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A short animation for Bennelong residents (only 132kb) (Clare Cherikoff)

I hope the residents pass this around their neighbourhood!

Clare Cherikoff

Further news about how and <b>when</b> we got into Iraq... (Russell Darroch)


Allies 'planned' Iraq war despite denials

The United States, Australia and Britain started to plan the invasion of Iraq months before the conflict, according to a report Wednesday quoting a leaked Pentagon document.

Senior British and US commanders met at a war-planning session in June 2002 and orders to prepare actual military operations were given on October 7, 2002, more than a month before a UN resolution giving a final warning to Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, the London Evening Standard reported.

Full battle plans were issued on October 31, 2002, eight days before UN Resolution 1441 called for the resumption of arms inspections in Iraq and warned Saddam of 'serious consequences' if he were still seeking weapons of mass destruction, the paper said.

The document quoted in the report is a Pentagon chronology used by US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in an August 2003 presentation o

Now I am Happy (Travis Franklin)

Hiya Margo, Congratulations on a great book. The principle ideas and opinions in this book are exactly what I've been thinking about for many years, especially since Sept11. Finally a real Australian perspective on these dangerous times. The whole reason I've been reading and arguing and pissing people off these past years is because of my pride in this country. When Australia went to war it was the first time in my life I was ashamed of my own country (then I found out about East Timor's oil). I will never forgive John for that. I can honestly say I knew from the very start that we would be going no matter what. Like many I felt good that day of the marches and completely bummed when it came to nothing. However it WAS something, the biggest anti-war march ever across the world. I'm not alone. I think Australia is building towards a revolution as is probably the world. I thought we had time but your book has made me realise how close we are and have been to some complete disasters fo

More info for Chapter 16 Australians for Honest Politicians (Linda Wootten)

I have been enjoying your book, especially Part Three. Chapter 16 has given rise to doubts. I am hoping your angle on the electoral fraud laws in Qld are due to ignorance not seeking to colour the discussion.

You didn't mention that the reason members of 'Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party' were disgruntled was because they found out that they had no democratic rights in that Party. They could not elect their own President. As Pauline told a meeting of supporters in Townsville, under the structure she and the two Davids had devised, she was 'President for Life'. The Management Three could not be deposed under the Rules of 'Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party'. Why wouldn't you be disgruntled? What member of any community group would not be disgruntled with that kind of Constitution? What member of the Australian Public would not be disgruntled with a political party, which was in effect a totalitarian regime or a dictatorship.

You also didn't mention that Karen Ehrman, ALP

Don't forget about the pro-gunners and the pro-liberty crowd (Jason Kechagias)

I had the liberty of flipping through the book and I was suprised that you didn't include any references to the despicable way that John Howard used the tragic aftermath of the Port Arhtur massacre and the Monash University shootings as well as the emotional shock of the community to these two events for his own personal political gain as well as to satisfy his personal hatred of firearms regardless of their make, model, type, and calibre and of law-abiding firearm owners regardless if they are farmers who need firearms for their profession or recreational target shooters in the cities and suburbs who want to collect, own and shoot different types of firearms regardless of they are semi-automatic rifles or pump-action shotguns or bolt-action rifles or handguns.

I myself am a 22 year old university student who is also a firearm owner and is a strong supporter of the pro-gun movement and the pro-liberty movement and with the current state of affairs of our major political parties to

Howard's Fan Club (CILLA TEY)

I came across this on the Women's Electoral Lobby's website. If I were blonde, Anglo-Saxon and live in Melbourne I would have joined them:

50s Houswives Fan Club

The Mothers of Intervention, a feminist lobby group for mothers is hoping to stage a media stunt featuring 'The Lyoness' Forum' with our venerable and rather nostalgic Prime Minister, out on the federal election campaign hustings.

We are dressing up as a 1950s housewives Howard fanclub, with rubber gloves, and chasing Mr Howard down the street. If we catch him we will shower him with kisses and tell him how much we love going back to the 1950s.

The Mothers of Intervention website is almost operational.

If anyone wishes to take part in this event in Melbourne, or organise one elsewhere, please contact Liz Conor on 03 9481 1180 or

A media contact can be obtained through Liz.


Costello cannot be trusted with the economy either! (Russell Darroch)

The latest report from Access economics and Costello's response to it further indicate the dangers of reelecting Howard and Costello. These guys are so busy getting themselves reelected they will do it even if it screws the country ... as though that was new news!

See: here

Costello 'not worried' by warnings
September 29, 2004

TREASURER Peter Costello today brushed off criticism from economic forecaster Access Economics, which warned the Coalition's big bucks election promises could see Australia spending beyond its means. [continues]

It should be remembered when reading this that generally Access Economics is pretty pro-Coalition in its analyses so this is more damning than it appears.


