Thursday 14th of November 2019

of greed, envy and inequality in the land of plenty... of debt, in a world of spin...


In a world of misinformation, spin and lies, good journalism is more vital than ever, and this week revealed just how important it remains for journalists to look past the spin and let the facts and data lead the way.

the anti-particle of god... or why your wallet is empty...

try harder

God does not exist. But in order to bring Him (god is a male) to life, Theologians — these people who gives themselves the authority to bring the idea of god into your gullible brains — have had to come with a concept as to why god allows your life to be shithouse. 

embracing porkies from an idiotic porkyist called patrick moore is easier than understanding the sciences...


What does it take to become a legitimate spokesperson on climate change science and energy policy in the eyes of President Donald Trump and partisan conservative media like Fox News and Breitbart?

artificial fat little britain as boris will perform a miracle in the brexit desert...

bread and fishes

Boris Johnson, GMOs and Glyphosate: Irresponsible, Negligent and Criminal?

treated like common criminals for telling the truth...


There's a dangerous twist in the prosecution of the ABC whistleblower

The AFP is trying to use a law that nobody has ever thought concerned government secrets to criminalise ordinary journalism.

while we're worried about chinese influence on our nation, we prefer to inflict mental health impact on the locals, for cash...


A family fighting to defend their traditional country from mining are suing Environment Minister Sussan Ley after she rejected their heritage protection bid in favour of a controversial Chinese coal project.

the ibis was a symbol of pharaohs, now it is the symbol of dustbins: nothing goes to waste...

bin chicken

A regional council in Western Australia is embracing the much-maligned bin chicken's cousin in the hope of capturing the hearts and minds of residents and visitors.

bugging of the government offices of Timor Leste in 2004: howard and downer should be in prison...


National security vs the public's right to know.

"I feel we're living in very dangerous times here in day we'll wake up and wonder how on earth we got here." MP

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