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malcolm turnbull pisses on everyone and everything, except on his own flimsy wishy-washy prime ministership...


Seen here with the strawman (Malcolm Roberts) and the tinman (Bernardi), both back in parliament, doing more damage about anything — Malcolm never had the courage of his own opinions.


He damaged the NBN beyond being fixable, he pandered to the egos of mad men in his party and carried on scuttling the ABC — a black op started under Turdy Abbott after lying about it before the elections of 2013. Comfortable with his own situation, Malcolm settled for second best or worse for the people of this good country... 

Malcolm knew that Murdoch was running the show and Malcolm did nothing about it. 


Malcolm Turnbull might have destroyed Kevin Rudd’s ambition to become the United Nations Secretary General, but the two former prime ministers are as one in their staunch criticism of the Murdoch-led media in Australia and globally.

Rudd has spent years banging his drum for an Australian royal commission into Murdoch’s power and influence, while Turnbull says supine serving and former News Corporation journalists have covered up what really goes on inside the nation’s biggest media company.

In his political memoir, A Bigger Picture, Turnbull says the public would be appalled at what happens inside the News Corporation media conglomerate if journalists spoke out.

“If more journalists who’ve worked at News Corporation were prepared publicly to tell the truth about the extent of their control and influence, even the most cynical Australians would be appalled,” writes Turnbull.

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Many people were expecting a lot better. On this site we knew what we were getting: a bettler polished turd than Tony Abbott. 


malcolm invented something...

inventing the wheel


I am recycling cartoons at the moment as basically, times have reached full circle, even if our circle is reduced to staying at home. And as Malcolm does some revisionism, we expose the reality... We knew then he could do BETTER, but we NEVER expected him to do so...

a massive breach of intellectual property rights...

malcolm explains...

Government staffers and at least one Liberal MP have allegedly gained illegal access to a pirated copy of Malcolm Turnbull’s memoir, which the publisher claims originated from the prime minister’s office.

Hardie Grant said “a massive breach” of intellectual property rights has been committed and that it would be referring the matter to the Australian Federal Police.

The company cited an email that said a top aide distributed an electronic version of the autobiography, A Bigger Picture to “millions” of other people.

It’s alleged a person working for prime minister Scott Morrison was responsible for circulating the e-book among politicians and staffers. 

The staffer has since apologised, according to the ABC. 

Hardie Grant became aware on Saturday evening of the breach after some people reported the “illegal edition” had been sent by an address within Mr Morrison’s office.

The publisher said its law firm HWL Ebsworth later sent a cease and desist notice to a staff member in that office.

“This illegal distribution of the ebook signifies a massive breach of intellectual property right, a problem that effects many bestselling books throughout the industry,” Hardie Grant said in a statement.

Chief executive Sandy Grant said its lawyers intend on taking legal action against the person responsible for sharing the e-book and any site further distributing the file.


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by malcolm of the unthinkable...



In this extract from his memoir, the former Australian prime minister recounts his deals and negotiations with the US president


by Malcolm Turnbull

“Don’t worry, Malcolm. The American people will never elect a lunatic to sit in this office.”

So Barack Obama had enigmatically assured me in the Oval Office in January 2016, when I asked him about the presidential race.

Well, it was now November and the unthinkable had happened.

And lunatic or not, Trump had won.It wasn’t only Americans who were stunned. Nobody had expected a Trump victory and truthfully few were prepared for it.

He’d run a bombastic campaign, much of which seemed to us to be designed to ensure he wouldn’t win. What sort of candidate would refer to his opponent, a distinguished former first lady and secretary of state, with a nickname like “Crooked Hillary” and beam as his supporters chanted “Lock her up”? How could you get elected in (by Australian standards) prudish America when you have talked about “grabbing” women “by the pussy”?

We knew what he’d said in the campaign, but did he mean it? After all, everyone seemed to accept he didn’t expect to win. Was the whole campaign just an enormous exercise in self-promotion?


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Er... wrong. On this site, we thought the loony had a better chance at winning than the missus Clinton, who, to tell the truth, had done some naughties. Look, it's easy to compute:

Published by Gus Leonisky at 12 May 2016 - 7:18pm:

trump rupert


Malcolm, you should have known what this meant... as soon as Rupert Murdoch makes a choice, there is about 100 per cent chance his choice will get the gig...


