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birth certificate....

Republican demands State Dept. ‘show us the documents’ on COVID origin


Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, is leading a congressional push for the U.S. State Department to release documents relating to the origin of coronavirus.




The war on terror has gone cold…

The only place terrorism is still significant is in Central Africa (Mali et al)… where the Wahhabi Jihadists are still active. 

the relative reset....

Only the fool cannot be controlled….” Vladimir Leonisky (cousin)

This is why “they” invented the straight jacket…” Gus Leonisky


We are incessantly under pressure from our “cultural” information and obligations.

We have many sources of influences, from daily news to religions. We “used to” drive petrol cars not because we chose to, but because there was a conglomerate of corporate cultures that made the choice for us, from extraction of oil to the retail at the gas station — all for profit and control of the “market”.

bitter/sweet European divisions existed before xi's visit....

China’s President has just returned from a five day official visit to Europe, his first time on the continent in nearly five years.

While there he visited France, Serbia and Hungary, in a bid to show Europe that China is open for business, and that China’s goal is mutual respect, win-win cooperation, and global peace and prosperity.

But the Western media didn’t take too kindly to his visit, with the Financial Times labeling it “unproductive” and claiming China’s President was there to “sow divisions” in Europe.

Are they right, or is this just a case of sour grapes?

Today we’ll chat with two special guests for their takes: French national Arnaud Bertrand, and Serbian Nik Stankovic.

This is Reports on China, I’m Andy Boreham in Shanghai. Let’s get reporting.

whoever controls the narrative controls the world.........

The U.S. secretary of state and a Bilderberg surveillance tech oligarch have both made some very interesting admissions about the burgeoning protest movement against the U.S.-backed slaughter in Gaza and the problems it poses for the empire they help run.

During a vitriolic rant about university demonstrators at the Ash Carter Exchange on Innovation and National Security on Tuesday, Palantir CEO Alex Karp came right out and said that if those on the side of the protesters win the debate on this issue, the west will lose the ability to wage wars.


Caitlin Johnstone: An Empire Fears Its Students


the mainstream news organisations ignore the truth at their peril.....


It is frequently claimed that mainstream news organisations are in crisis and becoming ever more marginalised in the contemporary high-choice media environment. Such claims frequently conflate different challenges facing the industry, resulting in over-generalised claims about the prospects for established news brands. In this article, we identify four related crises: reach, resource, reputation and relevance.


Why mainstream news media still matter



they are incapable of thinking about their actions and the consequences....

On May 26, 2023, I wrote an article titled, Britain At War-Provoking the Consequences, attempting to warn the people of Britain and the West that their role in the war against Russia makes them a direct party to the conflict and that, as a consequence, Russia has the right to attack them. It seems the warning has to be repeated because the British, along with the rest of the NATO alliance of aggression, have increased their direct role in the Ukraine conflict and are threatening to escalate the war further.


BY Christopher Black


the vultures are back....

Scholars have noted ongoing neocolonialism, in which former colonial governments and their corporations extract value from Africa’s resources without commensurately benefiting Africans (herehere). However, the US and Western Europeans’ strategy to recolonize Africa has escaped scholars and leaders from the Global south.


BY Simon Chege Ndiritu


I wish... not really....

Berkshire Hathaway is a gigantic conglomerate that owns a bunch of boring businesses outright and has big stakes in a few arguably less-boring ones. That its annual shareholder meetings have nonetheless became pop-culture spectacles dubbed “Woodstock for Capitalists” can be chalked up in large part to the folksy charm of chairman and chief executive officer Warren Buffett and his long-running buddy act with tart-tongued vice chairman Charles Munger.

the end is near.....

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has dismissed Major General Sergey Rud as the head of the state guard service, according to the presidential website.

The move comes after two officers of the agency, tasked with protecting government bodies and senior officials, were detained over an alleged plot to assassinate the Ukrainian leader.

“Dismiss Sergey Rud from the post of head of the State Security Administration of Ukraine,” a decree by Zelensky, published on his website on Thursday, read. The reasons for the sacking of the guard chief, who had held the role since 2019, have not been announced.

impeach biden?....

A Republican congressman has filed articles of impeachment against US President Joe Biden for withholding deliveries of weapons to Israel, making a point of using the exact same phrasing the Democrats had used to impeach President Donald Trump.

Earlier this week, Biden told CNN that “we’re not going to supply the weapons and artillery shells” to Israel if it proceeded with plans to attack Rafah City in south Gaza. Republicans quickly pointed out that Democrats had accused Trump of “abuse of power” for allegedly withholding congressionally approved military aid in 2019.

the flame olympique relayed by athletes, rats and a drag queen....

To make people forget that Our Society is in ruins, that it is in decline, which is reminiscent of the end of civilizations of the past such as the brilliant Roman Civilization, the no less brilliant ancient Greek Civilization and so many others...

“panem et circenses”: Latin words meaning bread and circus games


by Gérard Lemaitre



Expression of Juvenal (satire, X, 81) stigmatizing the conduct of the plebs of Rome, who had no other ambition than distributions of wheat and free shows.

telling more fairy tales about AUKUS to swallow the nukular subs...

In Asian media this week: Government must persuade public on nuclear subs. Plus: Violence against women an Asian tragedy, too; Beijing, Manila clash over shoal agreement; West hastening loss of supremacy; Modi’s attacks show worry about poll; Hong Kong should promote its common law system.


Albanese advised to come clean on AUKUS and China – Asian Media Report    By David Armstrong 

Readers of Asian media stand a good chance of understanding more about AUKUS than those who rely on Australian news sources.

nothing new on the eastern front.....

The UK and its allies got tricked into backing a “corrupt mafia state” in Ukraine and getting into a war of attrition against a Moscow-Beijing partnership, Dominic Cummings has said in an interview.

The longtime Tory political strategist led the Vote Leave campaign for Brexit and was one of the key aides to then-PM Boris Johnson until resigning in November 2020.

“We should have never got into the whole stupid situation,” Cummings told the outlet I News in an interview published on Wednesday, commenting on London’s full-throated support for Kiev. He also described Ukraine as a “corrupt sh*thole that doesn’t matter at all.”

protecting nature and the environment is a full time job....

Global Family of the Wilderness Societies!

The European Wilderness Society is part of a global family of the Wilderness Societies. Each society has a specific history but what links them all is the objective to protect global Wilderness! Let’s have a closer look at them.

deliberate collateral damage.....

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley said on Thursday that he believes the United States has no right to criticize Israel for its brutality in the Gaza Strip given the long list of war crimes committed throughout its history, including in Japan and Iraq.

"Before we all get self-righteous about what Israel is doing … we shouldn't forget that we United States killed a lot of innocent people in Mosul, in Raqqa, that we the United States killed 12,000 innocent French civilians," Milley said at the Ash Carter Exchange on Innovation and National Security on Wednesday. "We destroyed 69 Japanese cities, not including Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We slaughtered people in massive numbers, innocent people who had nothing to do with their government, men, women and children."

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