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Halliburton- Australian tax breaks for bribes ?

 In Australia, foreign bribes are tax-deductable

The  Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has found Australia should increase fines for companies that bribe foreign officials

It's also concerned that lining the pockets of foreign officials to "grease the wheels of progress" will get you a discount at the Australian Taxation Office.  The ATO calls the bribes "facilitation payments"

The Australian-based company that the world knows best for bribery is Halliburton.  A subsidiary company, wholly owned by its U.S. parent, Halliburton organises construction projects worldwide from its offices in Adelaide, South Australia.  With many projects in many countries, many wheels could need greasing.

Say Goodbye, Alexander, or Alex's Wheat Dream

 Mr Downer, the beginning of the inquiry into possible corrupt practices by the Australian Wheat Board  in Iraq will be notable in hindsight as the beginning of your demise as Australian Foreign Minister.. 

How easily the mighty can fall.  One minute you're touted to head the International Atomic Energy Agency, the next you're about to become embroiled in an international bribery scandal !

Australian Defence Pays a Million For Design Plagiarism

 ABC Radio's AM has revealed that the Department Of Defence has made a secret compensation payout over copied equipment designs.

"It seems as though it's in the order of one million dollars that's been spent either in compensation or legal fees, perhaps a bit more than that, and that is money that could have gone to properly equipping our troops, Quite frankly it's a scandal."   Opposition Defence spokesman Robert McClelland told the ABC

Mr McClelland has called on Defence Minister Hill to investigate "systematic flaws, if not corrupt practices" within the defence force's procurment arm, the Defence Materiels Organisation.

How Bush Is Marching Korea Into War

" North Korea's recent brinkmanship is nothing but a desperate reaction to the Bush administration's sudden policy shift, which has made the impoverished nation economically crippled and internationally isolated. With the prospect of an imminent war in Iraq, North Korea regards itself as the next target of US unilateralism and its agenda of "regime change".  Parmendra Jain, Professor of Asian Studies, Adelaide University, March 2003

Target Adelaide

It's official!  In any future war, Adelaide is a prime missile target!

When you make a conjecture you're a conspiracy theorist... until the information comes out!

Four months ago I wrote a piece for Webdiary called Halliburtton's Adelaide, referring to the JORN missile systems possible uses.  Today I read in The Age of how integral JORN is to the Missile Shield.  


Australian Defence Procurers in New Contract Row

Last night the ABC's 7.30 report revealed how an officer gave a contract to a company then changed jobs to join the firm.  Today the ABC has revealed flagrant favouritism in contract awarding.

[extract from ABC Online]

The Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) is under fresh fire this
morning with revelations of more questionable behaviour by some of its

ABC Radio's AM
program has reported that in clear breach of Defence Department rules,
two Defence procurement officers gave money to help prop up a Defence
contractor who was struggling financially.

Adelaide Defence Contractors In US "Small Business" Scam Probe


Several Adelaide-based US Defence Corporations are disguising themselves  as small businesses to "loophole" US Legislation, according to a US Survey. 

In the chase for Australian Defence contracts, some of the same companies have subsidiariaries mirroring the questionable US practices.

Defense Industry Daily reported yesterday that that the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has ordered the U.S. Small Business Administration (USSBA) to release to the American Small Business League (ASBL) a draft report on the awarding of government contracts.

Democracy and Gas - Lock, Stock and Hallibarrel

I'm beginning to understand the race to tie up Australia and the Oceania regions Liquefied Natural Gas sources. From the looks of this article on Energy Review Net, Unless you own the initial resource you'll have nothing to work with.  You also have a considerable quantity of political clout, as Russia is currently demonstrating to Europe.

The question this piece leaves me with is: how much of a percentage of control is retained by the suppliers of the technologies used to access the LNG reserves?  The answer to this question will be of importance in our near future, and I believe the answer will have Halliburton written all over it.  Can anyone advise me where to begin looking?

Cricket On The Radio- A Holiday Interlude

When I wake up each Summer's morn there's this music in my head
It means that I must go outside and get a life instead
of hearing word of something new, what 's happenning in town
Now I have to listen to some cricket loving clown..

And there's cricket on the radio.

Listening to paint dry is twice as entertaining
and I nearly have an orgasm when I find out it's been raining
But sun shines on these drongos with their silly bat and ball
and the people on the ABC can't make it fun at all

and there's cricket on the radio

In case I haven't made it clear how much I find it boring
I'd rather listen to a tape of Auntie Beryl snoring
It must be me.. five million armchair experts can't be wrong
Another piece of soul will die each time I hear that song

Australia/US Joint Munitions Factory

 Extract from today's Australian::

A HIGH-security explosives factory and munitions-loading wharf is being considered by the Defence Department as it finalises plans for a joint military training facility for Australian and US troops.

