Tuesday 10th of December 2019

pass the lipstick .....

pass the lipstick .....

Senator Barack Obama hit back at the McCain campaign and the Republican vice-presidential nominee, Gov. Sarah Palin, a day after Ms. Palin made an issue of Mr Obama’s ties to Bill Ayers, a founder of the radical Weather Underground.

In his remarks on Sunday and in his television advertising campaign, Mr Obama, of Illinois, has sought to pre-empt what he referred to as “Swift boat”-style attacks on his character, like Ms Palin’s in Colorado and California over the weekend.  

He also referred to Mr.McCain as “erratic” in an advertisement released Sunday. 

“They’d rather try to tear our campaign down than lift this country up,” he told several thousand supporters at a rally here Sunday. “That’s what you do when you’re out of touch, out of ideas and running out of time.” 

Obama Calls Attacks On Him ‘Out of Touch’

the world, multiwhatever at an accelerated rate.

The cartoon above reflects the drama of what's happening in the world:

In the top left hand corner, Dubya celebrates the 70th birthday of Daffy Duck by wreaking the ENTIRE world economy with his best impression of the desfphicable beaspht...

Says the SMH:

IT WOULD be despicable of me to let this year pass without drawing attention to a milestone we were in danger of forgetting - the 70th birthday of a seminal figure in modern Western thought. Back when he turned 50, The New York Times commissioned a psychiatrist to analyse him, and the shrink wrote: "He began as a simple manic depressive and developed over the years into a fully fledged paranoid schizophrenic." The diagnosis also referred to "chronic delusions of grandeur".

Our Dubya to a fault.

While the lippy is going gangbusters in the hands of the GOP team, the dirty rumours are running rampant, spread by the Alaskan Belle... And November is only a few strides away... Blimey... 

links to poor judgement

Obama highlights McCain scandal

US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has attacked John McCain's links to a 1980s financial scandal.

He also accused his Republican rival of being more focused on running a smear campaign than on fixing the US economy.

It comes after Mr McCain's running mate Sarah Palin accused Mr Obama over the weekend of associating with terrorists.

Mr Obama once served on a charity board with an ex-member of US-based militant group Weather Underground, Bill Ayers, now a University of Illinois professor.

He has denounced Mr Ayers' radical past.

Mr McCain spent the weekend in Arizona preparing for Tuesday's presidential debate but Mrs Palin, governor of Alaska, held several rallies.

She told supporters in Colorado and California that the time had come to take "the gloves off" - suggesting that Mr Obama's character may be the subject of further attacks.

Judgement claim

In a new internet video being e-mailed to supporters, the Obama campaign launched its own attack on Mr McCain over his connections to tycoon Charles Keating, who was convicted of securities fraud after his savings and loan scheme collapsed.

Senator McCain and his operatives are gambling that he can distract you with smears rather than talk to you about substance
Barack Obama

The shifting election battleground

Mr McCain was one of five senators - known as the Keating Five - to be investigated by a Senate ethics panel over their intervention with banking regulators on behalf of Keating.

He was found to be less involved with Keating than the other senators but was criticised for "poor judgement".

bitter lemons...

Race turns bitter as debate looms

The US presidential candidates have exchanged barbs as they prepare for a crucial debate on Tuesday evening.
Barack Obama accused John McCain of "smear tactics" and said he was not paying enough attention to the economic crisis that has been gripping the US.

John McCain said Senator Obama was "lying" about his ties to the home loan industry and asked what his rival had ever accomplished in government.
The campaign tone has turned nasty as polls show Mr Obama widening his lead.

'Town Hall' debate
The second presidential debate is generating intense interest among the public.
More than six million people have e-mailed questions to the moderator, NBC news presenter Tom Brokaw, who will preside over the town hall-style debate in Nashville, Tennessee.


Gus: I hope I'm wrong... but I have this niggling feeling that whomever takes the gong, we're going to be lumbered with lemons...