Wednesday 11th of December 2019

Gus Leonisky

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Blog entrya lot of tears followed... Gus Leonisky1620 min 19 sec ago
Blog entryamerica is still pushing s**t uphill against russia with no evidence since mid 2016... Gus Leonisky957 min 50 sec ago
Imagefishing Gus Leonisky01 hour 2 min ago
Blog entrythe smoke is getting worse.... Gus Leonisky51 hour 59 min ago
Imagepyros Gus Leonisky02 hours 1 min ago
Blog entrytrying hard to belittle russia... Gus Leonisky137 hours 29 min ago
Imagewinning too much Gus Leonisky07 hours 35 min ago
Blog entrywhite house improvements: repainted in goose-shit (off-green greenback) colour... Gus Leonisky18 hours 8 min ago
Blog entryantarctica conundrum... Gus Leonisky318 hours 32 min ago
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Blog entrymaking it more colourful... Gus Leonisky210 hours 51 min ago
Imageempty seats Gus Leonisky011 hours 10 min ago
Blog entryhow big brother massages your brain into submission... Gus Leonisky119 hours 20 min ago
Blog entrywhy do I feel warren is deluded in her russophobia, as if the USA have been honest in dealing with Russia?... Gus Leonisky119 hours 21 min ago
Imagetrumpum Gus Leonisky022 hours 26 min ago
Blog entrybouquet diplomacy... Gus Leonisky91 day 1 hour ago
Blog entryour thoughts are with you... Gus Leonisky81 day 1 hour ago
Blog entryI never planted them... Gus Leonisky41 day 3 hours ago
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ImagepulpitPM... Gus Leonisky01 day 4 hours ago
Imagespew... Gus Leonisky01 day 4 hours ago
Blog entrythe long game, the west duplicity, the trap, the naive russians and Zbigniew Brzezinski... Gus Leonisky91 day 5 hours ago
Imageplane Gus Leonisky01 day 6 hours ago
Blog entrythe cost of violence in families... Gus Leonisky111 day 8 hours ago
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