Tuesday 7th of February 2023

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from the ABC
Iraq wheat mission going without AWB
Australia's sole wheat exporter, AWB, has been dropped from the delegation heading to Iraq for crisis talks on wheat.
The ABC understands AWB chairman Brendan Stewart will not be accompanying Deputy Prime Minister Mark Vaile on the mission, which will be relabelled a government-to-government visit.


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Australian diplomat told the Government that Iraq wanted fees outside the
oil-for-food program.

AWB link in kickbacks cable: PM

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From the ABC

PM declines Cole invitation

The Prime Minister says there is nothing
more that Government Ministers can offer the Cole Inquiry.

today, Commissioner Terence Cole issued an invitation for anyone with
information about kickbacks or the Iraqi oil-for-food scandal to appear before
his inquiry. He made special mention of Members of Parliament and public

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From the ABC

PM denies knowledge of AWB kickbacks

Prime Minister John Howard says comments he made in 2003 about the Iraqi oil-for-food program were not based on any knowledge of AWB's involvement in the payment of kickbacks.


our guantanamo gulag shame .....

Whilst Australian citizen, David
Hicks, continues to endure his 4th year of illegal imprisonment
& torture in America’s Guantanamo Bay gulag, a new report by Joshua
Denbeaux, a law professor at Seton Hall, has found that, based on data supplied
by the Pentagon, that "55% of the detainees have not committed any hostile
acts against the United States or its coalition allies." Lawyers: Many
Guantanamo Detainees Not Accused

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