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by Gus Leonisky on Mon, 2020-10-26 10:02

It’s all very good for the PM to criticise senior public sector executives involved in expenses and taxation scandals (‘‘Largesse is offensive to Morrison’s ‘quiet Australians’’’, October 24-25) but when it comes to his own government and ministers’ failings, he is either silent or tries to convince us how we the public have it all wrong and shouldn’t believe everything we read and hear in the media.

We have had the politicisation of $100 million of sports grants to targeted Coalition seats just prior to the last election and now the purchase for $33 million of land valued at just $3 million.

Why hasn’t Scott Morrison been angry enough about these issues to establish a federal integrity commission to investigate these matters?

Con Vaitsas, Ashbury

Quiet Australians might well not be overly impressed by Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate spending $19,000 of public money on watches for her top performers.

They should be even less impressed by a Prime Minister whose government, and indeed whose office, directed many millions of dollars of public money into some of the most blatant sports rorts this country has ever seen.

Perhaps the PM, too, should offer to stand aside.

Barry Tomkinson, Little Forest

Once upon a time, before the corporate fever overtook our postal service, transport systems, communications, healthcare and the like, public servants ran these and many more government services.

State and federal governments are reaping what they have sown. Go back to having these entities run by the public service on its salary scale, not as a cash cow for corporate raiders paid vastly inflated salaries. We the general public have not benefited by this shift to recruit from outside.

Ronald Smith, Waterloo

So the PM has put board members and CEOs on notice that their remuneration, tax affairs and bonuses will be under scrutiny. The rest of us just wish we could do the same for politicians’ business dealings and their management of public grant programs.

Jill Napier, Phegans Bay

Events at Australia Post and Western Sydney Airport should come as no surprise and are the culmination of 25 years of corporatisation and politicisation of government services. The chickens have come home to roost.

John Constable, Balmain

Given that Morrison spent $2000 per minute on a ‘‘press conference’’ where he, his entourage and selected journalists flew to Christmas Island and back on an RAAF plane just before the last federal election, one must assume the only reason the PM is ‘‘appalled’’ by Holgate’s buying Cartier watches for senior staff is that she didn’t spend enough.

Given that Morrison subsequently reopened Christmas Island for $180 million, for no good reason except publicity, one must assume he’s showing Holgate by example how ripping off the taxpayer really ought to be done

Peter Arthur, Artarmon

So I guess the spin is that Morrison isn’t condoning any extravagant spending on his watch.

Ashley Collard, Fairlight



Sydney morning herald — 26/10/20


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by Gus Leonisky on Mon, 2020-10-26 09:54

The corporate watchdog's deputy chair Daniel Crennan has resigned after it emerged he claimed nearly $70,000 from taxpayers to cover rent.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has ordered a review of the housing expenses and a tax bill of almost $120,000 for Australian Securities and Investments Commission chairman James Shipton after the audit office raised concerns about the payments.


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by Gus Leonisky on Mon, 2020-10-26 08:56

Robert H. Lustig, M.D., M.S.L. is Professor emeritus of Pediatrics, Division of Endocrinology at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). He specializes in the field of neuroendocrinology, with an emphasis on the regulation of energy balance by the central nervous system. His research and clinical practice has focused on childhood obesity and diabetes. Dr. Lustig holds a Bachelor’s in Science from MIT, a Doctorate in Medicine from Cornell University. Medical College, and a Master’s of Studies in Law from U.C. Hastings College of the Law.

Dr. Lustig has fostered a global discussion of metabolic health and nutrition, exposing some of the leading myths that underlie the current pandemic of diet-related disease. He believes the food business, by pushing processed food loaded with sugar, has hacked our bodies and minds to pursue pleasure instead of happiness; fostering today’s epidemics of addiction and depression. Yet by focusing on real food, we can beat the odds against sugar, processed food, obesity, and disease.

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This is interesting… Lustig's view is that Dopamine controls “pleasure’ leading to addiction by over-excitement of neurons, leading to the death of neurons, leading to seeking more drugs to achieve the same level of pleasure — while Serotonin leads to happiness, with no damaging effect. His view also mentions that Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, Wall Street and Washington DC, are designed to encourage addiction (Dopamine based short-lived pleasure) and not happiness (long-lived state of mind). 

