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by Gus Leonisky on Thu, 2018-02-22 08:14

Barnaby Joyce and his pregnant partner Vikki Campion claim they have been hounded out of their rent free apartment, and fear their baby son will be viewed " somehow less worthy than other children". In an exclusive interview with Fairfax Media in Armidale....

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'We've been forced out': Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion


Well Barnaby Thomas Gerard Joyce you have a choice... Quit politics NOW, do not become a LOBYIST and live happily ever after in your own mess. Should you stay in POLITICS, you give the profession a worse name than prostitutes and journalists, which to say the least should be higher in our esteem than they are, because of some pen pushers, practitioners and the catholic church... And no, the kids have the right to exist well despite the crap of their father... They won't be hounded. They will be respected by the public.

by Gus Leonisky on Wed, 2018-02-21 18:04

And what of Prime Minister Turnbull?

Malcolm was never a small "l" Liberal. He wasn’t a progressive when he led the Opposition the first time [in 2008— he is a "plutocrat" of the ilk of the Republican right in the U.S.

Recently described as the “the Bernie Sanders of Australian politics", in the past, Swan has also variously been referred to as “moderate” and leaning towards the Labor right. 

Swan scoffs at these attempts to categorise his political leanings:

"I'm a Labourist. My philosophy and values are exactly the same as when I was first elected and gave my maiden speech in 1993. They haven't changed."


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by Gus Leonisky on Wed, 2018-02-21 17:57

It is time to spare a thought for the yet-to-be-born casualty.

Will the mainstream media hold back in paparazzi-style pursuit of photos? Not a chance — and that is sad. Publicity will hardly be celebrity status. It will have the dubious distinction of notoriety, something no child should have to grow up with. It's hardly a great welcome into the world.

The best thing Barnaby could do for his fifth child is to minimise collateral damage by getting out of politics and the public gaze to focus on nurturing an Australian family. But Barnaby’s ego is too inflated for that to happen.

Taking a week off, as prescribed by Prime Minister Turnbull, Barnaby is supposedly considering his future, which needs no consideration in his eyes. Massive media humiliation, negative opinion polls and even American TV satire cannot burst the bubble that is the shameless ego of Barnaby Joyce. He is digging in.

The Senate has called for his resignation for breaching ministerial standards. 

Meanwhile, our democracy is blighted. No love lost.

Tell us something we don’t know, you are saying.

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by Gus Leonisky on Wed, 2018-02-21 16:18

While the #beetrooter saga has sucked all the oxygen out of the national political debate for the past fortnight, the Coalitiongovernment is confronted by a more existential crisis. Not of morality, but of economics.

It was coming to a head in the first few weeks of the year as the prime minister and treasurer set up 2018 as a test of neo-classical economic orthodoxy.

At the heart of that effort was the faith that his much touted company tax cuts would trickle through the economy via increased demand for labour that would inevitably led to higher wages across the economy.

This is the sort of economic that is presented as a series of immutable truths, based on the premise of individual rationality and consumer sovereignty, the complexity of the world reduced to simple mathematical equations.

Of course, a lot of the economic theory is spent explaining why reality had a tendency to deliver different answers to the ones the equations predict, but as long as you were looking in the rear-view mirror it all made sense.

What passes as economic debate in Australia today may not be called “neo-classical”, but take the treasurer’s lines and you get a fair idea: penalty rates distort the market, immigration drives growth by increasing the demand for goods and services.

These propositions are presented by the government as articles of faith, rejecting those who disagree as flat-earthers (an interesting position given elements of the Coalition’s tendency to reject the disciplines of more mainstream branches of science).

But as figures included in last week’s Essential Report illustrates, the public rejects many of these propositions.

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by Gus Leonisky on Wed, 2018-02-21 15:57

If only Joe McCarthy had lived to see this moment, when it’s suddenly in vogue to attribute large-scale events in American politics to the hand of Russia and to inveigh against domestic subversion.

