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Congress can unthinkingly allocate billions in new defense funding and the media won’t bat an eye; Meanwhile, passing critical stimulus legislation to help millions of Americans is like squeezing blood from a stone. Why? Because capitalism.

BY TAYA GRAHAM          DECEMBER 18, 2020

Congress can unthinkingly allocate billions in new defense funding and the media won’t bat an eye; Meanwhile, passing critical stimulus legislation to help millions of Americans is like squeezing blood from a stone. Why? Because capitalism.

This is not new… The Roman Empire was suffering from the same money allocation. Becoming a soldier was more lucrative than being poor at home, unless you were a “bourgeois” (the term came much later but the class existed in the Roman Empire). Despite the possibility of being killed in battle, the glory and the rewards, such as being given plots of land to cultivate, were attractive enough.

Post-1918, the Australian government did the same — giving land to the returned soldiers — but the glory had faded, limbs had been lost and the plots of land were stolen from Aboriginal people. Not only this, the lands were in drought stricken areas under plagues of rabbits. If the rabbits did not get your meagre crops, the kangaroos would. Not to mention the mice and rats. War, chlorine gas and being holed up in water drenched trenches could sound like paradise compare to the hell in the hot bush that could also catch fire. In Italy, at least the returned soldiers could grow many things including grapes to make vino, which was lucrative enough.

The military is a machine designed to go and bash someone. It has always been so, and rarely has the military suffered from lack of cash throughout history. Meanwhile the peasants have had to eat grass and the tradition continues, even if the peasants have moved to big cities.

As well, the political class eager to please the generals, will use fake moral codes and crooked reasons to go and bash someone with the Military. If you are a poor bastard, your funeral will only attract vermin  As a soldier, you will have honour and respect.
Meanwhile, capitalism fosters only a certain number of bourgeois in the class. This “middle class” is where little fortunes are made and lost, and often without knowing, this class massively profits from military plundering and wars. 

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General Charles de Gaulle returned to power in the 1958 military coup d'etat that overthrew the French Fourth Republic, but resigned 11 years later after a series of assassination attempts, mass strikes and protests. Blair was forced out in 2007 after squandering his popularity on following the US into the Afghan and Iraq wars.

Former British prime minister Tony Blair is allegedly planning a return to politics like that of late French president Charles de Gaulle — on the back of the COVID-19 crisis.

The Sunday Times newspaper reported that Blair has been secretly advising current PM Boris Johnson's Health Minister Matt Hancock on his approach to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Hancock refused to deny the report, saying only: "I talk to all sorts of people and we take ideas from lots of sources."

Last month Blair called for delaying booster shots of COVID-19 vaccines until all high-risk individuals had been given a first dose, on the basis that more would then have at least partial immunity — an idea which has since been adopted as government policy.

One source, described a a personal friend of Blair's, told the newspaper Blair wanted to make a comeback in the style of General de Gaulle — who was installed in a military coup d'etat in 1958.

The source said that after more than a decade of raking in money from speaking engagements, the former PM has "no shortage of that now, and wants to re-establish his reputation".

Blair is reported to charge up to £330,000 for appearances at public events since his resignation as PM in June 2007, making him one of the world's most highly-paid after-dinner speakers.



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Blair is a fake. He could never match the stature of the general. See: