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Council Took Halliburton Tender To Avoid Lawsuit

If an Australian local council has "emotional problems" using Halliburton, it must accept them anyway.  That's the message being sent to the world this week by the Shire Council of Byron Bay, on the Northern coast of New South Wales.

The town, once the haven of surfers and hippies, now the "holiday home" of international stars such as Paul Hogan and Hugh Jackman,  is now home to KBR employees as they upgrade the local sewerage plant.

Councillor Tom Tabart made the situation plain when he recently told the Northern Star newspaper that " "Refusal on a political basis would have surely resulted in legal action against us,"

Halliburton.... Giving Troops The ^^^^

US television and newspapers today are dumping the story into Middle America of how, at one particular army base, Halliburton have been dumping sewerage into a river and then using it to serve U.S. troops.

While on-the-ground KBR employees emailed thunderous complaints, from deep in the bowels of Halliburton Headquarters the stamdard response was trotted out- Halliburton stood firmly behind the statement that there was no problem.
While bottled water is used for drinking, the contaminated water, reportedly twice as dirty as the river Euphrates, is used for everything else, including making coffee.

Defence Minister Resigns

The Federal Defence Miinister, Senator for S.A Mr Robert Hill, is tipped to resign from Federal Politics today.

Mr Hill, the architect of the conversion of S.A. into the Defence State of Australia, has been offered the position of Australian Ambassador to the United Nations.

Senator Hill was Australia's longest serving Minister for the Environment where he was responsible for major programs in areas such as climate change and biodiversity. Senator Hill's major achievements in this portfolio were the passage of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, the biggest overhaul of environmental laws in Australia's history and the establishment of the $2.5 billion Natural Heritage Trust, the largest environmental rescue package ever undertaken by an Australian Government.

Ausaid "Unaware" Of Need To Report Bribery Allegations

Australia's provider of international aid funding, AusAid, has no protocol regarding the reporting of allegations of foreign bribery!

AusAid is a major provider of Halliburton's international aid contracts from the Australian Government.  In Australia the corporation has been masquerading as a "South Australian Based Company"

The OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) has just announced that small bribes to foreign officials to encourage more beaureaucratic haste, known as "facilitation payments" are illegal under most Australian State laws

Defence Minister to Resign, Finance and Defence to Amalgamate

In today's Advertiser, Phillip Coorey tips Finance Minister Nick Minchin will take up the Defence portfolio, although Mr Minchin wishes to retain Finance.

Mr HIll has been offerred the position of Australian Ambassador to the United Nations.  If he takes the position the current Senator For South Australia will  become housemate to former SA Premier John Olsen, who presided over Halliburton's takeover of the South Australian Water Supply.

 The two portfolios seem so inter-related these days that it would save much beaureaucratic shuffling if the two ministres were merged.

UN Memo Shows Australian Govt Knew Of Saddam Bribes: Opposition

The Australian Government has been aware of bribe payments for Iraq wheat sales for five years, it has been claimed today.

The United Nations sent official warning to the Prime Minster and the Ministers for Foreign Affairs and Trade in 2000, according to Opposition Foreign Affairs Spokesman Kevin Rudd.

Mr Rudd asked today:

What did [Trade Minister] Mark Vaile do in response to that cable?"

"What did [Foreign Affairs] Alexander Downer do in response to that cable given that it went to his office as well?

"What did John Howard do in response to that cable - it went to his office as well.?"

Stranger In A Strange (Halliburton) Land

Having had local councils on my mind since learning how the Byron Bay
Council gave Halliburton a contract because they were afraid of a
lawsuit, I"ve had a coincidental week.

I was just smiling over my front gate to a council inspector while explaining my unregistered dog. As I don't drive, I have no licence. In order to prove who I was
I had to find three pieces of identification. This was in order to receive a fine.

You can appreciate my level of annoyance, having flown to Queensland using an album cover and a 1971 (age six) passport,  played at Edinburgh Air Force Base using a
multi-coloured Land Rover and a pub social club card and getting to Port
Lincoln using letters sent to me from the State Attorney General, the
former Arts Minister and a Liberal MLC.   These actions, admittedly, indicate a possible phobia.

