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have you seen a US senator who isn't on the american military machine payroll?....

The United Nations reports that we now have the highest number of violent conflicts since World War II. Against that backdrop, we have little anti-war action world-wide.

Professor Joan Roelofs’ eye-opening book The Trillion Dollar Silencer makes clear the reasons why there is so little pushback from people in the United States, the leading nation of arms-making and war-making. She makes a clear case that people are afraid to speak out because the merchants of death have become ubiquitous—every element of our society is beholden to the arms makers. 

taking stock.....

US Senator Lindsey Graham flew to Ukraine to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky on Friday, after which he called on the Biden administration to ramp up support for the authorities in Kiev that are conducting an ongoing proxy war against Russia.

"Disgusting" and "sickening" were some of the responses on social media after footage was posted online showing Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and other senior officials in Kiev on May 26.

A video of the encounter was purportedly released by Andriy Yermak, the head of the Ukrainian president’s office. In it, one can hear Graham, who led the United States delegation's visit to Ukraine, saying:


"The Russians are dying... it's the best money we've ever spent."

the warmongers hate trump......

Against the backdrop of the United States’ recognition of the investigation against Donald Trump as politically motivated, structural and ideological controversies, and concerns that the American economy will enter a recession, the GEOFOR editorial board asked Paul Craig Roberts, Chairman of the Institute for Political Economy (USA), a PhD in Economics and US Undersecretary of Treasury in the Reagan administration, to share his views on America’s future.


Dr. Paul Craig Roberts AND Serge Duhanov


GEOFOR: Special Counsel John Durham “acquitted” Donald Trump on the so-called “Russiagate”, writing in his report that the FBI investigation was politically motivated. How will this news affect the Democrats’ fight against Trump?

recruiting volunteers...

A strange announcement is circulating.

After the publication, on March 3, on the Facebook page of the Ukrainian Embassy in Dakar (Senegal) of an appeal to foreign citizens (volunteers, mercenaries and others) to come and fight in Ukraine against Russia and the strong protest of the Senegalese authorities condemning this practice violating the Vienna convention and the laws of the country, here that the Ukro-Atlanticists repeat with another deception, racist and ethnicist, of enlistment of volunteers for a certain death in Ukraine!

For this post of technician the contract requires them to participate in the Ukrainian counter-offensive."


by Amar Djerrad


a picnic — Ancora Imparo ("I am still learning")......

Serapeum, 28 May 1916

We move on or about 1 June. Fourth Brigade is the first to move. Locke goes to-morrow. I command the First Flight comprising about 6000 troops. My flight will take about eight ships. Letters from 2nd Division, who have been in France since the middle of March and have just got into the front line, go to show that the conditions are not nearly so severe as to Anzac. They say the Western Front is a picnic to what Gallipoli was.

Sir John Monash (War letters (1934)


FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW....................

где-то в москве....

American fashion brand Guess has reacquired its stake from a Russian partner in what experts have described as an unusual deal for the fashion market in the sanctioned country, Kommersant reported on Thursday.  

The clothing manufacturer and retailer reportedly bought back its 30% share from local partner Vyacheslav Shikulov for €8 million ($8.5 million), and has consolidated 100% of its Russian business after the deal was approved by the US Treasury Department.   

At the end of 2015, the parties signed a ‘put option’ agreement which provided Shikulov with the right to sell his 30% stake in local business and obliged the American company to buy out his share by December 31, 2025.   

shaking hand with the viper woman on a good day: count your fingers......

China's top envoy in the United States had his first meeting with US officials on Thursday, two days after his arrival in Washington, in which both sides stressed ramping up dialogue to stabilize the relationship between the world's two largest economies.

Xie Feng, former Chinese vice-minister of foreign affairs, presented a copy of his Letter of Credence to Ambassador Rufus Gifford, chief of protocol for the US Department of State, and met with US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, according to the Chinese embassy.

"Today, I welcomed the appointed Ambassador from the People's Republic of China Xie Feng. Open dialogue is critical to managing our relationship with the PRC," Nuland said in a social media post on Thursday evening.

INSANITY! one does not need to be einstein.......

“Major world powers need to shift from confrontation to accommodation soon; otherwise, we’ll go off the precipice together.”

The renowned linguist and political dissident Noam Chomsky gave a grim prognosis on international politics at a webinar hosted by Massachusetts Peace Action on April 26.

Chomsky told the audience that he was dismayed to read in the pages of Foreign Affairs, the journal of the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations, that we “can have a small nuclear war with Russia…who cares.”

This kind of talk, said Chomsky, is “beyond insanity.” A nuclear war will result in mass suffering and destruction of much of the planet—as whoever strikes first will engender retaliation.

assange versus the media....



galipettes royales.....

On Tuesday, the French president lunched with four researchers who project the country toward an 'ecological civilization.' From their discussion, Macron took away the controversial term 'decivilization.' 



beware and dread....

Biden Drones Innocent Civilian—Media Pushes Pentagon Cover-Up (As Always) | SYSTEM


BLUE or red

We should dread

Both these grey colours

Of political parties that are inbred

With the Pentagon of destructive dolours

Nasty black flowers and dusty sour flours of bread 

Mouldy politics with war that takes life in shreds of glorious dead

Somewhere else somebody else sometimes else for we have angelic armours


Robert Urbanoski


Saturday 27 May 2023




olympus has fallen. a sobering assessment......

Olympus has fallen. That is a very good description of what happened on May 20th. A milestone event. Which milestone? Well, I pointed out in this article how the Russian strategy could potentially look. And I also defined the battle around Artemovsk as one of five milestones.

Okay again, not Olympus but Artemovsk has fallen. Which is a key event after General Valery Gerasimov nominally took over control of the SMO in January 2023.

It has plenty of major implications. And I’m going to go through them in this article along with several other topics.

flying high and low......

The G7 meeting moved considerably closer to disaster with the approval of a new proposal to give Zelensky US F-16 jets.

The F-16s are fourth-generation aircraft that the United States has been manufacturing for decades and selling to its allies. They are expensive and represent a leap forward in kyiv's ability to attack Russia.

It is strange that this option, repeatedly rejected by the United States, is today presented as an alternative that could change the course of the war. After the before and after role of the Javelin, Switch Blade, Himars and Leopard II tanks, it's finally the turn of the F-16, the last step before the F-35.


by Marcelo Ramírez


dead-shit-brains and stiff upper-lip.....

When the NATO-backed Nazi regime in Kiev is finally defeated, people like Ben Wallace will be answerable to war crimes prosecutions.

Britain’s top military minister Ben Wallace was in Kiev this week on a surprise visit– only days after the stunning news of Russian forces finally taking the city of Artyomovsk (Bakhmut).

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the same city being liberated by the Soviet Red Army from the Nazi Wehrmacht and their Ukrainian fascist collaborators.




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