Beyond this, there an element of the mind which has been used by religious organisation, governments and the Mafia: Fear. And Dopamine is useful when we're not in danger anymore. Gus thinks that governments psychologists, very well atune to the system of brainwashing, will transfer the use of your dopamine to enjoy pleasure, away from solving your trauma of fear. Overall, governments dont want you to be happy. If youre happy YOU DONT NEED THE GOVERNMENTS, you dont need gambling, you dont need wants to buy something all the time...

Moving on from negative experiences requires identifying when it is no longer appropriate to be fearful. Understanding the neurobiology of fear is important for disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder. Dopamine neurons originating in the brainstem (the ventral tegmental area) release dopamine in limbic (i.e. emotional) regions of the brain and are involved in signalling when outcomes are better than expected. Therefore, these neurons may be involved in transitioning from ‘fear responding’ to ‘safety’. This week in Nature Communications Luo and colleagues investigate how midbrain dopamine neurons are involved in extinguishing fear responses.

Meanwhile, the least serotonin (happiness) you have, the “happier the governments”...

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Note: The nerve cell, made up of its axonal appendage and major dendrites, is variously referred to as the 'neuron' or 'neurone'. The reason for preferring one spelling over the other is usually assumed to reflect American (neuron) versus British (neurone) use of the English language
by Gus Leonisky on Mon, 2020-10-26 08:11

Pelosi is just terrified. She’s running scared that President Donald Trump is going to win again. She realizes, like the others who’ve been attempting to oust Trump from office that they have little recourse against the American people who will vote for him. She is using the 25th Amendment.

Pelosi told the world Friday that she plans to introduce legislation to create a “Commission on Presidential Capacity.” A commission on presidential capacity is another word for a set-up and a presidential soft coup that would occur right before our very eyes without any bloodshed. 

Remember the 25th Amendment provides for procedures for transferring power to the vice president in case of the president’s death, incapacitation, removal or resignation. So why does Pelosi need legislation attempting to add more lies so she can twist the words of our Constitution to remove a U.S. president?

Pelosi is a liar who is already planning Coup 3.0. First was the Russia Hoax, second was impeachment and now a plan to remove President Trump from office should he be elected after Nov. 3.


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Unfortunately, Biden is three paces ahead of Trump, on the downhill slope... More gaffes coming to you soon, sponsored by the DNC...

by Gus Leonisky on Mon, 2020-10-26 07:39

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Friday said, commenting on the debates, that the contenders in the US presidential race "compete for who dislikes Russia more". The Kremlin has repeatedly denied any attempts to meddle in US domestic affairs.

This is not the first time US politicians and the media have pushed the so-called "Russian Meddling" narrative, with the FBI and US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recently claiming that a group of hackers funded by Moscow had infiltrated government servers.

The American media also claimed that the scandal around Hunter Biden's leaked emails was also an operation by Russian intelligence, however, the FBI stated the case has no links to Moscow.

Over the last several years, the Kremlin has repeatedly denied allegations in the US media about meddling in American elections, stressing they had no evidence and were just part of the internal political struggle in the United States.

Upon awakening, I read that the gladiators had exchanged blows but that both were left standing for the big showdown on November 3.  I also noticed that each had used the words “dark winter” in reference to Covid-19. Biden said one was coming and Trump said he didn’t know.

Neither, of course, spoke of the Dark Winter Exercise, a senior level war game conducted on June 22-23, 2001, about a biological attack, a smallpox outbreak, the public health response, the lack of vaccines, the need for quarantine and isolation, the restriction of civil liberties, and the role of the Defense Department and the military in the response. Nor did they speak of anthrax attacks, but the Canadian researcher, Graeme MacQueen, will here fill you in on both, in case you don’t know.  Maybe the boys just forgot.

I am sure they didn’t talk about the elements of Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed,” but if you wish to understand how we are being gamed, Whitney Webb will tell you here.

Was there any mention of the Russians?  I haven’t heard.  They are always a kind of a solution.  As my friend Joe Green has said:

All dissenting opinions are Russian. I think Socrates said that. I’m paraphrasing.


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has apparently made another embarrassing gaffe. Speaking on the Pod Save America podcast, the former vice president was asked to address people who haven’t voted or do not plan to vote in the upcoming presidential election. Among other things, Biden said the following:

"We're in a situation where we have put together – and you guys did it for our admi ... the president, Obama's administration before this – we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organisation in the history of American politics".

These idiots take us for idiots... as they REALLY mean what they say...

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by Gus Leonisky on Mon, 2020-10-26 06:46

“A particularly annoying one is that atheism is smug or arrogant. What can be more arrogant than believing that the same God who didn’t stop the holocaust will help you pass your driving test?”


