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Australian Greens and Democrats Call Parkin Senate inquiry, Scott Parkin;s Media Release

How to disassociate Parkin from Halliburton?  Don't mention the comany's name any more.

As this story continues to play throught the media, where once you'd see at least one mention, if not several, of the company Parkin had been protesting in Australia against. instead we see, at the end of two weeks of print and airplay, the man but not the cause.

It will be interesting, in the new Howard Government, to see if Bob Brown's motion for a Senate inquiry over the Parkin incident results in any action.

"I've just read that Halliburton Gives Kickbacks To The Australian Government So They Can Trade There"-Scott Parkin

Sorry about the title length, but this needs to be google-screamed!

You can hear the iParkin's Houston Community Radio interview here (MP3 download)  I'll transcribe tomorrow.  Sorry, but I need to sleep.

Labor counterterrorism spokesman Arch Bevis said in a media release today "The detention of any citizen for an extended period of time must be based only on sound intelligence of a credible threat and be authorised by a judge, not a bureaucrat or politician."

Why weren't The Federal Opposition making more noise about Parkin's detention?

Australia to Double Foreign Aid Spending, KBR Hiring Foreign Aid Administrator

The Australian Prime Minister Mr Howard will unveil plans to increase aid to $4 billion a year by 2012 from the current level of $2.7 billion.

The increase will take Australia close to the 0.7 per cent of GDP set at the Millennium Summit five years ago.

Source: Melbourne Herald Sun 

The main Australian aid provider would possibly  be the company in the
process of settling a new foreign aid administrator into its Adelaide

Aid  contracts have been given to Halliburton KBR in Adelaide over the last three years under the pretext that they were being given to a local company.   But the way, the minister's contact in that  media  release is now a senior journalist for the Adelaide Advertiser.  He is also a former conservative member of Parliament, and led the newspaper's campaign to invoke support for the Adelaide Warship Contract

U.S. Halliburton Activist Arrested In Australia, Al Quaeda says Australia's next.

Scary times, in which a man is arrested in for the crime of protesting against Halliburton.  I wasn't aware that legislation had been already been proclaimed.

Six Federal police and immigration officials were needed to arrest Houston history teacher Scott Parkin at a Melbourne cafe. Parkin was on his way to present a workshop about the U.S. peace movement and companies involved in the Iraq war. Australian Greens leader Senator Bob Brown has claimed that orders for Parkins' arrest and presumably imminent deportation orignated from the U.S. Government. The Howard Government will do anything the U.S. Government asks... because he's a thorn in the side of of Dick Cheney, Halliburton, and profit making deals that apply in Iraq"

John Howard's Democracy (Lies A-mouldering)

The concepts that were considered in relation to regime survival in Latin America in political science professor Andrea Scheller's 2001 paper on democratic consolidation,  can be applied to John Howard's methodology in creating his personal legacy.

The thrust of the argument was that for a democracy to be deemed sufficiently culturally entrenched to survive indefinitely it would need to demonstrate the ability to endure signifigant levels of attack.

 This line of reasoning is not far removed in ideaology from the aggressive proliferation of US democracy that the globe is currently experiencing.

Trust Into Treason: A Counterterrorism Nightmare

In the newspapers of Sunday, September 11 2005, I read... 

Adelaide crowds gathered at the gates for the sellout finals knock-out between its two AFL teams were met with army counterrorism operatives body-searching every supporter for explosives and detonation devices.

As scanning equipment examined the contents of every esky, and football beanies were removed from patrons heads for examination, a spokesman said "To ensure that they stay alive, the general public needs to accept new standards of patriotism.  Objection to a body-search will result in the implementation of a full strip search.  Mention of the word "terrorist" will necessitate a lengthy interview with an ASIO agent. Any overdressed fan gaining access to the playing field will be treated according to the doctrines of the London police.  In order to prevent loss of life, we are prepared to shoot first and ask questions later."

Halliburton's Adelaide


 Reprinted from Margo Kingston's Webdiary, this  piece serves well as an overview of the last few months of blogging

While Australians have sat in their trees like manna-gum-'stoned' koalas, the economic landscape has changed around them dramatically.  The new King and Queen of the Southern Defence Colony, affectionately known as Condy and Rummy, will be crowned by Alexander Downer in Adelaide this November, with most of us none the wiser.

Adelaide: Sitting Target? Today's Press And My Concerns

Because it's not online, I'm going to reprint part of  a story.  It downplays  the possibility of an Adelaide terrorist attack, doubling my concerns.  My daughter is going to the most major local football game of the year on Saturday night, and I'm concerned for her safety.

Those of you who have been following these blogs will know of my belief that Adelaide is the most likely "target" in Australia

In today's paper is a simulated view through a balaclava of the Adelaide Town Hall Clock, and the C.B.D with Parliament House and the Railway Station in the Background.

