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shamocraceeee .....

shamocraceeee .....


‘Imagine a city torn by sectarian strife. Competing death squads roam the streets; terrorists stage horrific attacks. Local authority is distrusted and weak; local populations protect the extremists in their midst, out of loyalty or fear. A bristling military occupation exacerbates tensions at every turn, while offering prime targets for bombs and snipers. And behind the scenes, in a shadow world of double-cross and double-bluff, covert units of the occupying power run agents on both sides of the civil war, countenancing - and sometimes directing - assassinations, terrorist strikes, torture sessions, and ethnic cleansing.

Is this a portrait of Belfast during "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland? Or a picture of Baghdad today? It is both; and in both cases, one of Britain's most secret - and most criminally compromised - military units has plied its trade in the darkness, "turning" and controlling terrorist killers in a dangerous bid to wring actionable intelligence from blood and betrayal. And America's covert soldiers are right there with them, working side-by-side with their British comrades in the aptly named "Task Force Black," the UK's Sunday Telegraph reports.’

The Anglo-American Dirty War In Iraq

Yo-yo nuz?

From our ABC (05/02/07 EST-14/02/07 US time)
Bush backs off key Iran claim

United States President George W Bush says he is unsure whether top Iranian leaders are behind arms shipments to anti-US fighters in Iraq, undercutting a volatile US charge levelled just days ago.

From the New York Times
Bush Says Iran Is Source of Deadly Bombs
Doug Mills/ The New York Times
Published: February 14, 2007

WASHINGTON, Feb. 14 -- President Bush said today he is certain that elements of the Iranian government are supplying deadly roadside bombs that kill American troops in Iraq, even if the innermost circle of the government is not involved.

tell him he's dreamin'

A Prewar Slide Show Cast Iraq in Rosy Hues
Published: February 15, 2007

WASHINGTON, Feb. 14 — When Gen. Tommy R. Franks and his top officers gathered in August 2002 to review an invasion plan for Iraq, it reflected a decidedly upbeat vision of what the country would look like four years after Saddam Hussein was ousted from power.

A broadly representative Iraqi government would be in place. The Iraqi Army would be working to keep the peace. And the United States would have as few as 5,000 troops in the country.


Gus: delusions of the grand order or lovely deception just to push the barrow of aggression? Both stupid.