Thursday 27th of February 2020

Pork Barrel Dogfight

If we had any doubts before about the destructive influence of party politics on our democracy, the desperate deluge of handouts to win or keep power for the next three years is all the evidence we need.

Some may think that democracy is party politics and vice versa. But there cannot be a real respect for government when it does not belong to the people and does not build the steadfast unity of the nation which we are going to need to face the future with the kind of costs and sacrifices which it will call for.

With party politics, division is the norm rather than unity in society. Party government misguided us to war in Iraq, not for the first time. Party government never submits its plans to the people - not even to parliament. 

It is obvious then that political parties do not support or create unifying parliamentary government. Their function is to create party executives which say and do whatever they can get away with. Perhaps that sounds cynical,  but there is enough truth there  to suggest we should seek a better way of democratic government, should there be a better way!

Fortunately there is - a non-partisan parliament, voting by ballot on every decision will bring in real representation and accountability, drawing people and parliament together in common purpose. Then we can tackle anything the future brings.

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