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budgie smugglers... penguin stranglers...

budgie smugglers...

Scientists say early predictions that Phillip Island would have a record number of penguin chicks this season, have proven tragically wrong.

Indications in October suggested more chicks would be born than ever before, significantly boosting the species' population.

But penguin biologist, Andre Chiaradia, says half of all hatchlings have died of starvation in recent weeks.

He says the local fish population moved offshore, forcing the adult birds to remain at sea for weeks at a time.

a jesuit and a bishop...

a jesuit and a bishop...

From the ABC

"But those who know me know that I would never attack Tony in front of Malcolm. I would reserve my vitriol for others."

She also said she was "saddened by these false allegations of disloyalty, given that I voted for Malcolm throughout the ballot process".

Mr Turnbull declined to comment when contacted last night.

Ms Bishop has now appeared beside three new Liberal leaders in just over a year, pledging loyalty to each in turn.

"People are calling her The Cockroach," one MP told ABC Online.

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a surge before packing up...

surge before packing

From the BBC

US President Barack Obama has ordered 30,000 more US troops to Afghanistan but warned America would begin to withdraw its military by 2011.

The new deployment over six months will bring America's troop strength in the country to more than 100,000, in the fight against Taliban militants.

Mr Obama also urged America's allies in Nato to send more troops.

Defending the war, he insisted there were no parallels with Vietnam and that world security was at stake.

follow the leader...

follow the leader

from the SMH

''God almighty,'' one of them wailed after the party had accidentally elevated the decidedly non-moderate Abbott as its new leader. ''What have we done?''

What they had done was go all squishy at the first hurdle, tripping up their champion, Big Joe Hockey, and eliminating him from the race.

victory to the idiot elite...

fair in love and war...

Tony Abbott has addressed parliament for the first time as opposition leader - and declared he will now have to stop flirting with Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Mr Abbott kicked off proceedings in the lower house today by stating "a little while ago I was elected leader of the federal parliamentary Liberal Party".


more climate change...

more warming

This image of Uluru was composed by Gus (using Gus's own pictures) and can be used by anyone. Read more...


bishops, abbots and cardinal sins

bishops, abbots and cardinal sins

At the heart of Joseph Heller's novel Catch-22 is a brilliant paradox: if you plead insanity to avoid suicidal bombing missions then you must be sane and can't be excused.

air conditioning

air conditioning

phantom of the Abbott...

tony turncoat

Tony Abbott will challenge Malcolm Turnbull for the Liberal leadership on Monday.

Mr Abbott is one of several frontbenchers who resigned yesterday over dissatisfaction with Mr Turnbull's handling of the emissions trading scheme legislation.

He says if Mr Turnbull refuses to change his mind on the bill on Friday, there will be a leadership spill on Monday.

ghosts of entombed carbon past...


The open rebellion within the Liberal Party continues this morning, with many starting to consider who will replace Malcolm Turnbull as Opposition Leader.

Even some of Mr Turnbull's supporters now say his position is so damaged that he will not be able to keep his job. One source close to him predicts he could resign as early as today.

The Opposition Leader was defiant last night despite mass resignations from his front bench yesterday evening.

Senators Nick Minchin and Eric Abetz and high-profile MP Tony Abbott were the most senior among the 12 Liberals to quit.

more stuff falling from the back of a ute...

malcolm's informer

from the SMH

GODWIN GRECH was attempting to collude on fees paid to an investment banker, while styling himself as an intimate adviser to the Liberal leader, Malcolm Turnbull.

A report into the so-called ''Utegate'' affair outlines extensive links between Mr Grech and Mr Turnbull, John Howard's former chief of staff Arthur Sinodinos, and also John O'Sullivan, the head of investment banking at Credit Suisse and the husband of The Australian's Janet Albrechtsen.

are we there yet?....


MALCOLM TURNBULL'S critics have vowed to keep pursuing him and warned that unless the Coalition's standing in the polls improves early next year, he should expect another leadership challenge.

After days of rancour and division caused by Mr Turnbull's support for an emissions trading scheme, the Opposition Leader survived a leadership challenge by seven votes yesterday, beating Kevin Andrews by 48 to 35.

Mr Turnbull, whose temperament throughout the debate further alienated his detractors and worried his supporters, pledged to improve his manner.

malcolm wins...


Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull has urged his colleagues to unite behind him after a turbulent 24 hours for the Liberals which climaxed in the party's rejection of a move to hold a leadership spill.

The motion to hold a leadership ballot was brought on by backbencher Wilson Tuckey, but was voted down in the party room by 48 to 35 votes.

Mr Turnbull's leadership has been in dire trouble since he declared the Opposition would vote for the Government's amended emissions trading scheme (ETS) after a marathon day of meetings yesterday.

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