Monday 28th of May 2018

columbus didn't discover shit .....

columbus didn't discover shit .....

America celebrates Columbus Day, even though Columbus and American settlers killed, enslaved and pushed indigenous peoples off land they lived on. Tragically, indigenous peoples have been nearly wiped out of existence and pushed to the furthest margins of our culture that revels in amnesia. Main St., mainstream American culture does not expect Native Americans to celebrate Columbus, nor care nor know nor imagine if they do or not. Native Americans are not a demographic population Hallmark cares to account for.

It is preposterous to think Jews would celebrate Kristallnacht, the night of glass when SS troops stormed and terrorized their German ghettos. In Israel, Independence Day is called Yom Haatzmaut. Communities gather to play music, dance and watch fireworks. The Chief Rabbinate has declared this day a Jewish holiday in which prayers should be said.

But Palestinians remember 1948 and the formation of the State of Israel as al-Nakba, the Catastrophe. A day of murder, displacement and forced Diaspora. A day families are torn apart and ripped away from their homes. A state-sanctioned celebration of their dehumanization and second-class citizenship.

For this reason alone, I cannot believe in the integrity of the Zionist project. It's built on bodies and lies. It denies the existence of people and a people. One of its slogans, rooted in the same malicious revisionism as American history and Holocaust denial, is a land without people, for a people without land. Columbus didn't discover shit. He enacted the desires of empire and the fetishization of "discovery."

The formation of the State of Israel is rooted in blood and deceit, is the same story as all colonies built in the name of imperialism, capitalism and dehumanization. Therefore, I am not Zionist.

What price freedom of choice? Mk. 2.

G’day John,


Is it conceivable in this 21st century that the “western world” has accepted the practice of Apartheid and fascism in a country stolen by the very race which hides behind  the claim that they are the one and only victims of such atrocities?  And why?


Why the hell do we accept the “never forget the Jewish Holocaust” while the Jews themselves are committing the same crimes against humanity?


With basic common sense even I can see the outrageous duplicity in the US/Zionist alliance which has fostered and condoned more than 60 years of the most hated methods of the Nazism which we were raised to believe must “not be allowed to be repeated”!


It makes one consider that we have been conned to accept the policy of “do as I say not as I do”. I cannot understand why there is not a much larger revulsion in America to the way that their several administrations have complied with the Military/Corporate lies of “fighting overseas is better than fighting at home?”


I cannot come to terms with the American supported theory of the Zionists that the fascism they have created in Palestine is an act of peace.  I become annoyed that my country is not yelling from the “highest moral mountain” that this should not be allowed to happen – and this cancer must be incised or the feeding of its voracious appetite will make Climate Change seem like a Howard claim that it is only from a “peeved politician”. (Al Gore).


All my life I have been trained to believe that we, the Australian people, are against the ancient methods of “taking away from people their right to their way of life” otherwise why did we fight so many wars, two involving the entire world?  We now involve ourselves in wars that have no genuine morality or even a modicum of a “democratic” objective. 


Nevertheless, I feel that the Zionist Nazi/Apartheid policies in occupied Palestine will hopefully give birth to a “WW 2  French Marquis” type of resistance which indeed, by localizing the fascism in the Middle East, may ironically become a beacon of freedom for those being currently oppressed by the Holocaust hypocrites.


The Zionists do live in “glass houses”.


Cheers mate.


God Bless Australia.  NE OUBLIE.