Wednesday 21st of August 2019

the value of a fair go .....

the value of a fair go .....
‘For the first time in over five years Australians can see an image of the man Americans have called a dangerous terrorist and kept behind razor wire. After talking to people who have seen David Hicks recently SUNDAY commissioned a "state-of-the-art" identikit photo which shows a stunning likeness to the imprisoned Hicks.

In this SUNDAY story Ray Martin reflects on the fate of the man and Australia's changing attitude towards him after a long period locked down in Guantanamo Bay without charges.

There is a growing feeling amongst many Australians that the government has let one of its citizens live in a state of limbo, doing little to help and little to encourage the Americans to get on with the prosecution. Now high profile former Australian of the Year Dick Smith has thrown his weight and money behind the effort to get the government to give Hicks a "fair go".’

Caged Animal, David Hicks: A Nation's Shame