Sunday 26th of April 2015

between now and 2019 there is a political eternity...


a nice little con...

Allan Fels will take on the role of electricity price tsar for the Baird government, charged with ensuring power bills are lower under privatisation.

In a move to combat the aggressive union campaign against the electricity privatisation that Premier Mike Baird has staked his political life on, bidders for the electricity networks will also be required to sign a price guarantee that network prices will be lower in 2019 than they were in 2014.

team awstrayla ....

team awstrayla .....

The Audient

Don't want to know about foreign wars
or miners plundering distant shores
Better off just to ignore
the world as it decays
Gotta get my kids to school
slave my guts out for fuck all
every day till nighttime's fall
until the darkness stays

Don't sing to me about anything sad
Give me a tune that will make me forget
Show me a place in your soul to hide
cos life is far from over yet

Gedankenexperiment ...

spacetime warp

It's 100 years since Albert postulated his famous theory of General Relativity after having formulated the special theory of relativity in 1905. We are looking at some mighty concepts. This is what the great man proposed:

if it ain't broke...

half of what it used to be...

Political donations laws in NSW are set to be overhauled in response to rorting exposed at the Independent Commission Against Corruption, with Premier Mike Baird committing to a swath of reforms if the government retains power after the March 28 election. 

Under the changes supported by the NSW government, political parties would be prosecuted as legal entities if they breach election funding rules and donations will be disclosed online and in real time for six months before an election.

Election spending by third party campaigners such as unions and business groups is also likely to be cut in half and spending by "close associates" of parties will be counted against that party's expenditure cap.

the need for a truly informed independent australian media was urgent...

mass media

The media in Australia – the mainstream media – is obviously very tightly held; there's basically only two viewpoints and most people only listen to one of them. That really annoys me.

real terrorism .....

real terrorism .....

On the night of March 9-10, 1945, General Curtis LeMay, head of the Twenty-first U.S. Bomber Command, brought an all-American brand of hell into the Pacific theater of the Good (sic) War as his bombardiers laid siege on Tokyo.

on the road to perdition .....

on the road to perdition .....

from Crikey …..

The lie that puts you at risk as Abbott wraps himself in the flag

the goliath of hypocritical hasbara …..

the goliath of hypocritical hasbara …..

Is he a smooth-talking, disingenuous, cunning salesman who knows that everything he asserts about Israel being in danger of annihilation and not having a Palestinian partner for peace is propaganda nonsense, or, does he really believe what he says?



Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been forced to defend George Brandis in Parliament after the Senate passed a motion declaring him "unfit to hold the office of Attorney-General" over the Government's criticism of Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs.

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