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WAG THE DOUG- An Eyewitness Bloug

In the tradition of "French Lieutenant's Woman, a story within a story, by the time the movie comes out.

The scenes have unfurled in such a manner that they could almost be stuck to the silver screen unedited, except for Downer being one script draft behind. 

An Adelaide Financial Food Chain Puzzle

A little puzzle that shouldn't take more than half an hour. You nay find yourself suprised at the answer you find.

The result can be considered as a useful template to extrapolate missing parts of other  incomplete pictures

This is as close to making a Rosetta Stone as I'll ever get.

Halliburton in Adelaide - The Plot Thickens

I'm going to put these links up and try to make sense of them later, and any help would be appreciated.

In a response to an earlier blog TG Kerr made the suggestion that companies such as Halliburton may be creating work for themselves by creating projects and then submitting them for Public Private Partnerships with the Federal Government.

A good example would be KBR's development of the mouth of the Murray River.  Plans to create a Twin Lake artifIcial evaporation containment system from S.A.'s Lake Alexandrina which Cheney's Men admit won't keep the Murray mouth open) include construction of a 100 kilometre barrage. The concept is being recommended to councils near the lake by S.A. Premier Mike Rann.  The company has proposed it as a PPP... how many other projects are being tendened for by mulitnational companies' under the cloak of "Australian subsidiaries"?

Tanks- For the Memory

Watching the unrolling of these announcements and announcements of announcements evokes similar emotions as watching a dog eating its own vomit

Infrastructure will soon be in place that wouldl allow  Adelaide to become a "one-stop shop" for armoured vehicle renovation.

Also a U.K. precedent implying more jobs for Halliburton in Australian military accomodation 

Open Letter to Steve Bracks, Premier Of Victoria

I share your sense of having participated in a foregone conclusion. Victoria tried hard to win the warships, but as long as the plans created by the Bush Administration and relayed by multinational defence and energy corporations to and through the Australian Federal Government continue on a predetermined implementation schedule, the whims of any State's comparitively tiny political muscle will only be considered in the form of providing crumbs and scraps left over from the main meal.

When your analysts review the paperwork regarding the contract procurement, if they place faces on the company names they will be suprised how few people are responsible for so much activity.

Welcome To Adelaide: Defense Colony of America

Will defence dollars turn Adelaide into Heaven On Earth?

Adelaide Wins Warship Contract

In what he described as a "monumental day in the State's history" , South Australian Premier Mike Rann has just announced that Adelaide's Australian Submarine Coporation has won the contract to build the three "Son of Star Wars" Air warfare destroyers.

Premier Rann said that when the news reached his office "we all shook hands and said 'mission accomplished'."

Mr Rann added that the contract had been signifigant in enticing "a whole lot" of defence-related companies to Adelaide's northern suburbs.

Companies involved in the contract include BAE, Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon and Halliburton/KBR.

Adelaide sexed-up for war

Reprinted from The Age, Letters Saturday 28/8/05

....After Dick Cheney set up Halliburton's Global Infrastructure Headquarters out in the suburbs and started to co-ordinate "services" at all levels of government, everybody very quickly learned to enjoy what they were meant to be doing.....

(Note to self: Before writing letters, have my first coffee).


The Brainwashing of Adelaide (and Melbourne)

Mr Bildstien, in pre-Advertiser days , was also a spin doctor for
Foreign Affairs Parliamentary Secretary Chris Gallus when he wrote the media release of an implicitly "South Australian based company", Halliburton, receiving Ausaid contracts...

The Aegis of Unreason

How did the Oz's Daniel Cotterill know about this five days before News
Limited's "washington correspondents? Is he psychic, or did he jump the
gun on the official propoganda? Either way, his disclosure of the
Aegis as the combat system for the destroyers was published five days before the
"official announcement of the possible sale". Actually, Greenpeace were way ahead...

At any rate, part of Australia's Navy will soon await U.S. Command.

Halliburton Houston AGM Protest, Australian Port Federalisation and Security

Exactly how close are Australian and American defence ties? In Adelaide an important U.S. Homeland Security consultant has been influential in the election campaign of the current Premier. His ideas may be the real ones behind the Federal siezure of contol of major Australian ports.

A passing thought.. are the Adelaide defence/resources machinations "the real deal" or a decoy?

NB: This blog has been incorporated into "Halliburton Down Under, Above and Beyond" which is now (kindly) linked from prominent international watchdog Halliburton Watch

Halliburton Down Under, Above and Beyond

(for an easier-to-read version of this blog, click here:

I am writing this blog because South Australia needs help.

We are an extremely strategically located city, for years headquarters of Murdoch, Halliburton and BAE,

and are being systematically brainwashed into becoming defence industry drones without ever being given the choice of taking this path.

For over a year now I've been fairly certain that Adelaide has been the centre of much more international activity than we're being told about. 

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