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An Apology To Shelley Kovco

I have recieved on my other blog, from Shelley Kovco, this reply to my last post , and reprint it here so that everyone can see the hurt that I have caused.


New US Military (Space) flight tests at Woomera

This September the US Air Force, with NASA providing back up, plans to begin testing their new HiFire jets at Woomera. Described as the "jewel in the crown" of scramjet technology, (HiFire is an acronym for Hypersonic International Flight Research Experimentation) their anticipated short-term application is much faster cruise missiles.

The Last Word On Kovco- The First Word On Kovco

"He died in a US Army combat surgical hospital where he was surrounded by his mates, who draped his body in an Australian flag and with a paratrooper's beret on his chest as they said The Lord's Prayer." These words of Jake Kovco's death appeared on the Melbourne Herald Sun's website on the weekend following his death.

Who wrote this crap? Surely to any reader that's been following the Kovco Inquiry the wag-the-dog-style imagery written here is WRONG.

Today, Woomera. Tomorrrow...?

How do you feel about the idea that the new work at Spaceport Woomera isn't really about the conquest of space, but actually the control of other nations? What if South Australia is set to become a base from which the US could deploy troops to anywhere in the world? It may sound a little like the plot for Capricorn One, but for one man such an idea is far from impossible to achieve. He's tried something similar before and failed. His name is Richard Cheney.

Woomera Reactor- Advertiser Letter Self-Reprint 28/2/07

Reading about the proposal for a South Australian-based nuclear reactor reminded me of another story.

Last May, a report stated that a professor had been hired by an unnamed consortium, which had intentions of building a reactor at Woomera.

Of all the places in a state to build a reactor, you would consider Woomera to be the most likely. Not only is it close to fuel supply but also a stone's throw from the launch pad.

Geraldton's US Military Mobile Phone Base- Who Ya Gonna Call ?

Why were Downer and Nelson so coy about the Geraldton base in Question Time yesterday? Defence minister Nelson said that he wouldn't go into details " for reasons you'd understand." I don't understand why he says that.

It's not exactly classified information.. the contractors have long been crowing about the Multiple User Objective System (MUOS) that Downer says the base will be a part of.

Here's the General Dynamics Vice President:

Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream

Last night I had the strangest dream
The nations grouped to say
The leaders of the War Of Lies
shall not speak here today.
Put them into cells until
the world can make amends
Let those who work out what to do
be bonded as good friends

Perhaps some common goals may come
and thinking minds converge
while the gluttons of war go hungry
as they sing their evil dirge
Peace may be within our reach
within our heart and mind
But while these bastards rule the war
what hope can have mankind?

KBR's "Twin Lakes" Revived Under Water Federalisation

As the likelihood of a Federalised Murray-Darling river system increases,A previously abandoned water saving plan has been revived.

Rejected by the SA Rann Government for "political reasons" a $5 million feasibility study for a Twin Lakes water system now looks likely to go ahead under Federal Government stewardship.

KBR, written up in today's Advertiser as a "natural resources management group" have been conferring with Federal Water Minister Turnbull about the project.

Lord Halliburton Claims Australia.

Having absorbed the links between Halliburton and the attempted sabotage and takeover of the Romanian petroleum industry, let's celebrate the announcement of the Lord Of Halliburton, Vice President Cheney's visit to Australia with a look back..

The last time the US Vice President came to Australia was as the Leader Of Halliburton. Fresh from a stint as "Secretary of Defense" in which he'd outsourced a lot of military work to the private sector, Cheney was extending his scheming into the rest of the world. In the parlance that considers resources as something not yet turned into cash, there were many opportunities in Australia for "monetisation".

Behind The Firepower Inner Circle.... Dick Cheney?

Crikey's Michael Pascoe has had a look at Firepower's substantiative documentation and found it, shall we say, lacking a little.

Instead of the stack of documents 30 centimetres thick indicated by CEO John Finnin, it was a much thinner file and most of it was irrelevant.

The promised tests by DEKRA and San Antonio’s Southwest Research Institute weren’t about fuel efficiency and emissions, just showing Firepower’s additives didn’t change the fuel’s ratings, i.e. fuel with the additive still met engine specifications.

Magical Pills, Mysterious Deals, Mobsters And Our Money

Craig Rowley and I wrote this piece for Webdiary last week- that was before the Halliburton connection was announced. Get this under your belt and I'll be back with the rest soon:

Gerard Ryle, an award winning investigative journo currently working for the SMH, has been breaking a most intriguing story about the rise of a man with a magic mystery pill, how he and his little fuel booster firm, Firepower, shoots for the stars and the way Austrade doles out our money to the pill man's secretive firm.

Maximising Your Firepower

A convoluted trail is emerging that involves allegations of Russian-based international money laundering, direct government dealings with the administrators of Saddam's Australian wheat bribes, and a government representative taking up a position in a cloudy corner of the corporate world.

The Australian Trade Commission has published claims made by Firepower, a Perth based company that its technology provides reductions of environmentally harmful emissions of thirty to sixty percent,, Firepower claim they've been checked by "several world leading independent testing institutes" but don"t say who they are. Austrade refer to testing carried out in Russia... though the sources of the testing are not mentioned on the company's website.

Is It Over Yet?

So, four years after the non-Islamic part of the world violated a nation's sovereign rights by beginning the process of invading, seizing its ruler and at the very least assisting in the creation of the outcome of his execution, is the War On Terror over?

Every Western civilation is five times as scared as it was before of bombs detonating in its city streets. Is the War On Terror over?

3,000 US soldiers are dead, and a couple of hundred thousand Iraqis, who-knows-how-many have been injured. London has been bombed. Al Qaeda has threatened Australia. You can't walk two blocks in Adelaide without your face being filmed twenty five times.

Crystal Ball-Gazing on New Year's Day

Remember the day the War On Iraq supposedly ended? We saw the statue of Saddam topple and then our screens went blank. Now, as the screen in Saddam's mind is about to be broken by a hail of US sponsored bullets, let's wonder what the New Year's Day news bulletins will show.

George Bush: "This New Year's Day heralds a new century of peace. The dictator who supported Al Qaeda's war on terror is no more, and those who would continue to perpetrate terrorist acts on America and American interests should heed the lesson we're giving here.

The lesson is that if you run a country and we don't like how you're doing it, we're going to take over your land and reorganise it so that we can make a lot of money from your resources. Then we're going to kill you.

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