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"Is PNAC Dying?" He Asked Hopefully

Looking back ten years to the signatories of the Project For A New American Century's Statement Of Principles, it looks as if the members of the cabal are dropping like flies. Rumsfeld was hit by a pre-election propaganda mutiny, "Scooter" Libby fell on his own sword to protect fellow signatory and boss Dick Cheney, whose political lifespan diminishes daily within a cloud of war profiteering accusations Now it looks like Paul Wolfowitz, the Iraq War instigator who now heads the World Bank appears to be facing the guillotine for stuffing wads of cash into the mattress of his lady-love.

Here's part of what they all signed:


We aim to make the case and rally support for American global leadership....

Brompton Files II: Robert Gerard Moves Out

I wrote this piece a year ago. Gerard's land-clearing made the papers yesterday..

Sometimes clearing local land dwellers out for business purposes is quite successful. The British managed to evict many Highland Scots from potential sheep pastures by religious trickery. The children of some of those evicted ended up poisoning the flour in Aboriginal workers' rations to clear Australian land for similar purposes. I've got a strong feeling that something similar almost happened to my family.

Big Brother Boring

The long phase of the game seems to have started already. Yabber, yabber, yabber and a load of debate scoring bullsh*t. Christ I am so over it.. watching stuff just keep on rolling out and all sides just point-scoring without giving a tinkers's toss about the ethics of a situation. The trouble is that if I'm "into" politics and I'm feeling like this, how does the generally apolitical bloke or blokette feel?

Trust Lynched

The wrongness of the WMD story was shrugged off by blaming faulty intelligence. The deceptive nature of the story of Private Lynch has no such scapegoat to hide behind. It emanated directly from the US Military, a portrayal of bravery under fire, and to say that the story was slightly colourised would be being diplomatic.

Dodgy SmartTraveller

Downer's Smart Traveller website is poorly handling the possibity of a terror attack on Anzac Day visitors to Turkey. Consider that many of the visitors to Gallipolli are young Australian backpackers converging from different parts of the world. Many might not have seen or heard the last minute media releases. Many may be relying on the Department Of Foreign Affairs for information. At the moment they would be misled.

Status Of US Forces Within Australia

The US/ Australia Status of Forces Agreement of 1963, in particular Article 8 of the treaty, has a couple of points in it that make you wonder how far US Forces could go with Hicks. For example, although Ruddock says that Hicks would not be given up to the US for violating his agreement to remain silent, citing this treaty would be a simple way of the US to haul him in again.


[excerpts of Article 8]

An Easter Resurrection- Hicks To Be Reborn In Nine Months

In the amount of time it takes to create a new-born baby David Hicks will be walking the streets of Adelaide as a free man.

True, he'll have to re-emerge from the political womb of the Yatala detention centre, and when he does he can't speak about it for a while. He certainly won't be saying anything before the election.

Shelley Kovco Calls For Inquiry Finding Overturn

After the flood of emotions I"ve been through since receiving a post purporting to be from Shelley Kovco, I'm having trouble believing that it was from the same person appearing in the reports coming out this morning. On the strength of the report commissioned by the NSW Homicide squad, Shelley has called for the military finding of death by skylarking to be overturned. Kovco's mother is calling for an inquest.

An Apology To Shelley Kovco

I have recieved on my other blog, from Shelley Kovco, this reply to my last post , and reprint it here so that everyone can see the hurt that I have caused.


New US Military (Space) flight tests at Woomera

This September the US Air Force, with NASA providing back up, plans to begin testing their new HiFire jets at Woomera. Described as the "jewel in the crown" of scramjet technology, (HiFire is an acronym for Hypersonic International Flight Research Experimentation) their anticipated short-term application is much faster cruise missiles.

The Last Word On Kovco- The First Word On Kovco

"He died in a US Army combat surgical hospital where he was surrounded by his mates, who draped his body in an Australian flag and with a paratrooper's beret on his chest as they said The Lord's Prayer." These words of Jake Kovco's death appeared on the Melbourne Herald Sun's website on the weekend following his death.

Who wrote this crap? Surely to any reader that's been following the Kovco Inquiry the wag-the-dog-style imagery written here is WRONG.

Today, Woomera. Tomorrrow...?

How do you feel about the idea that the new work at Spaceport Woomera isn't really about the conquest of space, but actually the control of other nations? What if South Australia is set to become a base from which the US could deploy troops to anywhere in the world? It may sound a little like the plot for Capricorn One, but for one man such an idea is far from impossible to achieve. He's tried something similar before and failed. His name is Richard Cheney.

Woomera Reactor- Advertiser Letter Self-Reprint 28/2/07

Reading about the proposal for a South Australian-based nuclear reactor reminded me of another story.

Last May, a report stated that a professor had been hired by an unnamed consortium, which had intentions of building a reactor at Woomera.

Of all the places in a state to build a reactor, you would consider Woomera to be the most likely. Not only is it close to fuel supply but also a stone's throw from the launch pad.

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