Wednesday 14th of November 2018

leading the world to the exceptionist crapper...


Emma Ashford reviews Ivo Daalder and James Lindsey’s The Empty Throne: America’s Abdication of Global Leadership:

drawing conservative blood...


This image is a composite mischief by Gus, using a brilliant cartoon by Bill Leak, before he joined the merde-och media and went downhill. In 1994, Leak used his massive skills to illustrate the 50th birthday bashing "bash" of the lovely behaviour of the Liberal (CONservative) Party: Howard killing Peacock and vice versa, Fraser like a snooty old kook, MacMahon like a baby in a high chair, Downer behaving like a beautiful pig as usual... etc.


admiral arthur cebrowski's middle-east...

US middle east

Finding a way out of the war against Syria


by Thierry Meyssan


The White House is unable to extricate itself from the war in Syria. President Trump is hindered both by the self-proclaimed « stable state » (according to the anonymous op ed in the New York Times), which continues to pursue the Rumsfeld-Cebrowski strategy, and by the reactivated ambitions of his Israëli, French, British and Turkish allies. The logic of these interests could displace the war instead of resolving it.

the flag of the nightmare...


The past is not dead; it is people who are sleeping. The current night and daymares that we are having arise out of murders lodged deep in our past that have continued into the present.

enlightenment in the old school...

old scool

The furore began after one alumnus wrote on 24 August: “Great to have an Old Boy as PM – he will make a great PM.”

“Doesn’t say much about the science faculty that he is a climate denialist,” said one reply.

a pointless and politically-motivated persecution...


The attorney general has been accused of breaching his obligations to the Senate by refusing to properly answer questions on the controversial prosecution of former spy Witness K and his lawyer Bernard Collaery.

educating junior...


There is a war being waged. Not the one in Syria or Yemen. Not the Nazis shelling the Donbass or the warlords selling slaves in Libya. Not America’s drones executing an entire garden party in Pakistan because somebody on that street might have googled “bomb components” and “American Airlines” on the same day 10 years ago. Not even between the ridiculous buffoon Trump, and the equally absurd “resistance”.

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