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when mal was pissing on his subjects... (in cartoons)

It's not just Gus:








a grown-up kid...

I feel somewhat sorry about Malcolm…

He tried his best in the best of the worlds. He entered the world of politics like a scorned Zadig and became Candide, the most optimist person in the world, as translated from the German work by Doctor Ralph. Of course we all know (we should) that these fictitious characters came from the fertile imagination of Voltaire who used satire to piss on the government of the day, preparing the ground for the French revolution. 

Suddenly, Malcolm discovers that his world of nice people is actually full of cheats, thieves, tax evaders, murderers, religious nuts and little shits like Till Ulenspiegel. He also finds out to his horror that his beautiful Liberal (CONservative) party is divided to the hilt by various factions of idiots, imbeciles, opportunists, illiterates, ignorants, religious nuts and sycophants. In these circumstances, one can see why Candide would become depressed.

So for Malcolm, the eternal optimist, the next best thing in the bestest of the world is to expose the crooks who made him failed, and retain his naive view of the bestest best world of his own goodest persona. The list of nutrugs is long and from time to time he praises the dubious ratbags and the knifing rigolettos because they helped him to positively defeat the other crackpots.


Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has accused right-wing Liberals of taking the liberalism out of their party and believes they didn’t want him as their leader because they couldn’t control him.

Mr Turnbull also thinks his predecessor Tony Abbott and his allies, along with media outlets owned by Rupert Murdoch and right-wing “shock jocks”, would have preferred Labor’s Bill Shorten to be prime minister than him.

“A Liberal Party they could not control is not a Liberal Party they wanted to have,” he told ABC’s 7.30 on Monday.

He has expressed the sentiments in an interview promoting his newly released memoir A Bigger Picture.

Mr Turnbull lost the prime ministership in 2018 and was replaced by Scott Morrison, who led the Coalition to victory in the federal election in 2019.

He has accused wealthy media figures of contributing to his downfall in a bid for power.

“The one thing those plutocrats knew … is that I did not belong to them,” he said.

“When you boil it down … I think this was ultimately about power.

“They wanted to have again a prime minister who they felt they had some control over, they had an ownership of.”

He said Mr Morrison had obviously worked to become leader.


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saw it coming?



passing the baton to pinky...



In 2010, Turnbull decided to give up politics, who knows why — possibly he discovered it was a mugs game — but he was convinced by some people including himself, moi, him, not to give up at getting the far far away shot at the supreme crown: Prime Ministersheepish... So he submitted himself to perform shit jobs under Abbott, like overseeing the destruction of the NBN to please Turdy and Murdoch, and perform other glorious stuff ups. Click on the picture, this will take you back in history...

then in 2015, malcolm finds his guts...



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turdy denials...

Tony Abbott has launched an impassioned defence of his former chief of staff, Peta Credlin, after Malcolm Turnbull accused the pair of sharing a bizarre dynamic.

The long-held bad blood between the two former Liberal prime ministers has boiled over again after the release of Mr Turnbull’s memoir, A Bigger Picture.

In an interview to promote his book, Mr Turnbull said Ms Credlin had been “running the country” during the Abbott government.

“It was as though she felt, ‘I’ve created you, you’re my creation’, and she felt she owned him. It was a bizarre – a truly bizarre – relationship,” he told the ABC’s 7.30 on Monday night.

On Tuesday, Mr Abbott said Ms Credlin was an extraordinarily capable person and an important part of his government.

“I am aware of some pretty odious comments that one of my successors made,” he said.

“She was a fine thinker, a great organiser, and she was a trusted colleague. I think she deserves a great deal of credit for what she did.


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it would have been better for him to activize when PM...

Malcolm Turnbull is pleased he no longer is a politician but is in no mood to retreat from a public life.

He now sees himself in part in the role of an “activist” citizen commentating on his policy passions.

His autobiography A Bigger Picture – officially released Monday – has given him a profile and a platform greater than those he had as simply another former prime minister.

And while he has left parliament, Turnbull hasn’t abandoned his sharp-edged views on Australian politics.

In an interview with Guardian Australia he says of Scott Morrison’s 2019 election victory: “It’s a little bit like jumping out of a speeding car at 100mph and by some miracle landing on your feet and not killing yourself and saying, ‘Oh well, that was a good move.’”

