Saturday 31st of July 2021

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an alien in town...

soldier fliessoldier flies



















There is a "new" fly in town… It has been introduced a while back in Australia… 


Hermetia illucens [black soldier fly] originates from the Americas, and was probably introduced into Australia by the importation of decaying plant material (Callan 1974). It is now well established throughout Australia, and has been recorded from all states except South Australia, although it almost certainly exists there too. Although the authenticity of the Tasmanian record is questionable, this represents the southern-most occurrence of this species globally (Callan 1974). 
























The expert advice changes, not infrequently, during this pandemic. And that applies even when that “advice” comes in the form of a one-liner.

As criticism mounted over the slowness of the vaccine rollout, Scott Morrison and his ministers have been increasingly dogged by the PM’s claim, especially early on, that the vaccination rollout was “not a race”.

Despite it being very obvious it was indeed a race to get the job done, once the line was in the script, ministers parroted it or struggled with it.

creative accounting...




















The NSW government’s upcoming budget deficit would be $2.7 billion worse than forecast – or almost 50 per cent bigger than expected – without a controversial rail entity propping it up, with a further $1.3 billion benefit the following year.

A confidential Treasury document from February also warns that any attempt to abolish the Transport Asset Holding Entity (TAHE) would create a massive $14.6 billion hole in the budget over the next 10 years.

“Dissolution puts pressure on funding and is high risk to deliver,” the document states.
















Kiwifruits are native to China but it was New Zealand that perfected the golden variety found on supermarket shelves today.

It costs New Zealand farmers a sizable amount of money to license the SunGold kiwifruit and sell it across the world.

the importance of inclusion...






















Australia’s defence chiefs have ducked questions on the importance of inclusion in the military after introducing a ban on “woke” events.

Defence held morning teas earlier in 2021, where staff wore rainbow clothing to mark the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia.

Employees were encouraged to show support for LGBTI people by standing against prejudice and discrimination and demonstrating inclusion.

biding for mexican cash cows...
























The Economist brands Mexico's AMLO 'false messiah' but president's supporters find article unoriginal, hypocritical & ridiculous...

art controversy...






















In choosing the Thom Roberts — a portriff of Adam (Shane Simpson AM), as one of the finalists, the Archibald Prize Committee fell for the old trick… A) the portraidfhp does not look anything like Shane Baby and B) the illusion is hackneyed. One does not have to go afar to find the illusion as shown for a while now on


the miracle of nothingness...

















In its response to Covid, the Morrison government has achieved an almost perfect result in maintaining the Coalition’s record since 2013 of doing nothing, achieving nothing, solving nothing. No big projects, no great initiatives or memorable policies. Failure to tackle key issues such as fire, climate change and Covid.

"a cook? we're gonna die!"





















Hollywood actor Steven Seagal has joined the political party Just Russia, his spokesman said. 

The party was established earlier this year with the merger of three leftist parties. The Just Russia alliance controls a faction in the Russian parliament and plans to take part in parliamentary elections in September.

Seagal, best known for action films such as "Above the Law" and "Hard to Kill" has been a Russian citizen since 2016. He still holds US citizenship.


the streaming wars...


















australia's shame...


smugly loosing our history...




















What should be preserved in national memory? What ought to be allowed to perish and disappear from consciousness?

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