Friday 19th of July 2019

greetings to our vainglorious political warriors .....

greetings to our vainglorious political warriors .....

‘It is requested that an act may be passed to the effect that any citizen of the United States who proposes to force this country into a war with Great Britain or with any other country on a dispute about boundaries or any other similar issue, shall be immediately conscripted or entered upon the army roll for service from the beginning to the end of any such war when it shall occur.

It is suggested that Senators of the United States shall be assigned to the position of general officers in this addition to the army upon the ground that their military capacity must certainly be equal to their political intelligence.

It is next suggested that Representatives in Congress shall be assigned to the command of brigades. Of course, men who in high public position have expressed such an earnest desire to assert and defend the honour of the country at any cost, would most enthusiastically vote for this enactment and would immediately enrol themselves for active service in the field.

This proposal for the immediate enrolment of the Jingo army will at once develop the sincerity of purpose of the advocates of aggression and violence by their enlistment.

An indirect but great benefit would then ensue by the removal of these persons from the high positions in which they have proved their incapacity to deal with questions of peace, order and industry and to given them the opportunity to exert and prove their military prowess.’

Edward Atkinson

Anti-Imperialist League 

The Anti-Imperialist League & The Battle Against Empire


They Only Look Dead

    But thanks to the neocons,
    For every war a shill,
    We’re driven from the Hill
    But their mission was accomplished
    Since our troops are dying still.
    A cakewalk it was.

    Thanks for the neocons
    Those late-night shows on Fox
    We watched while drinking shots
    Sure Cheney lied and soldiers died
    But ain’t Ann Coulter hot?
    A kegger, it was.

whim of the US government

With its actions in Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, and elsewhere, the United States has entered unknown territory, and is walking the knife edge between retaining the clear characteristics of a free republic and becoming something else. Some people have taken to calling this new entity an empire, but that is true only in certain respects. Because of its refusal to acknowledge any intent to occupy or govern conquered territories as its own possessions, preferring a policy of democratizing “rogue states,” what may be emerging is more of a perpetual war state, preparing for and engaging endless combat against “terror.”