                                  Ricky Gervais




Gus Leonisky is a fierce atheist.

by Gus Leonisky on Mon, 2020-10-26 06:26

Donald Trump’s puzzling relationship with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has long perplexed policy watchers. Things have become much clearer after the release of The Room Where It Happened, the new book [Gus: a pack of lies] from former National Security Advisor John Bolton [a major warmonger], which reveals new details about Trump, Erdogan, and Iran that should worry the public even more.

The most perplexing detail, less well-known to the public but frequently mentioned in Bolton’s book, is Trump’s soft spot for Halkbank — Turkey’s second-largest state bank, which federal prosecutors in October charged with helping Iran evade sanctions. Trump’s acquiescence in Erdogan’s tireless efforts to shield the Turkish bank and its accomplices from legal action remains sharply at odds with the U.S. president’s “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran.

The Halkbank saga goes back to Obama-era sanctions against Iran and the Turkish lender’s role — with Erdogan’s approval — in helping Tehran illicitly transfer tens of billions of dollars, as part of one of the biggest sanctions-evasion schemes in history. U.S. authorities arrested Reza Zarrab, the Iranian-Turkish ringleader of the conspiracy in March 2016, along with Mehmet Hakan Atilla, Halkbank’s deputy general manager, in March 2017, for their respective roles in the scheme.

Zarrab then turned state’s witness in the high-profile Manhattan case that led to Atilla’s conviction in January 2018 for his participation in a “scheme to violate U.S. economic sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic of Iran.” Attila received 32 months in prison, a ruling a federal appeals panel upheld on July 20. Halkbank, charged for the same scheme in October 2019, pleaded not guilty in a court in the Southern District of New York on March 31 and has moved for the recusal of the judge overseeing the case.



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by Gus Leonisky on Mon, 2020-10-26 04:18


New US Command for NATO Naval Battle in Europe

by Manlio Dinucci

A new NATO command was born in Norfolk (Virginia, USA): the Norfolk Joint Force Command, called "Atlantic Command," is a clone of the Naples Joint Force Command with headquarters in Lago Patria (Naples). Its constitution was approved by the North Atlantic Council at the Defense Ministers level (for Italy the first Conte Government’s Minister Elisabetta Trenta ), in June 2018.

Just as the NATO command in Naples is under the orders of the Admiral who commands the US naval forces in Europe including the Sixth Fleet, the NATO command in Norfolk is under the orders of the Admiral who commands the US Second Fleet. The Second Fleet’s "area of responsibility" covers the Western half of the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic, while the other half is covered by the Sixth Fleet. The new "Allied" Norfolk command is, therefore, de facto part of the Pentagon’s chain of command as the command in Naples.

What was the motivation to create the Atlantic Command? To lead the "Fourth Battle of the Atlantic” after the two world wars and cold war battles against "Russian subs that threaten the maritime communication lines between the United States and Europe in the North Atlantic."

According to this strategy, enunciated in particular by Admiral Foggo who was head of the NATO command in Naples, Russian submarines would be ready to sink the ships connecting the two sides of the Atlantic, so as to isolate Europe before a Russian attack. A Hollywood movie scenario about the Second World War, in which German U-boats sink merchant ships bound for Europe from the United States.

Political fiction scenario: while the Battle of the Atlantic in World War II lasted 5 years, the "Fourth Battle of the Atlantic" would last 5 minutes. If Russian submarines, absurdly, sank United States and their European allies’ ships in the Atlantic, it would be the beginning of a total war with the use of nuclear missiles and bombs by both sides.

What then would be the role of the Atlantic Command? "The North Atlantic is vital for the security of Europe” - declared NATO secretary-general Stoltenberg – – “Our new Atlantic Command will ensure crucial routes for reinforcements and supplies from North America to Europe remain secure.”

In other words: Europe, exposed to what the US and NATO call "Russian aggression,” would need the United States to continuously send its military forces, armaments, and supplies in order to resist. The European allies’ naval forces must therefore support those of the United States and, under orders of the new Atlantic Command, hunt phantom "Russian subs who threaten the maritime communication lines between the United States and Europe in the North Atlantic."

It is a kind of naval battle game. Very expensive since it involves the addition of other appropriations to the overall military expenditure of NATO countries, which already largely exceeds 1 trillion dollars a year in public money subtracted from the real needs of citizens. Very dangerous because it serves as a staging to feed the idea of the enemy in public opinion, that is Russia that threatens Europe and is preparing to isolate it by cutting its maritime communication lines with the United States.

