Sunday 17th of January 2021

clear as the christian dishwasher water in the middle of an exorcism cycle...


What do you do when the Pill of Murti-Bing stops working and you find yourself living under a dictatorship of official lies in which anyone who contradicts the party line goes to jail?

You become an actor, says Miłosz. You learn the practice of ketman. This is the Persian word for the practice of maintaining an outward appearance of Islamic orthodoxy while inwardly dissenting. Ketman was the strategy everyone who wasn’t a true believer in communism had to adopt to stay out of trouble. It is a form of mental self defense.

And Yes… Since the birth of Christianity, some 1,700 years ago, there were a lot of “ketman" people surviving hidden within this belief system. Alliances of popes with emperors and kings, under Christianity flags, led to major repression and robbery. People who had different views of the world would get hammered as “heretics”, sorcerers or plain godless. 

In order to wage wars on whichever side one was, having a superior being at one’s side helped at convincing the unwashed peasants to fight for you and your god. There were crusades to recapture Jerusalem and there were wars to destroy the Cathars. To say the least, Christianity was not nice. Christianity did not invent the Enlightenment either. Even today, the construct of Christianity is feudal but it cons people into believing in their self-important equality (usually in front of “god” himself — god is a male).

Since Constantine, there were many people who did not believe but "they never made it into history” (official historical records) apart from those who went public with their different beliefs.

For example, the last leader of a Cathar revival, Peire Autier, was captured and executed in April 1310. After 1330, the Inquisition records contain very few cases against Cathars. Why? because the Cathars had been ruthlessly eliminated, destroyed, killed, buried, sent to hell, cremated. One of the last known Cathar "perfectus", Guillaume Bélibaste, was executed in late 1321. 

On the other side, doing the dirty deeds for Christianity, were knights and lords such as Simon de Montfort (1175-1218), 5th Earl of Leicester — a man of unflinching religious beliefs — deeply committed to the Dominican order and to the suppression of heresy. Dominic Guzman, later Saint Dominic, spent several years during the war at Fanjeau, which was Simon's headquarters. 

St. Dominic Guzman was born in Spain, around the year 1170. His mother was Blessed Joanna of Aza, and his father was Felix Guzman, both members of the nobility. Lovely

Dominic studied at the University of Palencia, where he once sold his collection of rare books and gave the money to the poor. Lovely

As a priest, Dominic accompanied Bishop Diego to France. On his travels, Dominic encountered the widespread Albigensian heresy (the Cathars), which considered the material world as an evil world, not created by God. He led many church reforms which eventually involved both military force and theological persuasion. Lovely.

Simon de Montfort had other key confederates in this enterprise, which many historians view as a conquest of southern lands by greedy men from the north. Using Dominic Guzman was a neat propaganda tool for “god” and conquests… Many of Simon’s associates had been involved in the Fourth Crusade. One was Guy Vaux de Cernay, head of a nearby Cistercian abbey, who accompanied the crusade in the Languedoc and became bishop of Carcassonne. Meanwhile, Peter de Vaux de Cernay, Guy’s nephew, wrote an account of the crusade. Historians generally consider this to be propaganda to justify the actions of the crusaders; Peter justified their cruelties as doing "the work of God" against morally depraved heretics.

This was Christianity extremism. Anyone exploring and plundering the world had to do it under the banner of Jesus Christ. The conquest and plunder of the Americas became an orgy of gold, for Christianity and the Spanish/Portuguese coffers.

Later on, those who became “protestants” with Luther and Calvin, also became victims of the wrath from Catholic Christianity — which was well versed in the traditions of the Israelis attacking the Philistines or other nations that were not of the same god. 

To a great extend, people like Rod Dreher should be grateful that the Enlightenment came along to tone these rivalries down by becoming the major third wheel in Western humanity’s development. By bringing a better reality that would eventually foster the work of scientists, Enlightenment could extinguish the importance of Christianity, raise the prospect of capitalism and democracy — and improve the Bolsheviks’s intelligentsia into the US liberals of today. 

