Thursday 28th of January 2021

bedlam poet's mad corner...


From the hag and hungry goblin

That into rags would rend ye,

The spirit that stands by the naked man

In the Book of Moons defend ye,

That of your five sound senses,

You never be forsaken,

Nor wander from yourselves with Tom

Abroad to beg your bacon,

While I do sing, Any food, any feeding,

Feeding, drink, or clothing;

Come dame or maid, be not afraid,

Poor Tom will injure nothing.

Of thirty bare years have I
Twice twenty been enragèd,
And of forty been three times fifteen
In durance soundly cagèd
On the lordly lofts of Bedlam
With stubble soft and dainty,
Brave bracelets strong, sweet whips ding dong
With wholesome hunger plenty,

And now I sing, Any food, any feeding,
Feeding, drink, or clothing;
Come dame or maid, be not afraid,
Poor Tom will injure nothing.

With a thought I took for Maudlin
And a cruse of cockle pottage,
With a thing thus tall, sky bless you all,
I befell into this dotage.
I slept not since the Conquest,
Till then I never wakèd,
Till the roguish boy of love where I lay
Me found and stripped me naked.

And now I sing, Any food, any feeding,
Feeding, drink, or clothing;
Come dame or maid, be not afraid,
Poor Tom will injure nothing.

When I short have shorn my sow’s face
And swigged by horny barrel,    
In an oaken inn I pound my skin
As a suit of gilt apparel;
The moon’s my constant mistress
And the lonely owl my marrow; 
The flaming drake and the night crow make  
Me music to my sorrow.

While I do sing, Any food, any feeding,
Feeding, drink, or clothing;
Come dame or maid, be not afraid,
Poor Tom will injure nothing.

The palsy plagues my pulses  
When I prig your pigs or pullen, 
Your culvers take, or matchless make        
Your Chanticleer or Sullen.  
When I want provant with Humphrey 
I sup, and when benighted,
I repose in Paul’s with waking souls 
Yet never am affrighted.

But I do sing, Any food, any feeding,
Feeding, drink, or clothing;
Come dame or maid, be not afraid,
Poor Tom will injure nothing.

I know more than Apollo,
For oft when he lies sleeping
I see the stars at bloody wars
In the wounded welkin weeping;
The moon embrace her shepherd,
And the Queen of Love her warrior,
While the first doth horn the star of morn,
And the next the heavenly Farrier.

While I do sing, Any food, any feeding,
Feeding, drink, or clothing;
Come dame or maid, be not afraid,
Poor Tom will injure nothing.


Tom O' Bedlam's Song: Anonymous Ballad, circa 1620, written possibly by a mad man who spent time in bedlam: an institution for the care of mentally ill people.

towards CHAOS...


While most of nature lives by balance of instincts/consciousness in an ad-hoc relationship of protein supply and demand within species of plants and animals, we humans have to learn about these processes in order to fit in. Do we fit in or do we skim the loot? 

Do we need to teach ourselves restraint and natural environmental rules in order not to damage our future in the fabric of life on this planet? Have we been arrogant and thoughtless?  Have we been lucky?

Because nature did not give us our final coating of feathers or fur, we had to invent it for ourselves. We did this by being deceitful and a bit crafty. This has been our solution to the human unfinished “thing” — a work in progress. Thus we often blame nature (or god) for our predicament and sometimes take revenge by destroying something. 

Presently, the natural counterpoints of the stylism-beyond-survival that we have created are catching up with us. Do we accept the limits of natural balance or do we smash these, hoping to improve our conditions nonetheless? At this stage it’s a question of numbers — of the numbers of us. Do we grown by another 6 billions to 14 billions on this tiny planet, displacing the rest of nature into uninhabitable corners? Do we let nature burn? Or do the natural balances, especially that of the carbon equation, finally cook our goose? Can’t we see?

Remember: x [n +1] = rx [n] (1 -x[n] ) or something like it… Overshooting this leads to CHAOS.

global warming is on our doorsteps...


(This is an article that disappeared from the front page due to technological mysteries...)


Global warming demands some reality checks. Some “information” channels are often cool on the concept. “RT” and “NotGuardian” (GoofGuardian rather than OffGuardian sometimes) are example of bullshit spreading, with subtle differences...

Bullshit flies upwards because it’s lighter than reality. Crap flows up river in a stream of unconscious stupidity. Idiocy is impossible to stop but we can try.

The latest turds from the anti-Greta mobs are fascinating in their level of ignorantly woven tapestry that would decorate the dark cave of a Neanderthal with pretty curtains that fade during the night of a daylight-saving period…

“If only Planet Venus would have listened to the scoldy truant teen,” conservative pundit Stephen Miller tweeted, in an apparent reference to Swedish climate campaigner Greta Thunberg, whose crusade against fossil fuels dominated headlines last year.

If only Planet Venus would have listened to the scoldy truant teen.

— Stephen L. Miller December 19, 2020

So...climate change isn’t caused by humans, but occurs naturally? Fascinating. 

— Amy Curtis December 19, 2020

The Venusians didn't pass a Green New Deal to prevent climate change, and now look at the planet.

