Saturday 30th of September 2023


The Economy

The ElectoRat Trap

Taking back your democracy

I've been convinced that our democracy is a sham since John Howard sent Australians to invade Iraq on two lies - the lie that he had not promised Bush he'd go to war long before public debate began on the matter, and the lie about why he wanted war. To me, in a democracy, unlike a dictatorship, our soldiers risk their lives for us, not for our leader. Yet the process of voting every three years, the skeleton of democracy, did not punish Howard, but re-elected him.

Necessary Failures

Necessary Incompetence

Blurred Vision

Seeing Stars . . . and Stripes

Downer's Weapons of Mass Deception

The ElectoRat Trap

more dirty secrets .....

In the wake of Abu Ghraib, fresh revelations of torture, murder & abuse continue to mount against the US.

Let's Talk About Democracy

Democracy presupposes the existence of the self-consciously well-rounded, competent, morally mature and socially active citizen. In turn Democracy cultivates such citizens.

My Restaurant rules! - thanks to cheap labour!

Last week the industrial relations debate found an unlikely forum in the reality TV show of "My Restaurant Rules" when the owners of the Sydney contender attempted to put their staff on AWA's (Australian Workplace Agreements) and cut their pay. Only after popular outcry did Channel 7 step in and reverse the decision.

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