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the beginning of of hoWARd's end! (Carlos Medina)

Hello! Great News!!!

Parramatta is going down like a lead balloon... the beginning of of HoWARd's end! Even the bookies have labor as favourites in this crucial seat!

The goal is very close, almost at hand and we all need to work very hard to make sure we get there. So let's get busy!

Yet let's also remember: It's a marathon, not a sprint, so let's also pace ourselves!

In times like this we all really need to share the load, and all help is very very needed! If you can, help someone! If you need help, have a question, feel a bit lost, etc just ask someone!

We can all do with some inspiration right now to get us to the finish line, so I'd like to share some great quotes from a good friend:

'A warrior lives by acting, not by thinking about acting, nor by thinking about what he will think when he has finished acting

Censorship while Media Missing in Action! (Carlos Medina)

We can all read a fair bit into the huge amount of pressure and censorship obvious at the moment. It's becoming evident all around us! (and I thought I was paranoid...)

Here, in the Western Suburbs of Sydney: from Parramatta to the Blue Mountains, there has been a huge number of political forums, meet the candidates events, stunts, and even a few rallies. But you would not know about it at all because even the local papers are very very cautious.

It's the same with all media: They are treading on eggs, they do not want to upset their paymasters. By far the highest advertising has been by the coalition parties.

Now, that has been getting even worse. The fellows from the 'Rock Against Howard' gigs and CDs tried to get an official launch happening in the Parramatta Mall, right in front of the Town Hall. Well, they were given the same standard delaying answers that all the local community peace groups and small parties are used to: you need insurance (over 10 Mill!), the pape

It's hard to know what a Government is goind when it won't reply to correspondence from citizens just wanting to find out what t

In May this year, knowing that a federal election was looming and wanting to be in the position of placing an informed vote, I came out of my shell and wrote to the four major political parties (yes, I forgot the Nationals - woops!). I asked for their visions on six issues that I believe cut to the essence of Australia

Fridge magnet brings about Howard's End! (Howard's End)

*** Howard's End '04 Competition Winners Announced ***

After more than 600 entries and 18,000 unique page hits to the website, we are delighted to announce that the winner and official Howard's End '04 Fridge Magnet is: **JOHN HOWARD USE BY 09 OCT 04**.

Congratulations to John Miate for this brilliant, clever and searingly true effort! His slogan has now been printed on 5,000 fridge magnets and will be distributed in John Howard's seat of Bennelong in the coming week.

The judging task was both hugely enjoyable and extremely difficult so to recognise some of the outstanding efforts, we have published the 12 fantastic finalists and runners-up at

Make sure you head to the website because it also features some highly amusing and entertaining slogans in a number of 'Special Mention' categories: **The

Progressive Voters' Forum, Adelaide, October 3rd (Keryn Hassall)

Who will be your voice in the Senate?

Voters in SA have 3 main progressive options for the Senate, come and hear from the candidates:
*Sunday 3 October, 3pm*
Pilgrim Hall, 12 Flinders Street, Adelaide.

Democrats - John McLaren
Greens - Brian Noone
Progressive Alliance - Meg Lees

For more info contact Keryn 0414 679957 or email

Scietific evidence of a successful alternative treatment for cancer, freely available world wide, but not in Oz. (Noel Seymour G

My open letter on the web to Howard and Latham probably no longer applies as the election is now so close. The treatment involved, Vitamin B17 Metabolic Therapy, is available in England, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Russia, China, Canada etc.etc. Dr. M Rath has taken the Drug Cartel, and the U.S. and U.K. govt's to the International Court at The Hague and charged them with murder, genocide and crimes against humanity. Why he omitted Oz I'll never know. Dr. Contreras in Mexico has treated over 100,000 patients since 1970. We are being left to die unnecessarily.

