farmers directly affected by changing weather patterns, are accusing the government of not complying with its climate protection targets for 2020. They say this amounts to an infringement of their constitutional rights.

The plaintiffs are hoping the court will compel the German government to take effective action in order to meet the targets. 

Read more: German environment minister says government must act on climate now

One of the plaintiffs is Silke Backsen, who runs an organic firm on the island of Pellworm off German's North-Frisian coastline. She's worried about what will happen to her home when sea levels rise. She spoke to DW ahead of the court hearing on Thursday. 


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The German farmers should also sue the lazy Aussie Scummo government on this issue... The Aussie farmers should do the same as well, rather than "pray for rain"... The song is worth waiting for the end...

adani makes our eyes water with pain...

Adani has sought to delay significant upfront expenses for its Carmichael coalmine by another two years, raising questions about the company’s claims its Indian parent has allocated the required finance.

Guardian Australia can reveal Adani was granted a reissued water licence to take up to 12.5bn litres a year from the Suttor River by the Queensland government on 29 May. The deadline for the $18.5m outstanding payment has now been pushed back until mid-2021.

The company had previously been given a year’s extension beyond the initial July 2018 payment deadline. Adani’s own water modelling shows it requires 3.35bn litres of water during the first year of construction.


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exporting global warming...

Coalmining in Australia by the nation’s six biggest coal producers ultimately results in more greenhouse gas emissions each year than the entire domestic economy.

In the latest report to estimate the role fossil fuel businesses play in driving the climate crisis, researchers from the University of New South Wales calculated the total emissions from the coal and gas produced by Australia’s top carbon companies, from extraction to the resources being burned for energy, mostly overseas.



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thierry meyssan is off the planet...



The current debate is distorted by two elements: 

- First, "science" is confused with "scientific consensus". Science is a logical and verifiable construct. Scientific consensus is the air of the times among scientists, but it is only the air of the times. It’s very different. Thus, in antiquity, Aristarchus of Samos hypothesized the Earth’s revolution around the Sun. In the 16th and 17th centuries, Nicolas Copernicus supported this theory, which Johannes Kepler demonstrated, but when Galileo affirmed it again, he met with scientific consensus and was ultimately condemned by the Catholic Church. 

- Secondly, the Climate Exchange Plc proposed a system to charge CO2 emitters. It would thus be a question of fighting global warming, although CO2 is one of the gases among others that can have an impact on the climate. Climate exchanges were opened in Chicago, then London, Montreal, Tianjin and Sydney. As it happens, Climate Exchange Plc was founded by a former director of Goldman Sachs Bank and US Vice President Albert Gore. Its statutes were drafted by a then unknown lawyer, the future president of the United States, Barack Obama [8]. In short, the fear of global warming allows a few powerful people and they alone to get rich.

In conclusion: the effects of US military withdrawal from the Middle East are verifiable for both the US economy and peace in the region. The effects of CO2 on the climate are hypothetical and in any case marginal.

Thierry Meyssan


Roger Lagassé



On politics, Thierry Meyssan is usually on song. On sciences, Thierry Meyssan is off the planet. This is the worse piece of shit ever written by Thierry Meyssan... Okay, dear Thierry, if you haven't understood global warming, I cannot blame you because it is often assumed that "scientific consensus" means that many scientists have studied the caper in details and the prognosis isn't good. A few scientists dispute the idea, but THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE CONSENSUS IS WRONG. 


To put is simply, read:


In regard to politics, some people are always going to profit from whatever's going, including angels and demons. As it happens, this Gus Leonisky worked with serious scientists in the late 1970s on this very subject. A former director of Goldman Sachs Bank and US Vice President Albert Gore arrived quite late on the subject — which is far more insidious that we can understand.


As I have said many times on this site, should you be to able to feel "global warming" in your bones or with a finger pointing in the air, you would have five years max to kiss your arse goodbye... At this level science isn't a bet. It's a certainty. Global warming is more certain than a Higgs boson. You would have to be mad or ignorant to dispute the Higgs boson. The effects of CO2 on the climate are NOT hypothetical and in any case ARE FAR SERIOUS THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE.

Read again and again and again:

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First posted: By Gus Leonisky at 1 Nov 2019 - 6:58pm


Updated 2 Nov...

a warning for trump (and for putin)...


By Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey at Pravda

The Climate: Where Trump got it wrong

In isolating the USA from the international community on the response to climate change, President Donald Trump makes a gigantic strategic error which underlines his lack of ability to understand the issues which face all of us.

