Wednesday 23rd of September 2020

praise al qaeda and praise daesh...


The United Nations says refugee agencies in north-west Syria are being overwhelmed as almost a quarter of a million people flee a fresh bout of fighting.

Key points:
  • The United Nations says 235,000 civilians have fled the region
  • The exodus took place between December 12 and 25
  • The UN is warning of the growing risk of a humanitarian catastrophe along the Turkish border


After weeks of intense bombardment, Syrian government troops backed by Russian forces recently launched a ground offensive against rebel-held areas in the south and east of Idlib province.

The UN said 235,000 civilians had fled the fighting between December 12 and 25, and warned of the growing risk of a humanitarian catastrophe along the Turkish border.

Idlib, the last major region held by rebels hostile to the Government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, is home to 3 million civilians.

"With the latest escalation of violence in northwest Syria, civilians in Idlib governorate are again suffering from the devastating consequences of hostilities," the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in a statement.

Most people had fled the city of Maarat al-Numan, towns and villages in southern Idlib province, Idlib city, and camps along the Syrian-Turkish border, OCHA said.


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we are russian stooges...

Guardian, Atlantic contributor acts as a Syrian terrorist mouthpiece on Twitter, and if you don’t like it you’re a Russian stooge

Giving a sympathetic platform to a terrorist is reprehensible at best, downright criminal at worst, and definitely a bad look for a ‘respected’ media contributor. Oh, it’s for bashing Assad and the Russians? Go ahead, then.

A funny thing happened recently on Twitter. A journalist who contributes to the Guardian, Foreign Policy and the Atlantic tweeted—in a long thread peppered with photos of Abu Mohammed al-Jolani, the leader of an Al-Qaeda branch in Syria—about “the force that dominates” Idlib. Hassan Hassan's initial tweet coyly avoided mentioning that this force is Al-Qaeda in Syria.

And no, its not just us Russian bots who say that Idlib is infested with Al-Qaeda: former US special envoy, Brett McGurk, deemed Idlib “the largest Al-Qaeda safe haven since 9/11.”

The thread smacked of giving a platform to terrorist propaganda. After extensively quoting Jolani, Hassan weighed in with his own thoughts on the situation in Syria and his Al-Qaeda “rebels”.

Aside from whitewashing designated terrorists, the point of his thread was clearly a continuation of the anti-Russia hysteria corporate journalists are so rabidly devoted to.


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the true history according to the hidden record...


the destruction of libya (under hillary's orders)... in power and money aphrodisiac...


After transforming Amnesty International into a lucrative fundraising company, Ian Martin became the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative in Libya. Vitali Tchourkine, Russian ambassador to the Security Council, revealed that he [Ian Martin] had transferred Al Qaeda fighters in Libya to Turkey and then Syria by presenting them as "refugees".

In November 2011, Ban Ki-moon’s Special Representative and former Secretary General of Amnesty International, Ian Martin, organized the boat transfer of 1,500 jihadists from Al Qaeda to Turkey [5]. Officially these men, single and armed, are "refugees". They are under the authority of Abdelhakim Belhadj - who has not left office in Tripoli - and Mehdi Al-Harati. They land in Turkey and are transported by buses chartered by MIT (Turkish Secret Service) to Jabal Al-Zouia in Syria. They constitute the first unit of the Free Syrian Army (ASL) under French command. Belhadj will return to Libya at Christmas, after being recognized in Syria by a Spanish journalist from ABC. Mehdi Al-Harati will then create another group, Liwaa Al-Umma (the Islamic Nation Brigade), to train Syrian fighters. In September 2012, this group will return to the free Syrian army.



You know the rest... if you don't, read all about Syria on this site (YD)...

a "bleeding cat story"...

After months of intensive bombing by Syrian and Russian forces, the town of Kafr Nabl in Syria's last rebel-held province is now home to more cats than people. Humans and felines now provide comfort to one another in hard times, writes the BBC's Mike Thomson.

Crouched beneath a table in the corner of his rubble strewn basement, a man shelters from the barrage of bombs above. But 32-year-old Salah Jaar (pictured above) is not alone. Huddled beside him are half a dozen assorted cats, all as petrified as he is.

"It's comforting when the cats are close," he tells me. "'It makes the bombardment, the demolition, the suffering, seem much less frightening."

Salah's home town, Kafr Nabl, was once home to more than 40,000 people, but fewer than 100 remain. It's hard to guess how many cats there are - certainly hundreds, possibly thousands.


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No mention that the town was the home of thousands of terrorists...