Tomorrow Night in Melbourne - tell all (glenda lindsay)

a festival of dissent with

(author of NOT HAPPY, JOHN ! - defending our democracy)
ANNE PHELAN (actors for refugees) - SPOOKY MEN'S CHORALE
MORPH - hot new Cuban danceband SAN LAZARO - ASIKO - SUNGA
+ roving musicians, choirs, drummers, interactive games, info stalls,
the Big John Howard Puppet, recording of John when he was 15.

Food & drinks for sale, think tanks, rap karaoke comp,
dance bands till late, extra surprises.

SATURDAY 2nd OCTOBER 6pm - late
cnr Sydney Rd/ Dawson St
$15 / $10 (u16 $5)

any surplus $ raised will go toward a 'NOT HAPPY JOHN' ad in The Age
the week of the federal election (view on the night)

Howard's Lies - The Movie (2.5Mb) (Chris Twomey)

This is a short web movie I've produced with the help of Perth commedian and John How-Odd impersonator - Alex Manfrin, that addresses what we see as being Howards three big lies. I cannot believe that in spite of the lies a large proportion of the Australian public still supports Howard. I freely admit that this is a piece of Greens propaganda. Up until recently I was Greens WA Co-coordinator. I acknowledge that personal attacks on politicians are against Greens policy, but hope that the humorous intent of this piece mitigates in my favor. Thanks to Margo - I greatly appreciated your book. Keep up the good work!

peace rally tomorrow (lorraine sluyters)

There is a rally tomorrow in all capital cities, put on by the peace movement so i am told. not a member but going any way. 12 noon at regatta grounds. Hobart. sorry do not know the other locations in other cities. sure you will find it if you look in your local paper.

Senate How-To-Vote generator for below-the-line voting (Troy Rollo)

For those who prefer to vote below-the-line in the Senate, I have a facility on my web site to generate a custom Senate how-to-vote card for below-the-line voting in the NSW senate. With 78 boxes to number, I feel it helps to go in prepared.

Conservationist in rural SW Qld. Longtime Green candidate (7th campaign), currently on Qld Green senate candidate (Sarah Moles)

I read it in less than a day.
Now I am really, REALLY angry!!
Will write more AFTER October 9th


What if? ()

A week out, some may think the result is a given. But it

Further news about how and <b>when</b> we got into Iraq... (Russell Darroch)


Allies 'planned' Iraq war despite denials

The United States, Australia and Britain started to plan the invasion of Iraq months before the conflict, according to a report Wednesday quoting a leaked Pentagon document.

Senior British and US commanders met at a war-planning session in June 2002 and orders to prepare actual military operations were given on October 7, 2002, more than a month before a UN resolution giving a final warning to Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, the London Evening Standard reported.

Full battle plans were issued on October 31, 2002, eight days before UN Resolution 1441 called for the resumption of arms inspections in Iraq and warned Saddam of 'serious consequences' if he were still seeking weapons of mass destruction, the paper said.

The document quoted in the report is a Pentagon chronology used by US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in an August 2003 presentation o

A short animation for Bennelong residents (only 132kb) (Clare Cherikoff)

I hope the residents pass this around their neighbourhood!

Clare Cherikoff

Don't forget about the pro-gunners and the pro-liberty crowd (Jason Kechagias)

I had the liberty of flipping through the book and I was suprised that you didn't include any references to the despicable way that John Howard used the tragic aftermath of the Port Arhtur massacre and the Monash University shootings as well as the emotional shock of the community to these two events for his own personal political gain as well as to satisfy his personal hatred of firearms regardless of their make, model, type, and calibre and of law-abiding firearm owners regardless if they are farmers who need firearms for their profession or recreational target shooters in the cities and suburbs who want to collect, own and shoot different types of firearms regardless of they are semi-automatic rifles or pump-action shotguns or bolt-action rifles or handguns.

I myself am a 22 year old university student who is also a firearm owner and is a strong supporter of the pro-gun movement and the pro-liberty movement and with the current state of affairs of our major political parties to

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