Tuesday 20th of August 2019

time to impeach him for being a genius...


US President Donald Trump says he is not looking for war with Iran but has warned that if a conflict did occur, it would result in "obliteration".



The Indian Navy is deploying multiple vessels to the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, to provide “security” for Indian-flagged ships traversing the area. The decision follows multiple attacks on merchant ships there.

creating smoke with his own fire...


Despite much egg on Pompeo’s and Bolton’s faces, US expansion of its Cold War II continues regardless

Tony Kevin

It is now clear that the US has manufactured a false case against Iran for the two-tanker sabotage incident in the Gulf of Oman on 13 June. Evidence of Iranian guilt so far offered by the US is flimsy and contestable: but Mike Pompeo does not seem to care, continuing to press for alliance solidarity no matter what.

Of this solidarity there has been remarkably little, even five days later.

the US government has acknowledged that the obama administration lied...

poot, dumb-dumb and obamoochpoot, dumb-dumb and obamooch

The case that Obama’s team concocted Russiagate in order to weaken Trump if Trump were to win the Presidency has just received an important admission. The Government has acknowledged that the Obama administration lied to the FISA Court in order to get permission to investigate Trump for possible collusion with Russia.

CO2 only heats up in the sunlight... GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL and anthropogenic...

greenland melts

Here a map of Greenland on the 12 June 2019 showing the ABOVE AVERAGE season temperatures. In some places these nearly reached 40 degrees Celsius above average. This map should scare your pants off... The differential with the blue parts, mostly the seas, hide our major problem. 


CO2 is a strong warming gas, but not as warming as methane or NOx (various nitric oxides). All these gases warm up during the day, creating clear stronger differential of heat between day and night, and between winter and summer. Though the outcomes are complex, one can only expect increases of extreme weather system, till the "normal" weather balance gets completely out of kilter. 

no kangaroos, koalas, platypuses, nor emus were consulted for this glowing but frightening report...


More than 50 leaders from over 20 organisations contribute to a new landmark report Australian National Outlook 2019.

the brutal nightmare continues...



KEVIN Rudd dumbed down his vast vocabulary, Julia Gillard reportedly had voice training and multi-millionaire Malcolm Turnbull donned a trendy leather jacket to look relatable.

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