Friday 10th of July 2020

... saved by the canadians...

ice wine

"Man vastly overestimates his power if he thinks he can, with CO2 emissions, destroy the climate", she postulated.

And so we are told, via Sputnik and the Daily Express, that Naomi Seibt, a 19-year old YouTuber from Germany, has emerged at the forefront of the "growing climate skepticism movement”.

The “growing climate skepticism movement" was dying in the bum. Its main activator, the Heartland Institute was only having traction with a few balding men and some empty chairs… It was in need of yoof and beauty...  All the scientific facts and figures in regard to climatic changes have been going against the movement for quite a few years. "Stop panicking and think”… We sure do. We’ve not panicked since we have calculated the warming of the planet and we have rationalised the need for action. Pity about the Australian governments lack of understanding.

So during her appearance at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference in the United States, Naomi argued that perhaps the climate discourse should be left to people who have the necessary expertise… We agree. Could not agree more. This is why all the newspapers, TV station and social media should shut up and listen to the scientists. 

At this level, the scientific question would be resolved by a majority of 99 to 1 (say 99.9 per cent should the scientists be genuine) in the affirmative: global warming induced by humans (females do count as well) is piggy-backing on normal climate variations. At present, global warming is increasing global temperatures noticeably (0.03 degree Celsius per year in the low scale — that’s 0.3 per decade and 3 degrees Celsius per century). My ice-wine from Germany could not be made this last season for the first time ever. This is a catastrophe. Luckily, the Canadians have discovered that they can make ice-wine too (picture at top). 

So the anti-Greta girl, still in her teens too, seems to have discovered something contrary, possibly after having read the denialists' manifesto where grand ignorance is cultivated with falsified observations and erroneous sophism, so they can be paid by the fossil fuel industries. Money talks.

Thank you Naomi… From time to time, we need a bit of a stir (a kick up the arse) so we can go back to our proper scientific calculations and re-assess why the Arctic ice is vanishing, why most of the glaciers are in retreat, why the seas are warming up, why the corals are under stress and blanching, why the bushfire season seems to be more cruel, why France has had its warmest winter on record, why the sea levesl are rising, why the summer seasons in Australia are getting longer, why old medieval villages in Europe get destroyed by flash-floods, why the plants in my garden are getting burnt at least twice a year since 2015, while before they did not — and generally why the atmosphere is warming up…

We need to know. No panic…

Yes Naomi, we have a problem… Greta isn’t our problem. She’s a bit bombastic though. Agreed. But she has to. It is your and her generation that will have to clean up the mess, even if we do something about it now. Talk to real scientists, Naomi. Say Tim Flannery and his associates, for example. See their very restrained website at the Climate Council. In short be prepared for more dramatic climatic shit (I meant to say shift) as you get older. And please note that these scientists are not creating the shit. They merely are the observers of it... 

You, to the contrary, are propagating shit. Good luck with your Donald Trump dog’s breakfast should you have one…

And no. “Man isn’t destroying the climate…” Humans are merely changing the comfort setting of the thermostat... This might kill a few species on the planet, but so what? 


Picture at top by Gus Leonisky of Canadian "Ice Wine" in his private booze collection.

not so hot, by a smidgin...

This past summer will always be remembered for bushfires, but in terms of temperatures and heatwaves, it was up there too. 

Key points:
  • Summer 2019-20 was the second hottest on record for maximum, minimum and mean temperatures 
  • Recent rain has not been enough to turn around the nation's total water storage decline 
  • On a positive note, rain is on the forecast for the eastern states this week


But luckily for those still hanging out for rain there is more rain on the forecast as ex-cyclone Esther makes its way across the country over the next few days.

Summer stats 

The Bureau of Meteorology's seasonal review declared it the second-hottest summer on record in terms of maximum, minimum and mean temperatures — only summer 2018-19 was hotter. 

Rainfall was below average for the nation as a whole but was highly variable in terms of location and date.


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According to Gustimates, the 2020/2021 summer is likely to be hotter...


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more record in queensland...

Marianne McCarthy's station in outback south-west Queensland is going to be cut off by floodwaters for the next two months — and she wouldn't have it any other way. 

Key points: 
  • Marianne McCarthy lives with her family on Bulloo Downs homestead in Thargomindah
  • They are among many residents isolated by floodwaters after the area received record-breaking rain
  • The mail is expected to be delayed for weeks, which could impact deliveries for Easter


The school teacher and station manager lives with her family at Bulloo Downs homestead at the southern end of the Bulloo River, about 120 kilometres south-west of Thargomindah. 

The area has received record-breaking rainfall and residents have become stranded on remote station homesteads transformed into inland islands.

Ms McCarthy said being prepared for isolation is all part of life in the outback. 

"It's been pretty heavenly other than the sand flies and mosquitoes," she said.


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Records — one way or the other — show the weather is on steroid: global warming.