Tuesday 19th of November 2019

Gus Leonisky

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Blog entrya bank for the people, going going going... Gus Leonisky44 days 3 min ago
Blog entryenact brexit, with a kick up the arse: the city of london corporation and its banks have done much damage to the world.. Gus Leonisky74 days 12 min ago
Blog entrybeschädigungen sind untersagt... Gus Leonisky34 days 23 min ago
Blog entryreturn to russia... Gus Leonisky64 days 37 min ago
Blog entrychinese capers... Gus Leonisky54 days 8 hours ago
Imageloonatick Gus Leonisky04 days 15 hours ago
Blog entryleaking like a bucket flat-pack to assemble with a lying key... Gus Leonisky54 days 22 hours ago
Blog entrysold a french pup?... Gus Leonisky94 days 23 hours ago
Blog entrythe battle for the north pole... Gus Leonisky105 days 5 sec ago
Blog entrywhat is philosophy?... Gus Leonisky35 days 13 min ago
Blog entryanother year to remember... Gus Leonisky45 days 3 hours ago
Blog entryangus has been tilting at windmills, with tone quijote-abbott... Gus Leonisky116 days 7 hours ago
Imagejulian Gus Leonisky06 days 10 hours ago
Blog entryFREE ASSANGE... Gus Leonisky56 days 10 hours ago
Blog entryour thoughts are with you... Gus Leonisky56 days 10 hours ago
Blog entryyes, but has the schrödinger's cat with 20 qubits got furballs?... Gus Leonisky46 days 16 hours ago
Blog entryformer robocop now in charge of robolaws to decide your freedom to know nothing ... Gus Leonisky106 days 17 hours ago
Blog entrythe gnats ortherwise known as the nationals... Gus Leonisky81 week 37 min ago
Blog entrygus apologises for a cartoon about ABC journalists being pressured to apologise and stop doing their job, to satisfy turdy... Gus Leonisky181 week 5 hours ago
Blog entryand we let the fuckers who start these things do the speeches of remembrance... Gus Leonisky111 week 5 hours ago
Blog entryit's far fetched... but is this fellow the "penguin"? Gus Leonisky111 week 9 hours ago
Blog entrygus wasn't there so he cannot confirm nor deny... Gus Leonisky21 week 9 hours ago
Blog entryrussian V-Day, not VD... — as we approach 11/11/19 at 11:00... Gus Leonisky31 week 10 hours ago
Blog entryconan the baghdadi's slayer.... Gus Leonisky71 week 12 hours ago
Imagesaving the planet Gus Leonisky01 week 13 hours ago