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are we being lied to about the origins of the pandemic?…...

Are we being lied to about the origins of the pandemic?

Even in the days when people used to read TIME to stay informed, it was always worth applying the home-base test. If the magazine got facts about where you lived wrong, what else in the magazine could you believe? In Pearls & Irritations (27 July) Nury Vittachi provided insights from a Twitter post people in Hong Kong the times responded to a question posted as to when they stopped trusting Western media’s ‘constant lies’.




starting a war because of an old bag?…….

The arrogance of power is especially ominous and despicable when a government leader risks huge numbers of lives in order to make a provocative move on the world’s geopolitical chessboard. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plan to visit Taiwan is in that category. Thanks to her, the chances of a military confrontation between China and the United States have spiked upward. 

Long combustible over Taiwan, the tensions between Beijing and Washington are now close to ablaze, due to Pelosi’s desire to be the first House speaker to visit Taiwan in 25 years. Despite the alarms her travel plans have set off, President Biden has responded timidly — even while much of the establishment wants to see the trip canceled.


US drones kill 90 per cent more innocent people than "intended targets"……...

As Hale exposed in the leaked documents, the more than one million entries in the TIDE database include about 21,000 U.S. citizens.

burning the past to roast the future…...

Global coal demand could reach 8 billion tons in 2022, matching a historic high set in 2013, and further growing in 2023, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said in a coal market update report published on Thursday.

“Based on current economic and market trends, global coal consumption is forecast to rise by 0.7% in 2022 to 8 billion tons, assuming the Chinese economy recovers as expected in the second half of the year... This global total would match the annual record set in 2013, and coal demand is likely to increase further next year to a new all-time high,” the report states.

According to the agency, demand is being driven up by rising natural gas prices, forcing many countries to increasingly switch from gas to coal and reopen previously closed coal-fired power plants.

this eruption of misogyny…….

I was born into another world, a year before the end of the Second World War. And in that world, my mother was something of a rarity. I only realized that when, at school, I discovered that most of my classmates’ mothers were, as the term then went, “housewives” (which in many ways was the definition — part of a house — of a middle-class “wife” then). They didn’t work, their husbands did. My father certainly did work, but he was also out of work from time to time in the 1950s, which meant money was short. I can still remember listening to the two of them at night, when I was supposedly asleep, fighting bitterly about how to pay the bills, including “Tommy’s bills.”


addicted to punish russia…...

Russia and the EU’s messy energy divorce places both sides in a race against time

For half a century, both sides have benefited from close cooperation, but that era is drawing to a close

By Fyodor Lukyanov, the editor-in-chief of Russia in Global Affairs, chairman of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, and research director of the Valdai International Discussion Club.

The debate over Russian gas is heating up across Europe. For instance, Nord Stream’s turbine maintenance procedures would have been a routine issue before, but now it has turned into a major political problem. And then there’s the situation regarding pumping gas through the parts of the Ukrainian pipeline system that are not currently controlled by Kiev. 

scotland the brave nationalists…...

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss does not intend to authorize a second referendum on Scottish independence if she is elected UK prime minister, she told The Telegraph.

"Scottish Nationalists accepted that their referendum was a once in a generation opportunity, and I will hold them to that," Truss said on Saturday, adding "I will work to strengthen our whole Union."


"As prime minister, I will do what is necessary and right to defend our Union, just as I have already done on the Northern Ireland Protocol," she continued.


when the west misunderstood the word "peace"…….

A common response from Western nations to the Ukraine war is one of “support for Ukraine” or “standing with Ukraine” as it suffers ongoing attack from Russia.

This support is generally manifest as simply pouring in more weapons so that the fighting can continue, regardless of its consequences.  But what does “support for Ukraine” really mean? Putting first the protection of those who are paying the heaviest price in the war, including the nation’s children, or putting first the hopes for an outright military “victory”, whatever that might look like. The problem is that the longer the fighting and destruction continues, the more pyrrhic any “victory” against Russia – if it occurs at all – becomes.

This article will address two of the many reasons the Ukraine war must be ended, and some ways to begin the task.

designed to take you on a lovely ride at ukraineworld…...

Okay. I am biased. I don’t take both side and don’t blame them equally.  It’s in my nature not to be a fence-sitter. Most journalists are fence sitters. It’s called objectivity. it’s part of the craft of accepting that the dog crossed in front of the bus and of not knowing if the bus driver reacted soon enough. It’s reporting a flipping grey area. It’s crap. THERE IS NEVER (rarely) TWO SIDES TO A STORY EXCEPT FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO HIDE THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH — even with good intentions. Especially good intentions.....


People can’t believe that if the US does something naughty the US did not mean to do it without good intentions. Sorry: too many negatives here and I lost the plot… 


unable to compete with the US empire craftsmanship in highway robbery…………...

One of the GODFATHER’s most dramatic episodes is the ‘Day of the Long Knives.’  Michael executes a plan to liquidate all of the Corleone family’s enemies. Everybody from Barzini and Tattaglia to Moe Green and Carlo is eliminated in orchestrated acts of ruthless violence. The Corleone family then bestrode the criminal world – in unchallenged command. 

jens the arsonist…...

The General Secretary of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, took it upon himself recently to lecture the members of the European Parliament about the need to “pay the price” necessary to keep Ukraine able to function and fight in its ongoing conflict with Russia. What he failed to admit was the major role he himself played in bringing about this conflict.

The Norwegian has an important role. In many ways, one can liken it to that of a fire commissioner whose job is to bring together various neighborhood fire departments into a large mutual aid pact, where a fire in one district automatically causes the resources of the neighboring districts to be dispatched in response. That’s Article 5 of NATO’s Charter in a nutshell.


the west loves him because he's full of love……..

Ukraine, on the eve of a decision by residents liberated from Kiev’s Nazi regime to hold a referendum on Zaporozhye Region becoming part of Russia, has turned to nuclear terrorism, trying to destroy nuclear power plants, intimidate civilians and force residents to leave the region. To this end, Kiev’s regime attacked the Zaporozhskaya NPP with UAV strikes on July 20.

hunger of the world fed with ukrainian and western porkies…...

‘Ukrainians offer no evidence’ says Lebanese customs official over allegedly looted Syrian ship cargo


The Ukrainian accusation has caused a 'huge ruckus' at the highest levels of Lebanon's government


A Syrian ship currently docked in the Lebanese port of Tripoli, and reported to be carrying Russian-origin flour, has been accused by Ukrainian officials of containing goods “plundered by Russia from Ukrainian stores.”

The shipping data website MarineTraffic shows that the Laodicea, a ship reportedly under US sanctions, docked in Tripoli on 27 July.


Canberra for Assange is organising a public rally, Converge on Canberra for Assange, at Parliament House to demonstrate public support for bringing Julian home and maintain the pressure on the Prime Minister to act on his statement that enough is enough by calling on President Joe Biden to drop the charges. The rally will take place on Thursday 28 July from 12-1.30pm in the first week of the new Parliament.





recycling scotty of not to be trusting of government……..

Former prime minister Scott Morrison has defended his government’s handling of Australia’s relationship with China, telling a summit in Japan he sought to “resist, not provoke the PRC”.

Mr Morrison skipped the first week of Parliament and his seat on the Opposition backbench to attend the Global Opinion Leaders Summit in Tokyo.

Speaking on Thursday night, the Member for Cook said his government took “a strong stand in response to the PRC’s assertiveness”. 

“We chose to resist, not provoke the PRC,” he said.

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