Tuesday 25th of June 2019

Constitutional Matters

Is Republican Census Form An Illegal Republican Census Scam?

A "Republican census form" sent out as a fund-raising move is angering politicians, and is getting called a Republican census scam. The census letter sent out by the Republican party asks for personal political opinions also as money now for the party. The Republican census scam is not new, but this year it might violate a law signed on April 7.

Deception is the intent of Republican census form

Howard knew 9/11 would happen

Conspiracy theorists who know that US neoconservatives orchestrated or were fore-warned of the 9/11 attacks might like to ponder John Howard’s supporting role during these critical days. Just a year earlier, the neoconservative authors of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) had acknowledged that widespread public support for their militant imperialism would not be possible without “some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor". 9/11 provided that event in a very timely fashion, and John Howard was right there to help “catapult the propaganda”. After all that has happened since, this is a coincidence that merits further attention.


9/11 is Bush's Port Arthur



Help Required

An ordinary Australian takes on an extraordinary challenge.Hi Im Alex. I’ve been a good boy until now. For the first time in my life, I’m in court. You see I refused last year’s Census after reading information on the Australian Privacy Foundations website. The issues therein raised my concerns for privacy and how the Census information was handled after processing. I also had a few of my own.Currently I am being prosecuted by the ABS via the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions. My understanding is that only a small percentage of refusers are actually prosecuted. A large portion are not.I am representing myself and learning a lot along the way. I am not a man of legal standing nor am I a great speaker.

promoting democracy, level 3

i have started a 'citizen register' at


please visit and enroll if you think lighting this kind of candle is useful. i am certain that the first party to lose an election because 'their' demographic has done a lysistrata will have a re-think about instituting actual democracy in australia. the labor party in particular has had cir in their policies, until the apparatchiks supplanted the true believers.

the roll needs to be in the tens of thousands before the mainstream of politics begins to take notice. finding 10,000 concerned and active ozzies might be difficult, but at least doorknocking not required- fingers can do the walking. dont hesitate to help!

promoting democracy, level 2

how to achieve democracy in australia.

delegitimize the rule of politicians by leaving your ballot blank. publicize your demand for democracy by writing " cir-now!" on the ballot.

that was easy, wasn't it? if only one person does it, nothing happens, as well i know. but if the day ever comes when 10% of the electorate does this, cir will happen. since elections are commonly lost by much fewer votes, when a losing party realizes their margin of failure can be attributed to not espousing cir, there will be a seismic shift in australian politics.

this will of course require that you do not 'participate' in your 'democratic duty'. it takes a bit of education, a bit of reflection, to realize where real democratic duty lies, especially if you still get a thrill out of being invited to lick the electoral boots of your parliamentary 'star'.

actually promoting democracy

i sent an email to kevin rudd, saying "congratulations, but..i wasn't going to vote labor until the 1st rudd labor government undertook to establish an accessible and effective power of citizen-initiated referendum."

if you genuinely want democracy, i urge you to do the same, and tell your mates to do the same as well.

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