Robert Mueller released an indictment of 13 Russians for crimes related to their social-media campaign to meddle in our internal affairs in the run-up to and aftermath of the 2016 election.

Mueller obviously isn’t a McCarthyite, and can’t be held responsible for the hysteria — and hopeful expectations of an impeachment-level event — that has built up around his work. His indictment is, as far as anyone can tell, rigorously factual.

That’s probably the point of it — to create a record of an episode that we should want to know as much about as possible and prevent from ever happening again.

The Russia campaign was a shockingly cynical violation of our sovereignty. President Trump would do himself and the country a favor by frankly denouncing it.

But the scale of the operation shouldn’t be exaggerated. In the context of a hugely expensive, obsessively covered, impossibly dramatic presidential election, the Russian contribution on social media was piddling and often laughable.

The Russians wanted to boost Trump, but as a Facebook executive noted, most of their spending on Facebook ads came after the election. The larger goal was to sow discord, yet we had already primed ourselves for plenty of that.

Does anyone believe, absent Russian trolls on Twitter and Facebook, that we were headed to a placid election season involving an incendiary, mediagenic former reality TV star bent on blowing up the political establishment and a longtime pol who had stoked the enmity of Republicans for 30 years and was under FBI investigation?

If you read the Mueller indictment, you might think the Russians were everywhere, not only advertising on Facebook (“Trump is our only hope for a better future”; “Ohio Wants Hillary 4 Prison”), but organizing rallies around the country.

But it’s not clear these rallies even came off.

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The Murdoch media was far more involved in getting Trump elected than a dozen trolls with Ruskie names... It should know that the smoke coming from the Mueller inquiry is a sad mirror image of a declined deranged democracy...

by Gus Leonisky on Wed, 2018-02-21 15:32

Barnaby Joyce says there was no conflict of interest in his ownership of more than $500,000 worth of land holdings, which is why he did not declare it during cabinet deliberations about an inland rail project that passes within 15km of it. 

On Wednesday The Daily Telegraph reported Joyce had bought a property in Warrumbungle shire, in northern New South Wales, in July 2006 for $230,000 and added adjacent lots in Gwabegar in February 2008 for $342,571.

Joyce declared the rural property at Gwabegar on his register of interests, but reportedly did not declare the land holding in cabinet when in 2016 it passed the proposal for the Melbourne-to-Brisbane inland rail brought by the then-infrastructure minister, Darren Chester.

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by Gus Leonisky on Wed, 2018-02-21 15:07

For an event designed to address real global security issues, the Munich Security Conference has shown itself to be a useless talking shop. But it does add more propaganda fodder for Russia-bashing.

How ironic. A forum proclaiming to uphold global security is acting like a bullhorn for war.

The release on Friday of the US Department of Justice’s indictment of 13 Russian citizens for alleged meddling in the 2016 US presidential election went on to dominate the conference being held in Munich over the weekend.

Rather than being a peripheral matter owing to its dubious claims, the Washington hobby horse of “Russian meddling” was given free rein in Munich. Instead of parsing the latest Russophobia with intelligent skepticism, the conference added fuel to the bonfire of warmongering.

The annual gathering in the Bavarian capital is supposed to be an occasion when international political, military and intelligence leaders gather to discuss pressing security issues. The pro-NATO bias of the 54th Munich Security Conference (MSC) – never too disguised at best of times – was this year openly brandished.

A flurry of speakers eagerly took the latest US indictments at face value and cited them as “evidence” of Russian subversion and cyber warfare against Western democracies.

We should expect no less invective impugning Russia from the likes of NATO civilian chief Jens Stoltenberg, or Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko, as well as US National Security Advisor General HR McMaster. But even German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel in his address to the conference accused Russia (and China) of trying to “undermine” unity within the European Union.


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by Gus Leonisky on Wed, 2018-02-21 13:43

Democracy is in serious danger.

