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merry christmas, mr...
E.U. Blames Others for ‘Great Failure’ on Climate


BRUSSELS — European Union leaders on Tuesday sought to deflect criticism that they had fumbled their strategy at the Copenhagen climate summit meeting, just as a feud between the British and the Chinese over whom to blame for the outcome worsened.

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from the ABC

India has confirmed it worked with China and other emerging nations to ensure there were no legally binding targets from the Copenhagen climate talks.

Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh has told Parliament that India got its way at Copenhagen.

He says India, China, South Africa and Brazil emerged as a powerful force.

Mr Ramesh hailed the lack of legally-binding emissions targets and said the group had protected its right to continued economic growth.

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From the BBC

Gordon Brown will accuse a small group of countries of holding the Copenhagen climate summit talks to ransom.

The 193-nation UN conference ended with delegates simply "taking note" of a US-led climate deal that recognised the need to limit temperature rises to 2C.

Mr Brown said on Monday the talks were "at best flawed and at worst chaotic" and called for a reformed UN process.

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From the Moscow Times...

President Dmitry Medvedev touted Russia as a world leader in cutting emissions at a UN climate change conference and then took the lead in ducking out of the meeting as U.S. President Barack Obama worked overtime to clinch an agreement.

global warming solution

global warming solution...

environmental sainthood

environmental sainthood...

Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is going after the environmental votes that have traditionally gone to the left side of politics.

Mr Abbott will stake out his environmental credentials in a speech he will give at the New South Wales Liberal Party's Millennium Forum in Sydney this morning.

He also outlines some decidedly un-Liberal links in his past - one of his grandfathers was a unionist, and his father says he attended a communist Sunday school and sang The Red Flag instead of hymns.

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From the BBC

It would have been "right to remove" Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein even without evidence that he had weapons of mass destruction, Tony Blair has said.

The former prime minister said it was the "notion of him as a threat to the region" which had tilted him in favour of the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Without WMD claims it would have been necessary to "use and deploy different arguments," he told the BBC.

Mr Blair is expected to face the Iraq war inquiry early next year.

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From Senator Minchin website:

"Ensuring energy security is one of the great challenges we face as a nation, but it also presents exciting new opportunities across the energy sector including in the field of renewable energy.

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From The Sydney Morning Herald supported Barry O' Farrell...

"It would put the public back in control. In the words of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, it would again ensure in NSW ''that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth".


Yes Barry... Good Barry... Sorry Barry... Bollocks Barry...

I read between the lines:

the abbott's family...

Abbott's Family

From the SMH

Like Uncle Fester, Abetz seems to carry an electrical charge and can doubtlessly light up a bulb in his mouth.

Then there is the notion that the old hands of the Howard era should be shown the door.


Even though he himself admitted they had been, at times, both "polarising" and "controversial", Abbott seemed delighted to announce the resurrection of three political poltergeists: Philip Ruddock, Kevin Andrews, and Bronwyn Bishop.

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