Sunday 31st of May 2020

a lethal virus .....

a lethal virus .....


‘Some say Mister Murdoch's politics and global propaganda network simply supports the Conservative political view, but his brand of politics is Conservative in name only. In essence and practice it is much more devious, dangerous, and stygian. Rupert Murdoch's brand of political media is much more akin to a lethal virus that, once unleashed upon a nation, devours the very soul of its democracy.

With little more than a passing glance, as if the invisible hand of Lucifer were at work, one can see that the democracies in the US, UK, and Australia are being torn asunder. In each nation, citizen has been pitted against citizen and the onetime elected officials have begun to treat their people less as co-equals and more like their personal serfs.

And the common thread weaving through the death throes of these three great Western democracies is the Australian-born Rupert Murdoch and his mad propaganda media empire.’

Rupert Murdoch Is The Virus Devouring The Soul Of Western Democracy