— Aldous Huxley's Ghost™ December 19, 2020

While cataclysmic volcanic eruptions could possibly undo any carbon tax, vehicle ban, or ‘Green New Deal’ passed here on Earth, the WEF’s article did not discount the effects of man-made climate change – it simply didn’t mention it.
Very droll… Ahah...

But reality — I mean the scientific analysis of reality is a bit more brutal. Global warming is real and anthropogenic. What happened before, say 24 million years ago, or what will happen in 1,000,000 years has not a funk-bearing on what is happening now to the present climate change. 


Okay how can we prove it? If you are a politician, a Christian/Muslim/Yaweydoo or a flat-earth conspiracy theorist, you will believe anything else but reality — a reality that tells us global warming is happening and is anthropogenic

Let’s start with a few scientific observations:

The earth is not flat and god does not exist, unless god is maximum entropy that is to say god is nothing. 

If you are a politician I can’t help you understand anything.

Should you be interested in reality, pay attention to a few somethings called CO2, energy and change…

From hot chaos to cool absolute disorder with a few plateaux of stable serenity and some flux of joyful happenings, the universe is slowly vanishing. It’s called entropy, a theory fist mooted by German physicist Rudolph Clausius. The value of entropy was established by a sad bod who eventually hanged himself, Austrian physicist Ludwig Boltzmann, who explained entropy as the measure of the number of possible microscopic arrangements or states of individual atoms and molecules of a system that comply with the macroscopic condition of the system. [Boltzmann] thus introduced the concept of statistical disorder into a new field of thermodynamics, called statistical mechanics, and found the link between the microscopic interactions, which fluctuate about an average configuration, to the macroscopically observable behavior, in form of a simple logarithmic law, with a proportionality constant, the Boltzmann constant, that has become one of the defining universal constants for the modern International System of Units (SI).

If you don’t understand any of this, don’t worry: your steam engines and your petrol guzzlers are still going to work, because they are based on entropy — that is to say based on the process of the universe extinguishing itself.

At this point in time, the energy of the sun, itself born from cooling space, 8 billion years after the big bang, is also slowly vanishing. Give it another 5 billion years or so and this presently middle-aged star will have exhausted its resources of Hydrogen and Deuterium and will be mostly hot Helium. It will become a red giant, as gravity won’t be able to hold its gaseous expansion. According to calculation based on observations of other red giants and quantum mechanics, planet earth will be on the edge of this dying expanding sun, and thereafter the solar system will collapse into vanishing chaos. We’re toasts.

We’re lucky. the atomic mix and the timing of the particle relationships in this region of space have been complex enough to give rise to planet earth and its lovely settings for a while now. At this point in time Earth is not Venus, nor Mars. The surface conditions are not the same. So when we say that GLOBAL WARMING IS HAPPENING AND IS ANTHROPOGENIC, it’s in relation to PLANET EARTH only. We’re observing its delicate balance of atmospheric gases, its surface of land and water, and the complex carbon equation in which life developed of which PHOTOSYNTHESIS is a major component. 

While the sun fiddles with fusion of H and D, the bugger is hot. It emits a lot of light and other electromagnetic energy such as heat and ultraviolet rays. Here on planet Earth, plus or minus 147.17 million kilometres away from the sun (it’s not that far…), we can observe trees, plants and animals, some dumb ones and some intelligent ones like humans. But for many years, since falling from their tree, humans were dumb despite developing a quest for knowing — a stylistic quest that came about from their brains become too big for their boots. The absence of knowledge had become uncertainty which humans could not stand, thus filled with some goo: god. About 2500 years ago, some humans had enough of being ignorant and with their brains being filled with the goo of ignorance. Here came the Greek and Roman philosophers… But it took another 2250 years or so for the next lot of information-seekers to replace slaves with steam engines, and replace god with observations. Sciences were born in earnest and now we know a few things. 

for example, from Science  28 Aug 2020 — Vol. 369, Issue 6507, pp. 1089-1094:

A main product of plant photosynthesis is glucose, which is a precursor of many naturally occurring carbohydrates and a building block for cell wall materials in most photosynthetic organisms (1). Cellulose, produced by cellulose synthase (CesA), is a linear β-1,4–linked glucose polymer and a fundamental cell wall component in land plants (2). With an estimated production exceeding 10 billion metric tons annually (3), it represents the most abundant biopolymer on Earth as well as a vast carbon dioxide sink and energy resource. CesA is a membrane-embedded family-2 glycosyltransferase (GT) related to chitin, alginate, and hyaluronan synthases (4, 5). The enzyme catalyzes glucose transfer from uridine diphosphate–glucose (UDP-Glc, the donor) to the terminal C4 hydroxyl of the nascent cellulose polymer (the acceptor) (fig. S1A).

Thus we know about “wood” and photosynthesis in which LIGHT INDUCES SOME MIGHTY CHEMICAL PROCESSES that help us survive. Without photosynthesis, we’d be... not… No question of "to be or not to be”.

And we also know about GLOBAL WARMING. You, the mob of giggling ignoramus out there, can be as sarcastic as you wish about the issue of GW and Greta — take this in your empty cabooche: Greta is correct. She is pointing out to the scientifically obvious if you look and measure. It has been observed that CO2 is a warming gas and the more of it in the atmosphere, the warmer the atmosphere is going to get… Understood? 

How can CO2 be warming? In the same way as photosynthesis in plants captures radiation from the sun, CO2 captures sun radiation at specific wavelengths. This capture warms it up. Look if you don’t understand this, just buy yourself a microwave oven. In it, place a cup of water and press START. About 1 minute and 39 seconds later, time depending on the amount of water, the water is boiling hot. WHAT HAPPENED? The machine is designed to transfer energy at a specific wavelength which excite the molecules of water. Excitement creates heat, that is why you end up all sweaty and gooey on the dance floor, though these days you can’t test this because of Covid-19. The wavelength to excite water molecules is specific and is in the MICROwave range. The wavelength that excite CO2 is in the red spectrum. This energy is provided by sunlight. Under this specific wavelength, CO2 will warm up. Simple...

Now comes the crunch. Is there enough CO2 in the atmosphere to create GLOBAL WARMING? What are the facts and figures? Hey you effing morons PAY ATTENTION! And I mean you at "RT" and at “NotGuardian”! YOU who believe that global warming is a conspiracy by some bozo to prevent you from having brain farts while driving your petrol guzzler! Yes I know you don’t believe in Covid-19 either. Obviously you’ve never had fever before. Catch malaria and you’d know what I mean, when you body temperature reaches 42 degrees Celsius and you’re near death. But this is another Gus’s story.

At this stage there is a lot of reconciliatory gymnastics to be made between observations and the theory of GLOBAL WARMING. Studying a large system in flux with many feedback mechanisms isn’t for the faint hearted, nor for the wooly-headed wombat that believes in a god that is full of its own self-importance. 

No, at this point in time, GLOBAL WARMING can be observed and measured with a certain degree of precision, giving us a formula from which we can “predict” a range of certainty for the future. 

Even Svante Arrhenius, the “father” of the science of GLOBAL WARMING, calculated that by 1899, there was enough EXTRA (anthropogenic) CO2 to raise the atmospheric temperature by 2 degrees Celsius and that “this could be be beneficial to crops in Europe”… Was he wrong? He was right on the increase of temperature and wrong on the benefits because he did not have all the observable data in hand. 

Prof. A. G. Högbom, who died on January 19, 1940 at the age of eighty-three years, had been a leader in geological work and ideas in Sweden for more than half a century. In 1894, he wrote:

A simple calculation shows that the temperature in the arctic regions would rise about 8 to 9 degrees Celsius of the carbonic acid [CO2] increased 2.5 or three times its present value… The world’s present production of coal reaches in round number 500 millions in tonnes per annum, or 1 ton per square kilometre of the earth surface.

The second half of Högbom’s proposition is a bit obscure but the whole thing explains a change in the carbon equation between the atmosphere and the surface of the Earth.

Since then, our measuring devices have become more accurate. If you live by the Byron Bay seashore, you may not have noticed because the ebb and flows of the tides mask the slow rise, but since1900, the sea level has risen by 20 centimetres. THIS IS DUE TO GLOBAL WARMING. About ten years ago, the sea level rise was measured at 3 mm per year. A few years ago, this rise was 4 mm. Now it is 4.7 mm per year. by 2100 it’s likely to be 15 mm per year or more. We know that in times of warmer climatic conditions, see level can be 75 metres above present level... Oh and the beach at Byron Bay has disappeared...

With Covid-19, there has been three major aspects to consider: the disease itself, our observations of it and our reaction to it. With GLOBAL WARMING, we have to similarly consider the process, our observations and our reaction to it.

Laughing is not a solution. 

With Covid-19, we’ve had barely a year to study and react to it. Mistakes and bombastic management have been made galore. We fiddled in the dark on the hop.

With GLOBAL WARMING we’ve had 120 years of observations and let’s say 50 years of dedicated understanding with a more precise outlook. Science is correct: GLOBAL WARMING is induced by human activities.

The main difference is that Covid-19 is mostly a human problem, while GLOBAL WARMING is a planetary problem — cause by OBSERVABLE human activities. And though the solution to Covid-19 appears to be drastic, the solution to GLOBAL WARMING is mighty more difficult. 

DO NOTHING!  the wooly-headed wombat solution: live under ground during the day and feed at night… See I told you the wombat is a clever animal for believing in god… With average temperature heading for an extra 6 degrees Celsius by 2121, even the bods, born today, won’t be there to turn on the air conditioning...

We need to reduce emissions of CO2 to nil, now. Please note that it won’t make any difference to Uncle Gus. He has about 10 to 20 years max before feeding worms 6 feet under. Well it could make a difference to Uncle Gus if a) there is a dramatic weather pattern change by 2032, b) he is caught in a cyclone somewhere and c) his insurance premiums go through the roof...

So keep laughing… But don’t laugh at the GLOBAL WARMING “theorists”. Laugh at yourselves for being idiots.

Uncle Gus
Seriously laughing ...

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