Wednesday 23rd of September 2020

smokescreen in scumdogonian city....

not in hawaii

Mr Morrison remains under fire from critics for failing to take stronger action on climate change.

On Monday night, the group Emergency Leaders for Climate Action – a coalition that has grown to include 29 former emergency services bosses – called for a national summit to fill a leadership vacuum it said had been left by the Morrison government.

It comes after weeks of extreme weather events, bushfires and a “public health crisis” in Sydney and Canberra from smoke in the air.

More than 100 blazes were still burning across NSW on Monday while bushfires also raged in Queensland and Western Australia, ahead of an expected heatwave.

“I’ve lived all my life, pretty much, in Sydney and the haze that has come from those fires, I know has been deeply troubling to Sydneysiders,” Mr Morrison said last week.

“I know how unusual it is to see that haze across my city.

“And I know how distressing that has been, particularly for young people, who wouldn’t have seen that before.”

The last confirmed sighting of the Prime Minister was on Saturday when he posed with his wife, Jenny, at a Tina Arena concert.

“Date night with Jen last night at the new Coliseum Theatre in western Sydney. Great concert, great venue,” he posted on Facebook.

“Congrats to everyone who made it a reality at Rooty Hill.”


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disappointment is the core policy of the aussie government...

Former emergency leaders who have been pushing the Morrison government to take action on the climate say they will “go it alone” and convene their own summit on the bushfire crisis.

The Emergency Leaders for Climate Action say they will hold the summit after the current bushfire season because of their “huge disappointment in the lack of national leadership during a bushfire crisis”.

It comes as fires raged across New South Wales and Western Australia on Monday and as Australia was named as one of a handful of countries responsible for thwarting a global deal on the rulebook of the Paris climate agreement.


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meanwhile , on the PM prime reading list...

Meredith is an historian, broadcaster and award-winning writer interested in how Australians understand the big questions of faith and meaning.


She currently hosts Soul Search on ABC Radio National - a weekly show about the lived experience of religion and spirituality.

Meredith's cultural history of The Bible in Australia won the Australian History prize at the 2019 Prime Minister's Literary Awards, and the 2019 NSW Premier's History awards. It was also named CHASS Book of the year, & 2018 Australian Christian Book of the Year.


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Now you know why the "History of Global Warming in Australia" would not have a chance...


your arse is on fire, pray harder...

Three states in Australia reached maximum temperatures of more than 47 degrees Celsius yesterday, amid a massive heatwave the weather bureau says may peak today.

Key points:
  • Several December temperature records are forecast to be broken as the heatwave continues
  • Canberra faces three successive days of record forecasts
  • A cold front will move into WA late today, bringing comparatively cooler temperatures


The highs — recorded by the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) at Fitzroy Crossing in Western Australia, Wudinna in South Australia, and Birdsville in Queensland — came one day after what preliminary data suggested was the hottest day on record in Australia.

But BOM spokesman Neil Bennett said today was predicted to bring record-breaking temperatures for many areas of the country.

"We feel that [on Thursday] we'll probably start to see more records being broken for December as that heat builds on into Victoria and NSW," he said.

In Canberra, the highest December temperature on record, 39.2C, is forecast to be surpassed as heatwave conditions intensify.

But if temperatures do reach the predicted 40C in the ACT, the new record for the hottest December maximum may last only one day; a top of 41C is forecast for Friday, then 42C on Saturday.

"Canberra for today is shaping up to be a record breaker," Mr Bennett said.

"The forecast maximum of 40C would break the existing Canberra record, but then we're looking at Friday and Saturday as being even hotter.


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And Scumdung is happily travelling back from Hawaii (or wherever PMs escape the Aussie flies at Xmas) in an air conditioned plane towards Kambra, rosary in hand counting Hail Maries, in between Our Father in heaven, while Australia is becoming Hell on earth, under his watch...