By fabricating this scenario, the growing deployment in Europe of US forces and weapons, including nuclear arms, flanked by those of the European NATO countries is justified, with the consequence that Russia also increases its own forces, including nuclear weaponery.

Since the first Conte government approved the constitution of the new NATO Atlantic Command two years ago, we would like to know what the second Conte government thinks about it. We would also like to know if anyone in the Italian Parliament was consulted before Italy approved the constitution of the new NATO command, decided by the Pentagon; or at least if there is someone in Parliament aware of the fact that, in addition to the command of Naples under the orders of a US admiral, the Italian navy now also depends on that of Norfolk, also under the orders of a US admiral.

Manlio Dinucci


Il Manifesto (Italy)



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by Gus Leonisky on Sun, 2020-10-25 19:35



by Gus Leonisky on Sun, 2020-10-25 14:46
It’s not the media’s job to cover for Joe Biden. Yet the New York Times and its ilk have fallen over themselves to call the damaging leaks “Russian disinformation,” while also awkwardly publishing the FBI’s denial of the claim.

As President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden geared up to debate on Thursday night, the cable TV commentariat wondered how Trump would bring up the “laptop from hell.” Recovered from a Delaware repair shop last year and handed to Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, the laptop – which allegedly belonged to Joe’s son, Hunter – contained a tranche of emails that implicated the Biden family in numerous foreign graft schemes, all while Joe was in the White House.

Before the debate kicked off, the New York Times quoted the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) as saying: “No concrete evidence has emerged that the laptop contains Russian disinformation,” and the FBI as seconding this claim.


For the Times, it was a dramatic turnaround. Just days earlier, before the FBI and DNI could weigh in, a headline in the nation’s paper of record read, “Is the Trump campaign colluding with Russia again?” 

Quoting only a Senate Democrat, the Times alleged that Giuliani had been cultivated as an “asset” by the Kremlin, and “any information proffered by Rudy Giuliani is likely compromised.” The Washington Post sang from the same hymn sheet, using the usual anonymous “former officials” to tie Giuliani to Russia. Even before the media settled on Russia as the culprit, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough called the scandal “made up” and a “hokey story,” while NBC’s Hallie Jackson described it as “dubious” and “questionably sourced.”


As the Times and Post rang the Russia alarm last week, neither the FBI nor DNI had commented on the laptop. DNI John Ratcliffe would do so on Monday, and the FBI followed suit a day later. In fact, as these articles hit the presses, the only people who had fingered Russia for the stunt were a collection of Biden’s aides and advisors, who gave no evidence to support their claims. The Biden campaign itself didn’t embrace the Russia excuse until several days later.

It’s one thing to cover a candidate sympathetically. It’s another to work as his preemptive press corps. Joe Biden is supposed to deny and deflect attention from damaging information. He’s a politician, after all – it’s his job. The press is supposed to do the exact opposite.

This isn’t the Pyongyang Post we’re talking about. This is the New York Times, the shelves of which groan under the weight of the Pulitzer Prizes it’s collected over the years. But the dogged pursuit of truth has evidently fallen by the wayside when there’s a “Russian asset” to evict from the White House. Besides, the Times is too busy these days discussing the racial connotations of wearing a mustache.

At least these outlets formed an opinion on the story, however hackish and partisan. National Public Radio on Thursday flat out refused to cover it at all, calling it “pure distraction” and a “non-story.” For this taxpayer-funded outlet, lurid allegations of Chinese grift and Ukrainian influence-peddling are clearly less important than write-ups about TikTok stars drinking juice.

With less than two weeks to go until election day, this is where we are: the mainstream media has either ignored the Hunter Biden story, or called it “Russian disinformation,” despite the fact there is literally zero evidence for this claim.

Outside the media, the only people who have written the story off as a Russian ruse are Biden, his spokespeople, and irredeemable Russiagaters such as Adam Schiff. However, after three years of non-stop Russia-related hysterics from the California congressman, any journalist treating Schiff as a trustworthy source needs to be relegated to covering Little League games.

The newspapers didn’t even take their marching orders from Team Joe. They beat him to it.

Over the past four years, the mainstream media hasn’t missed an opportunity to hammer Trump for his failings, both real and imagined. But if Biden wins next month’s election, how can the public ever expect fairness from journalists who clearly see themselves as mouthpieces for Uncle Joe?


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