10 days to go - a blog gone off ()

Well folks, the first vote has been cast. It was cast by Veronica Motna, at Wallace Rockhole, an indigenous community 117 kilometres south-west of Alice Springs (SMH Sep 28). She voted for Labor. Portentious? Absolutely. There

Animation based on NHJ (Clare Cherikoff)

After reading NHJ and seething, I was moved to quickly throw together this animation to possibly help others recognise issues Margo covers in her excellent tome and some which Michael Moore raised as well. It's a reply, in effect, to MM about our own stupid white men.

clare's animation

I hope you like it and it's naive style. Please spread it around if you do.


NHJ concert video ()

G'day. Bennelong's NHJ concert on Saturday was a buzz. Here's the video. Get set for Melbourne's NHJ concert this Saturday from 6pm till late.

One Adam 12 - Two Eleven in Progress ()

Calling all Liberals, calling all Liberals! Our democracy and our phisposophy are under armed hold-up!

Let's face it, I am the weirdo on this site. The unrepentant Liberal. It is important though that 'freaks' like me are allowed a voice in the chorus of dissent. In reality, I am not a freak at all, I am a conventional and committed liberal. Half the population votes Liberal. Don't we know that well enough by now? My colleagues on this site would not agree with me on many things but we agree on the most important things.

We agree on the value of our democracy. We agree on the value of truth. We still think there is worth in the institutions of our constitution and our democracy. We care about how our country is seen in the world. We believe in the Australian egalitarian spirit in its best sense. In essence, we are Australian and proud of it. People like me are part of this movement because we believe in larger issues. We don't see political affiliation as a relig

More on Gorge (Grant Heaton)

Dear Margo, I bought your profoundly disturbing 'Not Happy, John' yesterday and have not slept well since - a combination of outrage and desire to do something!

Your book has reawakened in me a need to make our community a better place. I've just joined The Greens over the internet and will spread the word!

I am a teacher in Port Macquarie and last year was accompanying a school group to Canberra during the Bush visit. Before we left on the trip I received a phone call from a parent of my school who had received a call from the American Embassy as the parent's son (who was at my school) had written to George Bush to tell him that he came across 'as a good bloke' and that he (the boy) would be in Canberra when he was and could they meet.

The embassy wanted my mobile phone number in case Mr Bush could squeeze in a visit with his student fan. We spent the day waiting for the magic call but after reading your account of the stage-managed events I realise now I had more chance

Go for it! ()

G'day.Like the new site design? Thank Harry Heidelberg, who's worked hard for ages to get it done. Like the new activism? Thank my brother Hamish Alcorn for staying up late lots of nights to make it happen. We've got two new teammates, Polly Bush and Mike Handley, to keep the momentum going. I tell ya, if Howard wins - and even if he doesn't - we've got to transform this site into an Australian moveon to protect what's left of our democracy.
Two weeks to go, and it's looking good for Howard and co. But please, don't give up. Have a read of Mike Moore's missive to depressed Democrats at webdiary.

If you live in Sydney, John Valder's NHJ campaign will host a free concert in Bennelong at midday today. See you there! Next Saturday, a group of Melbourne musos will hold a 'Not Happy John' concert at the

Now Downer has completely lost it too - LUNACY RUNNING RIOT in Howard's camp (Russell K Darroch)

See for the latest dangerous thinking from the Howard camp:

Downer backs foreign pre-emptive strikes September 24, 2004 - 7:24PM

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said it would be acceptable for another country to launch a pre-emptive strike on terrorist networks in Australia if Australia did not take action itself.

The Opposition immediately labelled Mr Downer's comments as lunacy.

But Mr Downer said countries were entitled to defend themselves.

Asked on Darwin radio if he would expect another country to take pre-emptive action on Australian soil, Mr Downer said: 'Absolutely, by the way, absolutely.' ...[continues]

What planet do these guys live on?

Talk to people, write your emails, call your friends, help those who need rides to vote ... everything and anything to get this mob of nutters out of government. They are REALLY dangerous!

Word from the US ()

Hi All,

My sister lives in the US of A - currently in the midst of its own election fever. The Democratic camp is suffering from depression, with Kerry trailing desperately in the polls and the inconceivable idea of another four years of the corrupt and inept Bush administration leading the Empire fast becoming reality.

With two weeks left to go in the campaign over here, I can't help feeling the same kind of downheartedness the Democrats are going through. Having been in government for so long, the Howard government is so blatently rotting from the inside it is inconceivable that the country would voluntarily elect to put the rodent back on the throne... it should be an absolute cake walk, the ALP should be running amok here, and yet the polls have been tied for weeks and remain tied. What is going on??

I received this today from my sis - OK, its Michael Moore, and its all about America, but still, the sentiments stand...and are easily applied to our own situation over h

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