I am not one of those who claims that all Americans are overweight and stupid, my answer to those who say so is OK then try and get into one of their Universities, and then study how US Universities have strong links with the community around them, helping with their funding. I am not one of those who derides President Trump and who calls him an overgrown playboy, an idiot and a fraud. Certainly, he started his life with a nice hand-out but he used it wisely and built a business empire with it and managed to beat the system on the Republican ticket. Not everyone gets to be POTUS.

Trump cannot grasp the facts

However, I do question President Trump's ability to grasp the facts underlying climate change, the huge importance of which spells a clear message not only for my own children but for all of our children wherever we may be. This is not a party political issue, it is one of massive planetary significance, one in which we all find ourselves in the same boat.

So rather than making room for the others, and helping those floundering around in the sea, Donald Trump beats them with the oars - he unilaterally takes his country out of the Paris climate change Agreement because he thinks that doing so will damage the US economy.This ridiculous assumption is like hogging the set of waves on his surfboard while a monstrous tsunami lurks menacingly on the horizon.

So while the rest of us make cut-backs and try to help each other out, Washington's response is one of selfishness, introspection and greed, continuing to billow out clouds of harmful emissions, ruining the collective plans to save the planet. What to expect from someone who allegedly said that the noise from wind turbines causes cancer, or some such nonsense?

Milankovic's theory of the Earth's tilt and Ocean currents

However, due to the global importance of this issue, this is not the time or place to hurl abuse. It is time to try to understand where President Trump is coming from, and then to explain why he is wrong. Let us backtrack one century to the Serbian geophysicist Milutin Milankovic, who in 1920 was already presenting a plausible cosmic cause for temperature variation and climate change. In a nutshell, he presented the theory that the Earth's tilt (it does not travel through space as a static object, it tilts either side of the axis 0 steadily over 41,000-year cycles), and this in turn causes ocean currents which give rise to phenomena such as La Niña and El Niño, for instance, and the corresponding wind flows and weather cycles. This evidence is backed up by a map in the Museum of London, which presents temperature cycles over 400,000 years, in which temperature change forms a perfect curve above and below the center line, in arches which represent, curiously, 41,000-year cycles.

Add to this geological surveys which indicate that the first inhabitants of Britain walked across from Europe between 850,000 and one million years ago, not from Calais to Dover but across the North Sea from what is now the Netherlands, indicating that the sea was much lower than today. Other studies reveal fossilized sea shells far inland, also in Britain, meaning the sea levels were far higher than they are today.

If we stop here, we hear the claim "Well, there you go! Told you so!"

Let us listen to the experts

Yes but this is not the end of the story, it is the beginning and what President Trump has to do, like the rest of is, is to do a lot more listening and reading than speaking and writing about subjects we know next to nothing about. So let us listen to the experts.

The huge majority of those working in the field, including senior researchers with doctoral degrees in climate change or related subjects, all say that they are very concerned, that there is no doubt that human activity is causing climate change and, here it is: while there have been historic fluctations in global temperature levels, it is the exponential spike in rising Celsius values after the beginning of the industrial period, which gets steeper as the decades go by, which is particularly alarming. There is also a general consensus that the famous target of reducing emissions to two per cent above pre-industrial levels may be totally inadequate and that the 2% benchmark is a political figure to form a consensus for everyone to work around.

Let us also pay attention to the statement by climate experts published this week in the Journal BioScience, in which 11,000 scientists stated that "We declare clearly and unequivocally that planet Earth is facing a climate emergency" and predicted "untold suffering" if we do not make major transformations to the way we are approaching the issue. They underline that the crisis is here, and it is getting far worse and is developing far more quickly than anyone had imagined.

Big business, as we can see in Brazil, is devastating forests to create space for cattle ranches, and violating the Earth to get at fossil fuel deposits. The article in BioScience indicates that these are three major factors which contribute towards climate change. We need to expand forests, not cut them down, we need to eat less meat and more plant-based foodstuffs and we need to replace fossil fuels with green energy.

So in ignoring those who know what they are speaking about just because the government of the United States of America is, and has always been, caught in the vice of those who control big business, President Donald Trump makes a mistake of epic proportions for which he will be judged in future. Maybe he and his cronies simply do not care about the tsunami rising on the skyline but their grandchildren certainly will.


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The Milankovic's theory of the Earth's tilt and Ocean currents is not the full story, as Timothy points out. The ice ages and warm climate are more on a 100,000 cycle, according to the record. Yet as Timothy points out, while there have been historic fluctations in global temperature levels, it is the exponential spike in rising Celsius values after the beginning of the industrial period, which gets steeper as the decades go by, which is particularly alarming.


For a full simple explanation of what is happening, visit:


The poles are melting. GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL AND ANTHROPOGENIC.... Read from top.


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