Tuesday 14th of July 2020

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potato    After facing sustained criticism from Labor about applying false equivalence in the national security debate, Dutton declared on Tuesday afternoon he didn’t want to get bogged down in a “semantic and nonsense debate”.

Asked by the ABC to clarify whether when he referred to leftwing terrorism he meant Islamist groups, Dutton said: “Yes, I do and anybody in between.”

The minister did not explain how Islamic extremists constituted leftwing terrorism. Advice from Asio nominates Sunni Islamist extremism as Australia’s primary terror threat, and it notes Islamist groups are “diverse and have differing agendas, including extreme rightwing and extreme leftwing ideologies”.

But Dutton told the ABC: “You can use leftwing to describe everybody from the left to the right.


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freedom to be nazi...

Neo-Nazis have been named as one of Australia’s most serious security threats among concern the secretive groups have gone underground.

In his first annual threat assessment from the nation’s capital, ASIO director-general Mike Burgess took aim at the “hateful ideology” of right-wing extremists.

“In suburbs around Australia, small cells regularly meet to salute Nazi flags, inspect weapons, train in combat and share their hateful ideology,” he said.

In Victoria, a shop in Melbourne’s north-west recently closed down after it was exposed for selling Nazi memorabilia.

Before it closed The Herald Sun spoke to owner Gary McDonald, who wore an SS ring and said most of his sales were linked to the Third Reich.

“If I’ve upset one person, what do they want me to do about it? They’ve upset me by whingeing about it,” he said.

When asked about his ring, he said: “That is my business what I wear. It’s my prerogative”.


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Live ! Australia coronavirus: Home affairs minister Peter Dutton confirms he has tested positive for Covid-19 – all the updates


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We wish Mr Dutton a speedy recovery...

could they disinfect his policies as well?

Cleaners in full protective gear have been spotted disinfecting parts of the Commonwealth Parliament Offices in Sydney where Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton attended a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

Key points:
  • Scott Morrison has been told he does not need to self-isolated as he was not in contact with Peter Dutton within 24 hours of him showing symptoms
  • The Opposition's Chris Bowen has asked if that is consistent with the advice given to the wider public
  • Mr Bowen suggests the "fumigation" of the Commonwealth Parliament Offices suggests wider precautions should be taken by the Cabinet


Mr Dutton has tested positive for coronavirus and been admitted to hospital.

He said this morning he felt "fine", but was tested after waking up with a temperature and a sore throat on Friday.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the chief medical officer had advised him that he did not need to self-isolate or be tested because he was not in contact with Mr Dutton in the 24 hours before he showed symptoms.

Mr Dutton attended a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday in Sydney.


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a ton of bricks...

As panic buying continues to affect Australia's supermarkets, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says he believes some people are not stockpiling for themselves, but are instead looking to sell items on the black market.

He said police forces across the country, as well as the Australian Border Force, were looking into it.

"We will come down like a tonne of bricks on those individuals," he told Sydney radio station 2GB while in self-isolation due to his COVID-19 infection.

"I'm going to come after those people, and I'll give them a fair warning now — it won't be a pretty experience when we deal with them."



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Should we die before we exhaust our supplies of toilet brushes, would our next of kin be declared as "profiting hoarders" by selling our supplies, at a premium?