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acid reflux at circus abbott...

circus Abbott...

from the ABC

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has apologised to his colleagues for not consulting them before announcing a Coalition plan for a paid parental leave scheme.

Facing Coalition MPs today in the wake of the announcement, Mr Abbott said sometimes it was necessary to make a "leader's call" over some issues, and "sometimes it is better to ask forgiveness than permission".

A joint partyroom meeting today saw almost 20 MPs speak about the plan, which would see Australia's biggest businesses taxed by an extra 1.7 per cent.

the beauty of non-coring...

tony non-core

from the ABC

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says he will introduce a six-month paid parental leave scheme if the Coalition wins the next election.

Mr Abbott says the Coalition would offer six months pay for parents at their current salary, up to a ceiling of $150,000, rather than the Government's scheme of 18 weeks paid at the minimum wage.

The plan would be funded by a new levy on larger businesses.

Mr Abbott says the scheme would give families a better deal than the Government is currently offering.

educating junior....

educating  junior...

At the coal-face of educating Gustaphian with porkies...

in Oklahoma

truths from the burlesque...


Note: for some strange reason, the Chris Floyd site crashes Firefox...

superhero rats


biodiversity versus big bucks...


Why pay attention to the biodiversity of the planet?...


2010 is the UN year of the biodiversity. But, apart from a few dedicated scientists and greenies who understand and try to value the problem of biodiversity's decline, the campaign for protection of ecosystems appears absent, uninspiring, dull and at times childish, especially to business men in suits driving economic road-graders for profits and for pocket money bonuses.

of quads and tricycles

abbott gets lot

There were grave fears for Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott after he went missing in a remote part of Central Australia yesterday.

As part of Mr Abbott's four-day tour of the Northern Territory, he has already spent time in Alice Springs and met with locals at some of the town camps.

Yesterday he was visiting Kings Creek Station, west of Alice Springs, when he set off on a quad bike tour.

He was with a group of traditional owners, the owner of the Kings Creek Station and the Northern Territory Opposition Leader.

black and white history...


From the SMH

Mr Pyne said a Coalition government would conduct a thorough review of the curriculum.

''If we find the review confirms our very serious doubts then we'll scrap the national curriculum and we'll start again because it would be better for students to have the curriculum that they have now under the states than for them to have an unbalanced curriculum that will do them more harm than good,'' he said.

cat o' nine tails


"I think the problem is that the prime minister is rattled by intimations of political mortality.

"I think he's shocked by the scale of his government's own ineptitude. I think that's what got him rattled."

Mr Abbott has made similar comments about Mr Rudd in relation to the government's failed climate change policy and by the limited outcome of the Copenhagen climate change talks.


a packet for a good bucket...

financial advice...

Mr. Buffett used his letter to crack jokes and issue more of his trademark aphorisms. The so-called Sage of Omaha, he is America’s most listened-to investor, and his annual letter is watched closely by investors for his assessment of his businesses and of the economy.

It has, however, taken on somewhat less importance in recent years as Mr. Buffett, 79, has raised his profile with more public speaking and interviews.

In characteristically blunt terms, he had harsh words for unnamed chief executives and directors who oversaw disasters at their companies during the crisis but “still live in a grand style.”

insulation capers



The Federal Government is hoping the change of minister from Peter Garrett to Greg Combet will get its home insulation scheme back on track.

The industry is in free fall and Mr Combet's first task is to complete the package of assistance the Government hopes to offer soon to insulation businesses.

He is also now running all the Government's energy efficiency schemes including solar, green loans and insulation.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says Mr Combet is highly competent.

no laughing matter...

no laughing matter

From the BBC

The police say they have identified 15 more suspects - using British, French, Irish and Australian documents - over the killing, taking the total to 26.

Mr Rudd said Canberra would retaliate against any country found to be involved in forging its passports.

He said that Australia would first try to establish the facts, but that this was not "a minor matter."

read more at the BBC


healthcare for some...


from the BBC

A day-long televised healthcare summit in Washington hosted by President Barack Obama has ended without a deal to break the deadlock between parties.

Mr Obama outlined his reform plan but Republicans said it was not acceptable and called for a fresh start.

The president and his allies want to expand health coverage to include millions of uninsured Americans.

Republican Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell said he was "discouraged by the outcome" of the summit.

better smarter terrorism...


From the BBC

Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni has applauded the controversial killing of a Hamas commander in a Dubai hotel by suspected Israeli agents.

"The fact that a terrorist was killed, and it doesn't matter if it was in Dubai or Gaza, is good news to those fighting terrorism," she said.

It is thought to be the first time a top Israeli has made such a comment.

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was found dead in his room on 20 January, having been electrocuted and suffocated.


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