In a move likely to fuel speculation the US will eventually use Australia as a military staging post, the Australian Defence Force is eyeing sites in Queensland and the Northern Territory to complement existing facilities at Twofold Bay in NSW.

The "joint combined training centre" was put on the agenda last year and became a key item of discussion at AusMin, the annual bilateral meeting between US and Australian cabinet ministers and officials, held recently in Adelaide, where a memorandum of understanding was signed.

"Armygeddon" Australian Defence Recruitment Campaign

I worry for the minds who created this concept, and hope it's not a Freudian slip.  To get the kids in, or at least the ones who aren't too fat or stoned, The ADF has prouldy launched ARMYGEDDON, a "street machine" that that does for Land Rover what Herbie the Love Bug did for Volksies.

"It's unique capabilities will attract the attention of those who really know about Street Machines," the blurb proclaims.  Aha... Senator Hill's found a job for "joyriders". !


"I believe this project will raise the profile of some of the technical trades available as
well as promoting the Army as a varied and interesting career to a key target
market - young people,"

said the Chief of Army, Major General Leahy.

Son Of Star Wars II: Neocons Down Under


not Star Wars. It’s basically the capability to defeat ballistic
missiles whilst they are in the air after launch, during cruise or as
they reenter the atmosphere and that defensive capability has developed
enormously in the last few years. A year or so ago it was thought to be
decades away. Now the United States will in fact deploy the first part
of its defence shield next year. So it’s a rapidly advancing

"The need in a very unpredictable world is to be
able to defend ourselves, whether it’s troops on the ground or whether
it’s strategic assets and what we have is the opportunity to get into
this massive project at an early stage, to be able to invest in it, to
learn what capabilities might be suitable for us in the future and
basically to have that option, the option to be able to develop that
form of defence in the future."

"We think that in the science
and technology area we will make a contribution from the start. The
Americans have been out here looking at our capabilities. They have
been most impressed with JORN, for example, and new forms of radar and
sensors that are being developed here north of Adelaide. And they will
have the opportunity to promote and invest in their science through
this project. This is a massive project, a huge public expenditure by
the United States and it gives us the opportunity to get into the
project and to play our part and to get a benefit in terms of a more
secure Australia."

"We will choose the projects within the
massive program that we want to invest in and obviously we will do that
to the background of our successes to date, in terms of radars and
sensors and the like. And we will get benefit back from that investment
in terms of better capability for Australia."

"We have said the
Air Warfare System will basically be a US design but the US designers
are interested in Australian companies contributing complementary parts
of the system. That again will be an opportunity that our companies
have never had before at that level of sophistication."

Robert Hill December 5 2003

Now let's take the Tardis to December 6 2005

[extract from the Adelaide Advertiser]

Adelaide Missile Centre.. Pentagon Announcement

In spite of Defence Minister Hill leaking the fact that a test had occurred.  A Boeng lied, Raytheon assisted Australian missile interception test has been announced as a success by the Pentagon.

 The test involved, from what Mr Hill said previously the JORN over-horizon radar network control centre in Adelaide. 

 This announcement from the Pentagon tells all..

 [Extract from today's Advertoser]


The latest test in the Pacific was designed chiefly to evaluate the
performance of the interceptor missile's rocket motor system and
Raytheon Co-built "exoatmospheric kill vehicle", the bit designed to
smash into the target warhead and pulverise it in space, MDA said.

Battle-Station Adelaide... New Battallion Coming

State Treasurer Kevin Foley is about to announce 1,200 more troops to Adelaide.

 Paratroopers from the Holsworthy base in Sydney will be shifted here to create Australia's Second Mechanised Battalion.  The First Mechanised Battalion is in Darwin, at the other end of the Halliburton railway.

The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place.. I"ll write more later in the day when the dust has settled


 I'll be writing more later in the day, when the paperwork comes out.

Deported Halliburton Activist Questions Australian Intelligence

(Proudly reprinted from Halliburton Watch and Houston Indymedia )

Houston-based activist Scott Parkin,  deported from Australia after protesting the activities of global energy and war-industry giant Halliburton, has mounted a legal challenge against his treatment by ASIO, the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation.

On September 10 this year security and immigration officials detained Parkin at a Melbourne coffee shop.  Parkin was scheduled to co-present a workshop on non-violent protest techniques that afternoon.

Parkin had previously assisted co-ordinating a street-theatre protest at Hallibuton/KBR's Sydney offices, coinciding with an international business conference at the Sydney Opera House.

Parkin had declined a request to appear at an ASIO interview.

According to The Australian, security officers were concerned that Parkin would teach Australian Halliburton protesters how to roll marbles under the hooves of police horses.. presumably the marbles that ASIO lost years ago.

Parkin is seeking to overturn the adverse security finding that caused his deportation.

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