Halliburton- Australian tax breaks for bribes ?

 In Australia, foreign bribes are tax-deductable

The  Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has found Australia should increase fines for companies that bribe foreign officials

It's also concerned that lining the pockets of foreign officials to "grease the wheels of progress" will get you a discount at the Australian Taxation Office.  The ATO calls the bribes "facilitation payments"

The Australian-based company that the world knows best for bribery is Halliburton.  A subsidiary company, wholly owned by its U.S. parent, Halliburton organises construction projects worldwide from its offices in Adelaide, South Australia.  With many projects in many countries, many wheels could need greasing.

Say Goodbye, Alexander, or Alex's Wheat Dream

 Mr Downer, the beginning of the inquiry into possible corrupt practices by the Australian Wheat Board  in Iraq will be notable in hindsight as the beginning of your demise as Australian Foreign Minister.. 

How easily the mighty can fall.  One minute you're touted to head the International Atomic Energy Agency, the next you're about to become embroiled in an international bribery scandal !

Australian Defence Pays a Million For Design Plagiarism

 ABC Radio's AM has revealed that the Department Of Defence has made a secret compensation payout over copied equipment designs.

"It seems as though it's in the order of one million dollars that's been spent either in compensation or legal fees, perhaps a bit more than that, and that is money that could have gone to properly equipping our troops, Quite frankly it's a scandal."   Opposition Defence spokesman Robert McClelland told the ABC

Mr McClelland has called on Defence Minister Hill to investigate "systematic flaws, if not corrupt practices" within the defence force's procurment arm, the Defence Materiels Organisation.

How Bush Is Marching Korea Into War

" North Korea's recent brinkmanship is nothing but a desperate reaction to the Bush administration's sudden policy shift, which has made the impoverished nation economically crippled and internationally isolated. With the prospect of an imminent war in Iraq, North Korea regards itself as the next target of US unilateralism and its agenda of "regime change".  Parmendra Jain, Professor of Asian Studies, Adelaide University, March 2003

Target Adelaide

It's official!  In any future war, Adelaide is a prime missile target!

When you make a conjecture you're a conspiracy theorist... until the information comes out!

Four months ago I wrote a piece for Webdiary called Halliburtton's Adelaide, referring to the JORN missile systems possible uses.  Today I read in The Age of how integral JORN is to the Missile Shield.  


Australian Defence Procurers in New Contract Row

Last night the ABC's 7.30 report revealed how an officer gave a contract to a company then changed jobs to join the firm.  Today the ABC has revealed flagrant favouritism in contract awarding.

[extract from ABC Online]

The Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) is under fresh fire this
morning with revelations of more questionable behaviour by some of its

ABC Radio's AM
program has reported that in clear breach of Defence Department rules,
two Defence procurement officers gave money to help prop up a Defence
contractor who was struggling financially.

Adelaide Defence Contractors In US "Small Business" Scam Probe


Several Adelaide-based US Defence Corporations are disguising themselves  as small businesses to "loophole" US Legislation, according to a US Survey. 

In the chase for Australian Defence contracts, some of the same companies have subsidiariaries mirroring the questionable US practices.

Defense Industry Daily reported yesterday that that the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has ordered the U.S. Small Business Administration (USSBA) to release to the American Small Business League (ASBL) a draft report on the awarding of government contracts.

Democracy and Gas - Lock, Stock and Hallibarrel

I'm beginning to understand the race to tie up Australia and the Oceania regions Liquefied Natural Gas sources. From the looks of this article on Energy Review Net, Unless you own the initial resource you'll have nothing to work with.  You also have a considerable quantity of political clout, as Russia is currently demonstrating to Europe.

The question this piece leaves me with is: how much of a percentage of control is retained by the suppliers of the technologies used to access the LNG reserves?  The answer to this question will be of importance in our near future, and I believe the answer will have Halliburton written all over it.  Can anyone advise me where to begin looking?

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