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May Day and Democracy

Happy May Day?

What does that have to do with building a better democracy? May 1 is about trade unions marching with their flags and banners. It is the day when communists and socialists get together and dream about their version of a better world. It's the day when Euro Anarchists come out to play. It was also the day of those bizarre grotesque soviet parades. How is commemorating this day relevant to Australia in 2005?

May day grew out of the Haymarket Riot in Chicago in 1886 and subsequent protests and marches. Six people were shot for protesting for an 8 hour working day and May Day became their day of commemoration as well as becoming a rallying day for 40 hour week campaigns all around the world (Interestingly enough only Queensland's Labour Day coincides with May)

My Restaurant rules! - thanks to cheap labour!

Last week the industrial relations debate found an unlikely forum in the reality TV show of "My Restaurant Rules" when the owners of the Sydney contender attempted to put their staff on AWA's (Australian Workplace Agreements) and cut their pay. Only after popular outcry did Channel 7 step in and reverse the decision.

The Journey to

25/06/04 Book Launch for Not Happy John at Gleebooks in Glebe Sydney. Margo talks about the website and how it will be a forum to comment on , add to and correct Margo’s analysis of where Australian Democracy is heading. She hopes the site will eventually morph into an Australian version of Margo signs my copy of NHJ :)

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