Sunday 19th of November 2017

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 From the ABC

The Federal Opposition says cables warning of alleged kickbacks in AWB's wheat contracts tendered to the Cole inquiry yesterday were sent directly to the Prime Minister nearly six years ago.

Labor says the cables dispute Prime Minister John Howard's claim that the first he knew of information suggesting AWB was paying kickbacks to Iraq was long after the oil-for-food program had ended.

Mr Howard has repeatedly told Parliament that he had no knowledge of suggestions AWB might be paying kickbacks until the matter was investigated by the United Nations.

terra, terra, terra .....

‘Never before has one word, or
its relentless repetition, done so much for one man as the word `terror’
(`terra` in Texanese) has for this Texan from Crawford that now resides in the
White House. No other single word, it seems, is so much responsible for Bush`s
continued fame among certain naive American quarters. 

Whether it is the external or
internal policies of this administration, the word terra remains the
cornerstone of all its past, present and future plans of action. Be it
Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Katrina, domestic elections, passing of sham
legislation, the Guantanamo Gulag, the discovery of torture dungeons or the
scandal of spying on own citizens, no crisis has ever been strong enough to
withstand the magic mantra of terra, terra, terra. 

another proud achievement .....

‘The memo is a chronological account, submitted on July 7,
2004, to Vice Admiral Albert Church, who led a Pentagon investigation into
abuses at the U.S. detention facility at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. It reveals that
Mora’s criticisms of Administration policy were unequivocal, wide-ranging, and
persistent. Well before the exposure of prisoner abuse in Iraq’s Abu Ghraib
prison, in April, 2004, Mora warned his superiors at the Pentagon about the
consequences of President Bush’s decision, in February, 2002, to circumvent the
Geneva conventions, which prohibit both torture and “outrages upon personal
dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment.” 

indian revenge .....

Speech Note's For Downer's SA Liberal Fundraiser Lunch (In Adelaide this Friday)

Thank you for attending this State Liberal Party Fundraiser- the more money raised for them through my name, the more I own them.

Most have you have probably been wondering if I work for Prime Minister Howard or President Bush.  The truth is that I actually work for both, in that I'm "on secondment" to the White House.  It must give the listener great reassurance to know that when I speak it is the voice of authority that you hear.

We had to start the War On Terror- without new markets to exploit the US economy would implode within decades, taking all the money we'd invested in Carlyle and Halliburton with it  As long as the war doesn't end, everything will be fine.

a different anniversary .....

‘"Terrorism" has been made The Issue of the
Year, for which Americans are expected to tighten their belts, pay countless
billions in taxes so the U.S. government and its allies can arm to the teeth,
and suffer an escalating repression of their liberties. 

Yet who the terrorists are
supposed to be remains vague and shadowy. Their only apparent common
characteristic is that they are swarthy and foreign; no Nordics need apply. 

miscreants, murderers & malefactors …..

‘Acting with impunity and wielding the moral authority of
pedophiles, Bush and his fellow Neocons have decimated what was left of
America's good name while severely crippling our nation’s capacity for
advancing and protecting human rights. Setting a sanguineous course in their
reckless pursuit of wealth and power, they have afflicted humankind with their
perverse agenda. With alarming consistency, these sociopaths have demonstrated
their utter disregard for humanity and the well-being of our planet. 

While the US has a history of
imperialism, deep cruelty, and mass murder, including slaughtering one million
civilians in the conquest of the Philippines, legalizing the institution of
slavery, and committing the Native American genocide, by World War II America
had arguably begun to demonstrate a reasonable level of commitment to
humanitarian ideals. While it was a long, painful process, Abolitionists, Women
Suffragists, Populists, Labor Activists, Civil Rights Protestors, and the like
forced the United States to strive for truly noble causes. From the end of
World War II up until the 1960's, one could reasonably conclude that the nation
primarily responsible for the defeat of militaristic fascism in both Europe and
Asia had earned a degree of moral authority, in spite of its remaining flaws.’ 

it could never happen here, of course .....

‘Britain's New Statesman magazine
has put together a powerful package of stories detailing how the government of
George W. Bush's beloved disciple, Tony Blair, is "persecuting innocent
people, tearing up our freedoms and undermining the judiciary." The basis
of the stories is a new, blistering report from Amnesty International on the
degraded state of civil liberties in the UK today.’ 

Dark Kingdom

a tinhorn dictatorship .....

‘The congressional elections this coming November is the
last chance for Americans to reaffirm the separation of powers that is the
basis of their civil liberties. Unless the voters correct their mistake of
putting both the executive and legislative branches in the hands of the same
party and deliver the House or the Senate to the Democrats, there is nothing on
the domestic scene to stand in the way of more power, and less accountability,
being accumulated in the executive. 

The Democrats have been a totally
ineffective opposition and might not inspire any voter response other than
apathy. Rather than vote for a cowardly party that is afraid to defend the
Constitution, voters might simply not vote at all. 

the little trough shop .....


masters of delusion .....

‘To their credit, Israel, AIPAC, the Bush Regime, powerful
families (with names like Koch), the numerous multi-millionaires in Congress,
powerful lobbyists, think tanks, major corporations, and the 1% of Americans
who harbor 38% of the nation's wealth have done a phenomenal job of convincing
a majority of the poor and working class that they are fortunate to have the
privilege of fighting over the remaining crumbs of the economic pie after the
ruling elite gorge themselves. 

Despite the 13% of Americans living in poverty, 46 million
without health insurance, and approximately 3 million homeless wandering our
streets, the gallimaufry ruling the United States according to the Golden Rule
(he that hath the gold maketh the rules) has artfully convinced "Main
Street" that it "doesn't get any better than this". 

plain sailing .....

Gitmo .....

‘The American Civil Liberties Union
has released documents that prove that top Department of Defense officials
endorsed interrogation methods at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp that the
FBI described as both abusive and illegal. 

“We now possess overwhelming
evidence that political and military leaders endorsed interrogation methods
that violate both domestic and international law,” said Jameel Jaffer, an
attorney with the ACLU. “It is entirely unacceptable that no senior official
has been held accountable.”’ 

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