Tuesday 21st of January 2020

Horsemen Long Gone

I was born on Cup Day
The year Lightfingers won
and Jeanie Shrimpton wore a skirt
that bared her legs in the sun
My grandpop was an extra
in Fifty Thousand Horsemen
Light Horse Captain in real life
and all his horses loved him.

He rode a horse into a bar
He knew without a doubt
that seeing as he owned the pub
he wouldn't get thrown out.
He listened to the races,
had a little bet each day
Knew the trainers, jockeys too
and their journeys to today

fuzzy fuck mother nature. It's good for you…


There are a few articles on RT — the Russian sponsored news network — which to say the least are a worry. Here are a couple of them:


assange torture

A UN expert says Australian Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is displaying symptoms of torture while imprisoned in Britain.

conan the baghdadi's slayer....


Donald Trump tweets previously classified name of 'hero' dog from Baghdadi raid, after photoshopped Medal of Honour image

Mr McCloughan, who saved the lives of 10 fellow soldiers during the Vietnam War, told the New York Times he was not offended by the image, reportedly laughing when he saw the photo.

climate change about global warming...

climate change

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has vowed to outlaw the "indulgent and selfish" practices of environmental groups who campaign against Australian businesses that work with companies and industries they are opposed to, such as coal. 

unbolting bolton...

unbolting bolton...

US President Donald Trump's former national security adviser, John Bolton, has been called to testify next week before House lawmakers in the ongoing impeachment inquiry.

the change of ideas...


The Future of the Levant

by Thierry Meyssan

We can’t resist publishing Thierry Meyssan’s editorial in al-Watan, Syria’s leading daily newspaper. He describes the United States/Russia agreement for the Levant.

Over the past century, the United Kingdom and then the United States have successively courted all states and faith groups in the Middle East. They have fuelled confessional conflicts in such a way as to make themselves indispensable, according to the old principle of "Divide and conquer".

this golden trojan horse isn't a silver bullet...


Promoters of genetic modification (GM) in agriculture have long argued that genetically engineered Golden Rice is a practical way to provide poor farmers in remote areas with a subsistence crop capable of adding much-needed vitamin A to local diets.

have a bad day to you too...


The kids are alright — especially when it comes to infuriating baby boomers the world over. 

a magnificent morning cloud...



Cloud on 28/10/19 before the official runrise. The sun was illuminating the top of a massive cumulonimbus...

one word is missing from the free press (media) rhetoric: ASSANGE...

free media

An Australian Federal Police (AFP) officer told ABC lawyers he did not want "sensationalist headlines" prior to a raid of the broadcaster's Sydney headquarters, a court has heard. 

uluru... uluru...


In a book published, 1981, the author first advocated the change of the name Ayers Rock to Uluru and second taking the Aboriginal request of not climbing Uluru, very seriously, inviting tourists to see Uluru from the plain and respect the Aboriginal wishes...




As a senior custodian of Uluru, Anangu man Sammy Wilson was instrumental in the fight to close the Uluru climb.

still bleeding from you know where...


Hillary Clinton is publicly pushing a barrow of garbage against some Democrat contenders for the 2020 Presidency. Who knows why. Well, we know. She wants the US Democrats to still be under the thumb of the rich-otocrats who control the deep state to prevent "socialism" taking over the USA ... But all is not as it seems...




From Edward Curtin


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