So, until the Enlightenment, the church which had been about brimstone, inquisition and hell, had to become enamoured with the adoption of love and peace, which was a trick of adaptation, without which the illusion of god would have completely vanished by being stupidly focused on imposing its illusionary will... 

Here, Gus will be eternally grateful to Rod for pointing out that the "intelligent” people —the Intelligentsia — were the unwashed dumb ass who thought the Russian social order owed them a living, by becoming Bolshevik, against the intellectuals — or was it the reverse?… The point is that there were several attempts by “intelligent people” to overthrow the nice Tsar and his ruling family, while trying to become less of social dumb asses. 

Thus the intelligent dumb ass Bolshevik were helped by less intelligentsia people — the intellectuals such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, doctors, and engineers, but even industrialists and bank directors who raised money for the dumb ass Russian terrorists — aka Bolsheviks. 


It’s called “Suicide of the Liberals” for a good reason says Rod. Well really, this suicide was due to some people having a conscience and not being impressed by their lot exploiting the proletariat dumb asses as if they were slaves. The intellectuals thus decided to lift the intelligent people out of the gutter — mostly as hope to gain a bit more power for themselves, by climbing the ladder of power and getting rid of the mad Romanov's in the pocket of Rasputin.

So, Rod tells us


in late Imperial Russia, liberals refused to criticize radicals on their left, even though those violent radicals were clearly intending to destroy what liberals ostensibly valued. (I write about this a bit in Live Not By Lies, which will be available next week.) Morson writes:


"Indeed, why is it today that some enlightened liberals regard rioters and looters as sympathetic figures? Morson’s remarks about the Russians shed light on the question. He explains that the word “intelligentsia,” which came from Russian, means something different in that language."


An intelligent is defined by three characteristics, says Morson. First, they primarily identify as an intelligent . Second, they are devoted to particular styles and manners  — e.g., deliberately poor hygiene, sexual debauchery as an ideological statement…

Yes, yes and the great unwashed of the Russian revolution hated to be sent to the Eastern Front —possibly in the subconscious mind as fighting against the family of their Catherine the Great — as war fodder while they preferred to drink Russian Imperial Vodka. Lenin was not a dumb-ass...


Here we can smell the propaganda like that of Peter de Vaux de Cernay (read above) and the usage of words to denigrate the opposing others. We, satirists, are very good (we may not be be, but we think so because we have big Voltarian boots to fill) at using words to denigrate the traditionalists and the conservatives who are against changing their ideas — which to say the least have often led to repression (of say communists in America, etc) and regime change in other nations to suit the empire.


No ideal is ever pure for all people. By this, I mean that the practicality of devising and imposing a new style of politics will come from various people with different variations on the theme — and some people's ten pins will get pull down by a player in the adjacent lane. Crazy.


Look at Donald Trump, himself a full-blown product of liberal and conservative forces, hated by both the liberals and the conservatives for being Donald Trump. What got him there, at the presidential helm of the USA, was not only his rubbish hubris that would convince the dumb Bolsheviks, but the simplistic deception of the previous administration that had led ruthless crusades under the banner of regime change for democracy, which at this point in time, from Bush-the-Minus to Obama-the-dark were more like fake wallpaper in an imperial castle. 


And let’s not forget the king-master, the kingmaker, who has his work cut out at present, trying to convince enough people that Trump is still the messiah he never was. We’re of course talking about Uncle Rupe, Rupert Murdoch, the media king himself from glorious down under, fighting the liberal media as well, a liberal media itself under the evil influence of George Soros, who strangely enough (not really, this is the way he makes his money) is selling the concept of Bolshevism to the Americans... (Soros hates the Bolchies, but he can make money by manipulating changes of governments that will affect his bets on the stock market)...


Kendi may not be the best example of liberalism and enlightenment. And I guess this is why Rod is preying on him. The fellow is saying “stupid” things about racism, so what?...

an important discovery...