Guardian Australia understands the book’s attacks on the hard right of the Liberal party has encouraged some moderates to consult Turnbull on reform of the ideological balance federally. Whether he will respond in public is not clear but Turnbull has confirmed the contacts: “Oh plenty. Tonnes of them.”

The dangling uncertainty is whether Turnbull will comment on those matters further than he has, in savage fashion, in his memoir. He makes clear in the book he is not looking for a political rebirth.

In one telling passage, he recalls with a sense of humiliation his last departure from Canberra on the August 2018 Sunday after Scott Morrison replaced him.

He couldn’t use “the big plane” to fly back to Sydney as his successor was using that RAAF flight, and he had to carry his luggage across the tarmac, in the full view of news photographers, to a smaller aircraft.


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It would have been better for us, if Malcolm had been an activist when he was PM... All we got was blancmange, jellycrap and compote of used-by-date mush. Anyway, good luck and prod those Libs (CONservatives) where it hurts... There is corner in the domain with a podium available. From there with a camera and a microphone, you can carry on the tradition of haranguing the crowd which in these days of coronaviruski, would only be a few possums, some magpies and an aloof currawong.

me, myself and I... and him...


What had Scott Morrison contributed to the country?

His only achievement as the head of Tourism Australia had been to oversee the ‘Where The Bloody Hell Are You?’ campaign featuring the model Lara Bingle.

How fitting, then, that he replaced me as Prime Minister.

At least he had some experience when it came to dealing with turbulent times.

That campaign, after all, kept more tourists away from our shores than coronavirus.

Me, Myself and I’* by Malcolm Turnbull (Vanity Publishing, RRP $99.99) was released this week.

***Well, this is how Garry Linnell imagines the book reads, anyway. You can read another analysis of the (real) book, here.

Garry Linnell was director of News and Current Affairs for the Nine network in the mid-2000s. He has also been editorial director for Fairfax and is a former editor of The Daily Telegraph and The Bulletin magazine


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Good. Love the "Vanity Publishing co"... Note: the "me, myself, moi and I (and him)" in whatever order was invented on this site as soon as Turnbull came onto the political scene...


me, myself and I...




"oh, I'd be wounded!"...

Malcolm Turnbull has led his party twice. Once as prime minister. But he's incredibly chipper about the prospect of being expelled as a member.

Key points
  • Malcolm Turnbull has shrugged off calls for him to be expelled from the Liberal Party.
  • He says the party is unlikely to change its views on climate change, unless it has a massive election defeat or Rupert Murdoch changes his position.
  • He rejects criticisms of his role in the formation of the Guardian Australia.


"Oh, I'd be wounded!" he moans theatrically when questioned about the move by Liberal Party officials to strip him of party membership. "I'd just be a crumpled mess in the corner!"

Questioned about the appropriateness of such insouciance for a man twice accorded the ultimate honour available to a political party member, Mr Turnbull responds smilingly that "a bit of insouciance never goes astray".

In an hour-long interview to be streamed online on Monday night for the Sydney Writers Festival, Mr Turnbull's disdain for the organisation he once led is palpable.

He argues that the "crazed ideology" dictating the Liberal Party's policy on climate could now only be altered by a crushing electoral defeat, or an about-face on the issue from media magnate Rupert Murdoch.


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We'd like to see a bit more humility from the blancmange former PM. Everything he did was "about him". Sure, he was like a chook with clipped wings in a cage and never became the soaring eagle — with a sharp eye of the political landscape — that he thinks he is.

Australia has deserved better than the lying Turdy Abbott. We deserve better than Scotty-from-Marketing who polishes his own messianic Noah's Ark mirror image, reflected on a singed barbecued sausage skin, and we deserved better than Malcolm who was happy to be supported by the reluctant Murdochs, because it was his and theirs) only chance at defeating Labor, until he was bowled over by his own pride.

Writing in hindsight only shows that one has an arse to cover, when we needed foresight with decisive actions. Yes we've know for a long time about all the loony characters that Malcolm pisses upon. Malcolm was never a "team player' nor a "commander". It was as if Malcolm was just there, by default, to prevent the other mob, Labor, taking over... This was his only success — a success he could subconsciously regret as he pontificates about the idiots of the Liberal (CONservative) party...

fondly remembering him and himself...











blaming labor



malcolm's "a bigger picture" as illustrated by gus.

t and t





m and b


bolt and m






b and m


devil t


carbon pricing




et tu dutton



More to come?... Sure...