Sunday 12th of July 2020

leaving the protection of our environment to some charlatans....


 The economist Gabirel Züllig, by the way quite sympathetic with respect to the “Green New Deal”, pointed to the costs of the project in Edward Barbier, Professor for economy at the Colorado State University summed up the financial expenditure to one billion dollar – for the USA alone. The American Society of Civil Engineers speak of 4,5 billion for the “necessary” infra-structure projects. According to the American Action Forum the financial requirements were to amount to 5.7 billion dollar. Noah Smith from the agency Bloomberg calculated financial requirements of 17 billion dollar alone for the energy-efficient renovation of US American buildings. Züllig adds: “If you add up the health costs for all households which would have to finance the Green New Deal and additionally consider the income of all the unemployed, the project’s costs would rise to astronomical heights.”

The question remains unanswered, from where and from whom is all the money to come in view of the fact that one’s own country is so heavily indebted and there is an obvious lack of resources. One look at the history books and a little logical thinking will grant the quite alarming answer, – as well as an impulse to reflect, what might be planned – not only in the USA but in Europe as well. And it confronts us with the task not to leave the protection of our environment to some charlatans.•

This article by Karl Müller, is lukewarm about the prospect of "having to do something", especially having a new untested political system in charge of protecting the environment (the Green New Deal)... BUT, So far we can say with 100 per cent accuracy and confidence that the present system ISN'T PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT ONE IOTA. 
The cost of DOING NOTHING is already far more than the cost of "having to do something". In a couple of years, in a decade, the cost of doing nothing will be so high we won't know what hit us... presently, the CHARLATANS (Trump-l'oeil, "Borice", Scumdogson) ARE IN CHARGE OF DOING NOTHING. It's not going to help us...

saving the planet from Homo stupidus...



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