President Donald Trump is either totally compromised by the Russians or is a towering fool, or both, but either way he has shown himself unwilling or unableto defend America against a Russian campaign to divide and undermine our democracy.

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If 13 pranksters in St Petersburg managed to throw "democracy" off its perch in the USA, then one must realise that "democracy" has been moribund — or completely dead — for a long time in the USA. Trump is not hiding anything and this is the crux of the matter, whether he is a nutter or not...

Hillary lost the elections fair and square but the establishment — especially those on the Democrats side — cannot come to term with "the first glorious woman to become President" being beaten by a racist, misogynist, finger-in-the-nose and four-times bankrupt real estate merchant, loony Dumbdumb... So they blame the Russians for having interfered with the glorious victory that should have been theirs. So far, the Mueller investigations has shown NOTHING, but a few guys "in Russia" — who in the days of the internet could have been anywhere in the world but it's better to say they were in "St Petersburg" —  who fiddled with Twitter and Facebook, plus some "aides" in the Trump camp who told a few fibs to the FBI because they wanter to hide  they had made "undeclared" cash in UKRAINE...

But the savants at the "liberal" branches of the Democrats still hope that Mueller will come up with some fizzy clangers... We have seen it before, and manufacturing FAKE information is FUCKING EASY. That's why we went to war in Iraq and all other invented purposes to give us the self-righteous title of the "good causes' guys". That is what has killed democracy. Not the Russians. Mr Murdoch has done far more to kill off democracy, by embracing its freedom to tell and sell opinions like a python in love, to death. 

by Gus Leonisky on Wed, 2018-02-21 13:21


WASHINGTON — The son-in-law of a Russia-based billionaire admitted on Tuesday to lying to investigators about his communications with a former Trump campaign aide. The guilty plea by the defendant, a former lawyer at a powerful New York-based law firm, broadened the scope of the special counsel’s inquiry into Russia’s election interference.

The lawyer, Alex van der Zwaan, a 33-year-old Dutch citizen, acknowledged in federal court in Washington that he lied to prosecutors about a September 2016 conversation with Rick Gates, the former Trump aide, over work they did together for a Ukrainian political party aligned with Russia. He also admitted that he deleted records of email exchanges that prosecutors had sought. He faces up to five years in prison but said in court that he expected to serve six months or less.


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Meanwhile, all the US mob who did work with the Nazis in Ukraine to the tune of 5 billion bucks won't get a look in....


by Gus Leonisky on Wed, 2018-02-21 13:11


A day after the WA Nationals caused a shock by throwing a large political grenade in the direction of Barnaby Joyce, one significant question remains unanswered.

Why did they do it?

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Why did they do it? Why did they do it? Why did they do it?... Okay, anyone with a brain would HAVE TO drop Barnaby into a pile of shit and leave him there to associate with the environment — which to say the least would not be new to him... So, the question is answered. So why ask more?



Ms Davies started by saying she would not take questions about the Joyce matter, insisting she was only there to talk about a scathing report released yesterday about the former Liberal-National government's management of WA's finances, but the hungry press pack was having none of that.

Asked about Mr Joyce's fiery response, in which he downplayed the WA branch's ties to the federal Nationals, Ms Davies would not bite.

"I have no interest in further inflaming the situation," Ms Davies said.

It was a similar response when the leader was asked about the WA branch's influence on a national stage.

"Our statement is self-explanatory," Ms Davies said.


Okay, the previous WA government fucked up the finances of WA... Well it's easy to see why. The mining boom was going gangbusters and the Liberal/National (CONservative) ministers took their eye off the REAL COSTS of things, because cash was coming in the coffers at a million miles and hour, until it suddenly stopped. So what could have been bought for 2 ad 6 pence had been bought from mates for 4 pounds... Did I say mates? I meant alleged mates... or allege acquaintances or definitely unknown entities...