Saturday 11th of July 2020

Gus Leonisky

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Blog entryinterpreting inevitability... Gus Leonisky1537 min 36 sec ago
Blog entrypelosi, the old bonkers woman, becomes mrs lash in an anti-rusky orgy... Gus Leonisky42 hours 19 min ago
Blog entrya joke? unfortunately not... turdy gets a gong... Gus Leonisky53 hours 13 min ago
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Imagetony2 Gus Leonisky03 hours 16 min ago
Imagetony1 Gus Leonisky03 hours 17 min ago
Blog entrywhen species are left to rot in a basket case... Gus Leonisky74 hours 1 min ago
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Blog entryfour months to decide... Gus Leonisky24 hours 29 min ago
Blog entrysearching for piss-weak beer-coaster solutions to a major problem.... Gus Leonisky35 hours 11 min ago
Blog entryfor many people, the fact we have not fried yet means that global warming is bunkum... Gus Leonisky315 hours 23 min ago
Blog entrythe PM, scott morrison, is trying to turn us into sky-news watching happy-clappy bogans... Gus Leonisky215 hours 27 min ago
Imageabc cuts Gus Leonisky015 hours 45 min ago
Blog entrythe CIA at work with dirty tricks... Gus Leonisky1018 hours 14 min ago
Blog entrymachoman does not do laundry... Gus Leonisky218 hours 28 min ago
Imagemonday lisa Gus Leonisky018 hours 28 min ago
Blog entrydaddy issues... Gus Leonisky518 hours 39 min ago
Blog entrystop the stopper who stopped the stop adani coal mine... Gus Leonisky918 hours 50 min ago
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Blog entryis paris burning? Gus Leonisky1820 hours 17 min ago
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Imageelection choice... Gus Leonisky01 day 1 hour ago
Blog entrybernie cannot say this... Gus Leonisky61 day 15 hours ago
Blog entryiPhoned, the bourgeois gentilhomme’s neo-idealistic children destroy their inheritance, before bedtime… Gus Leonisky51 day 16 hours ago