Thursday 24th of June 2021

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In choosing the Thom Roberts — a portriff of Adam (Shane Simpson AM), as one of the finalists, the Archibald Prize Committee fell for the old trick… A) the portraidfhp does not look anything like Shane Baby and B) the illusion is hackneyed. One does not have to go afar to find the illusion as shown for a while now on


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In its response to Covid, the Morrison government has achieved an almost perfect result in maintaining the Coalition’s record since 2013 of doing nothing, achieving nothing, solving nothing. No big projects, no great initiatives or memorable policies. Failure to tackle key issues such as fire, climate change and Covid.

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Hollywood actor Steven Seagal has joined the political party Just Russia, his spokesman said. 

The party was established earlier this year with the merger of three leftist parties. The Just Russia alliance controls a faction in the Russian parliament and plans to take part in parliamentary elections in September.

Seagal, best known for action films such as "Above the Law" and "Hard to Kill" has been a Russian citizen since 2016. He still holds US citizenship.


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What should be preserved in national memory? What ought to be allowed to perish and disappear from consciousness?

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US President Joe Biden and the EU heads of state and government strongly condemned the arrest of journalist Raman Pratassevich in Belarus.

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A wide-ranging UK government campaign was brought to bear on Ecuador to press it to hand over WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, new information by Declassified UK reveals.

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The art of politics as we know is spinning reality in such a way that perceptions become more influential than what is actually happening.

So the weekend byelection in the rural/coal seat of Upper Hunter in New South Wales, which Labor has not held for 90 years, spells big trouble for Anthony Albanese and federal Labor.

Not surprisingly this distortion is pushed for all its worth by Mr Albanese’s principal political opponent, Liberal Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

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Reporters joke that the easiest job in Washington is CIA spokesman. You need only listen carefully to questions, say, “No comment,” and head to happy hour.


The joke, however, is on us. The reporters pretend to see only one side of the CIA, the passive hiding of information. They meanwhile profit from the other side of the equation, active information operations designed to influence events in America. It is 2021 and the CIA is running an op against the American people.


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