Wednesday 21st of August 2019

Gus Leonisky

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Blog entrybuns, guns, god, greed and gormless america... Gus Leonisky149 min 39 sec ago
Blog entrythe @realDonaldTrump real-estate agent jokes about making a real offer with unreal cash... Gus Leonisky350 min 10 sec ago
Blog entrygood riddance to european smelly cheese and overvalued champagne! welcome mactrump... Gus Leonisky252 min 1 sec ago
Blog entrychina, russia, iran, iraq, vietnam, anywhere, venezuela, cuba, etc... Gus Leonisky61 hour 16 min ago
Imagemum with guns Gus Leonisky04 hours 23 min ago
Imageguns Gus Leonisky04 hours 24 min ago
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Blog entryof necessary civil disobedience... Gus Leonisky58 hours 51 min ago
Imagepeace, love... Gus Leonisky08 hours 52 min ago
Blog entryhis ears were burning as well... Gus Leonisky710 hours 22 min ago
Blog entrythe commerce of religion... Gus Leonisky1111 hours 2 min ago
Imagepoor poor Gus Leonisky011 hours 27 min ago
Imagelightweight Gus Leonisky011 hours 32 min ago
Blog entrywhen elected criminals use the law to run the government... Gus Leonisky311 hours 37 min ago
Imagezullo Gus Leonisky011 hours 48 min ago
Blog entrywhen the US was defending Venezuela's independence... Gus Leonisky712 hours 3 min ago
Blog entryhot air, coal, "nukular", fracking, dung and hubris as energy sources of the future if we have one... Gus Leonisky912 hours 9 min ago
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Blog entrythe FBI investigate epstein suicide... Gus Leonisky1713 hours 31 min ago
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Blog entrykerosene burning... Gus Leonisky211 day 1 hour ago