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obscurantist mullahs .....

‘Nothing's going better in Iraq.
Everything's out of whack in Afghanistan. The two military interventions in the
greater Middle East that were supposed to bring stability, if not democracy,
clash with a ferocious opposition composed of radical forces that do not
necessarily have the support of the population, but which profit from growing
hostility towards the "liberators." The deterioration of the
situation in Afghanistan at the moment when NATO is taking over the international
coalition led by the United States is not independent of the latter's failure
in Iraq.

slow forward .....

From Crikey …..

‘Hello, hello. The Vizard plot thickens.  

Today we're running a correction based on a letter we've received from
the lawyer acting for Steve Vizard's former accountant Greg Lay. Lay, you may
recall, was the sole director and shareholder of the company that made Vizard's
illegal share trades when Vizard was a Telstra director trading in shares of
companies in which Telstra was involved. Greg Lay was the man who bought and
sold shares on oral instructions from Vizard. It was Greg Lay who declined to
sign a witness statement incriminating Vizard. And it was Lay's refusal to sign
a witness statement that ASIC and the Commonwealth DPP cited as a key factor in
their decision not to lay criminal insider trading charges against Vizard over
share purchases made while he was a Telstra director. 

bushit .....

‘"Dictatorships, and there are plenty to choose from,
are referred to as rogue states and threatened vociferously with military
strikes, including the deployment of nuclear weapons. But it only further
stabilizes the fundamentalist power systems in those countries.

"Whether the term `axis of evil' is used
to refer to Iran or North Korea or Syria, politics could not be more stupid and
hence more dangerous. Yet the entire world is watching and pretending to be

trade bonus still on ..... ?

ADF 'deeply
regrets' Iraqi shooting

Australian Defence Force (ADF) says it deeply regrets an incident where
Australian soldiers in Baghdad opened fire on the bodyguards of Iraq's
Trade Minister, Abdel Falah al-Sudany.

One of the
guards was killed and three others wounded when their convoy followed the
Australians' convoy from Mr Sudany's compound.

terrorising the neighbourhood .....

Israeli Air Strike Again Kills
Palestinian Civilian

By Ian Fisher & Steven Erlanger

Published: June 21, 2006

JERUSALEM, June 21 - A
Palestinian woman was killed today in Gaza after a pair of Israeli
missiles veered off target, one of them slamming into a house. It was the
latest in a series of botched air strikes that have killed a dozen Palestinian
civilians in the last eight days. 

donny's cuban "vacation camp" .....

Pentagon documents
on the prison at Guantanamo that were made public
yesterday by the main American organization for the defense of individual
liberties, the ACLU, confirm, according to the ACLU, the prisoners'

These documents obtained by the
ACLU thanks to the Freedom of Information Act "are the latest evidence of
the desperate and immoral conditions that exist at Guantanamo Bay," the
organization's director, Anthony Romero, declared yesterday in a communiqué. 

New Karaoke Lyrics For Alexander Downer

Come Mr Alex, man, tell me I'm bananas
Daylight come and me wanna go home
Nuclear missles from Korea gonna harm us
Daylight come and me wanna go home.

May-o, me sing May-ay-ay-oh
Daylight come and me wanna go home

Work all night for a sniff of bum
Georgie-girl gives me a call I come

Love my Halliburton shares
Australia"s ambassador but no-one cares.

Love the old U.S. Of A.
They don't think karaoke's gay.

May, we sing May we sing May we sing May we sing May we sing May we sing May-ay-ay-oh.
Daylight comes and wish you go home.

good old uncle dick .....

‘Last week's grim milestone of 2,500 American military
deaths in Iraq will look even grimmer after tonight's "Frontline"
documentary, "The Dark Side." 

The damning 90-minute exposé (10
p.m. PBS) stops short of laying those bodies at Vice President Dick Cheney's
feet. But it does finger Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld — through
more than 40 interviews with CIA veterans, journalists, politicians and others
— as the ones who ignored, suppressed and manipulated intelligence after the
9/11 attacks to lead us into war with a country that had nothing to do with our

chicken soldiers .....

Car bomb and air strike kill

From Al Jazeera
Wednesday 21 June 2006, 4:15
Makka Time, 1:15 GMT 

... Four others who were injured
in the strike on two farm houses in the Shaikh Qaddur al-Shahin village
early on Tuesday, were detained by US forces, Haidar al Tamimi, an Iraqi
journalist, told Aljazeera. 

the "value" of greed .....

‘Americans paying $3 per gallon at the pump have it
relatively cheap when compared with prices globally, say oil and gas company
executives, who defend their record profits as essential to maintaining

parts of Europe and elsewhere in the West, gasoline prices are more like $5 per
gallon to $7 per gallon, said the chairman of ConocoPhillips Co., James J.

is a global business, and it's not only that we need to add to supply, but we
need to reduce demand," Mulva said. "In the United States alone, we
have about 2 percent of world oil reserves, 5 percent of the population and yet
we use about 25 percent of the world's consumption of oil."

a democracy fit for a rodent .....

Senate committee overhaul evil:

Federal Opposition Leader Kim
Beazley has described the Government's plan to cut the number of Senate
committees as an "evil act". 

The Senate committees can hold
specific inquiries into legislation or broader investigations of general

Nuclear Alex says that Korea Could Nuke Australia... Again

Here we go with another Korean missile scare.  After warnings from
the U.S. for Korea not to test a missile that could potentially drop a
nuke on American soil, Mr Downer has revealed that Australia is also
within range.

 [extract from ninemsn]

A missile North Korea plans to test fire has the range to reach
Australia but the country is an unlikely target, Foreign Minister
Alexander Downer says.

Australia has added its voice to a growing
international chorus demanding North Korea give up plans for the test
launch of a long range ballistic missile.

no longer my ABC .....

Dear ABCTV ….. 

Just a quick note to let you know
that, after tonight, we will no longer be watching ABCTV News.

We’re no longer sure where you
“source” your News Reports, but the absence of journalistic content &
balance has become all too evident for our liking. 

For example, tonight we were
treated to a hysterical piece, reporting action by the United States in warning
North Korea against conducting a scheduled test firing of a long-range
ballistic missile: claiming that the United States would view the test as a
“provocative act”.

whale killers .....

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