Tuesday 25th of June 2019

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Why we stand for immediate withdrawal of all US troops from Iraq

By Tariq Ali, Arundhati Roy, Howard Zinn and many others

Iraq's infrastructure has been destroyed, and U.S. plans for reconstruction abandoned. There is less electricity, less clean drinking water, and more unemployment today than before the U.S. invasion.


thin soup de jour: a watery broth

The thinner the troops the less target they become and the ultimate of being thin, thus, is "not being there"... Simple fact. Remove all foreign troops from Iraq now. But His Presidentship Dubya-the-First (and Last, one hopes) wants a victory parade in Baghdad. As we all know too well he might get a small bicycle ride inside the Green Zone, but zilch elsewhere even if he triples the numbers of troops.

The only entity likely to make fat profits from a less thin-on-the-ground army is Halliburton... Imagine having to serve an extra 20,000 three meals a day to an army of young growing men! 2 tonnes of eggs one tonne of bacon, 5 tonnes of beans, 4 tonnes of meat, 10 tonnes of soup, 8 tonnes of potatoes, 10 tonnes of ice cream — all this per DAY and without counting the oil, the butter, the bread, etc... Great flow of nutrients, especially if you provide the toilets as well... Magic degrading transformations inside useless troops' bowels not known for their thinking powers in the delicate situation that is Iraq... Yes but imagine the turnover, the profits, the exciting ripp-offs via dunnydoo-hygienic providores, the non-taxable kickbacks... all hidden behind the veil of corporate priviledge... I'm green with envy.