Australia's Future Civil Liberty.....How We Wll Live

The  line on  the paper shouted from the shelf... "The most important civil liberty I have, and you have, is to stay alive and to be free from violence and death," said Australia's Prime Minister.
   It would be wise to look at these words from all angles..  Fair enough to suggest that society may need to make cultural compromises,   But to infer that we need to accept what happens without question in the faith that we are thereby being kept alive suggests that we are not going to like what we are going to be told by our would-be cultural messiahs

A Parable of Activism- Remember On Hiroshima Day

A couple of years ago I was told that Prime Minister Howard was making an unprogrammed visit to Adelaide's Aboriginal Culture Centre, Tandanya.  

My idea was to gather some musos and provide some background music for the news footage- fiddles, didgeridoos, Give Peace a Chance.. that sort of thing.

NOWAR-SA put up a call on their websites, and one commercial radio station did a live-to air on the morning.

After the "al fresco protest" photo was taken for the Advertiser, we all went out the front to wait for the PM.

As Howard's car pulled up, somebody across the road threw eggs, which struck the vehicle.  Security suddenly became much tighter.

White House Coming To Adelaide In November- Bush Sends Rumsfeld and Condaleeza

Under the "direction" of U.S. President Bush, Australia, South Korea, China, Japan and India will sign their own energy agreement in Adelaide with the U.S. ministers at the end of this year.

Interviewd from Laos on Adelaide ABC Radio this morning, Mr Downer, said that the meeting was intended to coincide with a meeting between Rumsfeld, Rice, Hill and himself.

On the Alternative-To-Kyoto energy meeting, Mr Downer said that "the focus of it will be on technology, and how we are going to collaborate with it."

"Of course, they will need access to energy resources" he said. 

Australia And US As One- letter reprint from Adelaide Advertiser Thursday 21/7/ 05, Corp Defamation Laws 28/7/05

Rupert Murdoch is right.  Australia is as one with America.  We act on
U.S. advice in our forieign policy, our international trade schemes, our control of our natural resources, and the co-ordination of our

Misery loves Companies..Are The London Bombings An Elaborate Hoax? Please Tell Me Otherwise!

"We've planned, we've prepared, but sadly reality has come to London today" said the U.K. Police Commissioner.

Somebody has to ask the question, in the hope that it is misguided- are we participating in a plan?

The War On Terror has just entered a new phase, one that will create domestic paranioa in every Western society. In the aftermath of such an attack, it will become necessary for populations to surrender
certain civil liberities in order to capture the perpetrators.

Given the way that society is about to change, I hope in my heart that the motivation hasn't been neo-con fundamentalist propoganda bullshit.  I refuse to believe that the would-be leaders of the western world would stoop so low.

I don't like to write these ideas... but all possibilities should be considered now, especially what might happen in the aftermath of the Attack of the Streets of London.

Boys and Girls, say hello to the New American Century.

Were the reasons we are where we are now real or written?
As President Bush said today, "We will spread an ideaology of hope and compassion, which willl hopefully overwhelm an ideaology of hate."

I think I'm convinced.

Happiness does not create profit.. that, as usual, is the bottom line. Unity in misery allows a populace to be united in raising corporate profit margins.

The War on Terror has become equally more global and personal tonight, in the same way as the attack on a ship called Lusitania did many years ago.

Watch out for the new share market boom in defence research and development. Given the current international political climate it will be perceived in hindsight as fortuitious.

The moral of the story? As the world turns, the bottom line falls, and misery loves companies

The Big Script... Adelaide and the White House 2008?

It's clear now that the Doug Wood story, which was being manipulated to portray U.S. / Australian co-operation, has been kidnapped by George Bush to improve his approval ratings   Months, if not years, of hard work by Australian spin-doctors has become a couple of paragraphs in U.S. media to prove that Americans are successfully "teaching Iraqis to fight their own war", and the story has already disappeared from the international media "radar".  At the the same time, in spite of his portrayal as a hero by the media men of Defence and Foreign affairs,  Wood's opportunism led him to be treated with cynicism and and suspicion by  the Australian  public.... we won't be seeing him on TV    selling  beer and lamb  roast,  and  a handshake with the Prime  Minister  is looking  less likely.

Halliburton Takes Over

Assembled by S.A. Minister For Infrastructure, Patrick Conlon, the five member group to plot the state's infrastructure future include former KBR International Vice President for Infrastructure and head of Asia-Pacific Operations, Andrew Fletcher, as its head and the owner of a KBR acquired company, Malcolm Kinnaird, as a participant. 

You can sense a possible conflict of interest here... in the same manner that U.S. Vice President Cheny needs to distance himself from his former employer, Kinnaird and Fletcher will need to publically ensure that they are fulfilling their obligations to the state and not the corporation.

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