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Thanks, and keep it going (Kevin Bates)

I've just finished reading 'Not Happy John' - I've gobbled it up in the past week on a couple of plane rides, and it's bright cover has helped more than one animated conversation begin! Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Thanks for the passion and the honesty you brought to the book and for putting the whole thing together. Thanks for the balance in your analysis and the inclusion of people from other points on the compass, such as Harry Heidelberg. Thanks for the devastating clarity and the spirit of hope with which you unwrapped our story.

You unpacked some of the events that I knew already were on the nose, and you opened up inside stories that detailed things I had only guessed at, and some like the media ownership debates and Brian Harradine's role in it, that I had forgotten. (Your portrait of Harradine prompts me to write to him too.)

I'm a Catholic priest working mostly in education. Through my work, my song-writing and my own website, I've been doing a bit to

The Howard Governments Track Record. (John D Scott)

Things to remind the voting public about the Howard Government in the lead up to polling day.

Since 1996, the Howard Government has:

1) Created a gap between the rich and poor only exceeded in the developed world by the United States.

2) Nearly one in four Australians suffers financial hardship.

3) Twenty-eight per cent of Australian workers are in casual jobs - an increase of 22% in casual employment since 1996.

4) Unpaid overtime has increased by 24% since 1996.

5) Long-term unemployment (26% of total unemployment) has grown by 68% since 1999.

6) Sixty-four per cent of jobs created in the past four years pay less than $600 a week and most of them are casual jobs with no job security.

7) Housing and rent prices have doubled in the past decade. Many Australians will never be able to buy a house.

8) Seventeen per cent of Australians are functionally illiterate, compared with Sweden at only 7.6%.


Surreal Dog on Tuckerbox Flys Past at 110km/hr ()

Earlier today, while listening to retro 80's hits on a Wagga Wagga radio station, I sped by the Dog on the Tuckerbox just outside Gundagai. It even has its own exit on the Hume Freeway. I always thought the Dog was in the town. Neither the Dog nor the town alone were sufficient enough to attract me. Had they both been in exactly the same place, I would have stopped. I'm in Albury tonight, en-route to Melbourne. My journey today started in safe Liberal territory on Sydney's North Shore. Before long, I was in the less safe Prime Ministerial seat of Bennelong. Later I was in Latham's Liverpool. All very exciting but the undoubted highlight of the trip thus far has been at least sighting the Dog on the Tuckerbox exit (if not the Dog itself).

The Dog on the Tuckerbox is safely located in Riverina, one of the coalition's safest seats. On the other side of the ACT though is the classic bellwether seat of Eden-Monaro. It's held by the Liberal Party with a margin of just 1.7

Wake up Australia! (Carmen Burnet)

Thankyou Margo & contributors!

I have just read Not Happy John!. I was never duped by the 'weapons of mass destruction' lies about Iraq and it has shocked me that so many people were sucked in by Howard's propaganda. This book exposes many, many lies and deceptions committed in the name of the Liberal tradition.

Not Happy John! is inspiring, provocative and refreshing. I love the honesty and the openness of the contributors. It is political commentary with guts that I haven't seen for a long time. I hope that this will help Australians wake up to the importance of a healthy democracy. Let's work together to replace the Howard government with a truly democratic people's government.

This book should be compulsory reading ! (Robert Flemming)

I have been very disturbed for a long time over what is happening in this wonderful country. We are losing our freedom and our dignity. Government departments and the public service is expanding at the speed of light. Getting prompt service is as ancient as dinosaurs. A good percentage of these government employees are police persons in some way or another employed by us to make sure we dont get into any mischief. Every time a new law is passed a new department is created to enforce it. Local councils are getting bigger and more dominant and more unwieldy. We are a relatively small country, population wise, and yet we have a massive government more suited to a population of 100 million or more. It is so sad. Australia used to be a wonderful counrty to live in. Now we are plagued by crime, high divorce rate, high suicide rate, high unemployment rate (I don't believe the publicised figures) just like America. Why on earth do we follow the Americans in everything. What is

Crazies running this country ! (Kathy Charlesworth)

Not Happy, John'.... At long last someone has had the guts to pull it all together and slam it on the kitchen table!

Margo Kingston's probing finger has to land somewhere where it hurts this time, before it's too late and all of our kids have left the country in either uniforms or baggies to escape the crazies running this country.

Sadly, when this nightmare is finally over, HE will simply retire to Burbs, dig out his fluffy brown slippers, cardigan, regrow his eyebrows and fade into the Westminister carpet...totally oblivious as to what it has morally cost this great country....

By the way Margo, in the Kimberley region of Western Australia our full Aboriginal Elders call him...'him that liar-man, we file his liar letters in rubbish bin'.

Brilliant concept Margo,

Go girl go, we are all behind you!

Sincerely Kathy Charlesworth, Fremantle, Western Australia.

A cry for help: please cross the desert and help WA! (Jack H Smit)

A cry for help, folks, all the way from WA.

People complain that 'the campaign is dead' here in WA, and it makes me feel sick to the core, because no less than EIGHT Liberals hold the seats here in the West, and not a word is heard about them; most of them are 'We Are Very Happy John!' footsoldiers and disciples of The Lying Guru. Wilson 'Ironbar' Tuckey, happy to vilify both indigenous people and refugees, Daryl Williams, and so on - doesn't it make you cringe? The only one that should keep her seat is Judy Moylan - she's happy to tell folks she refused to vote when the TAMPA Bills were pushed through parliament, and she's an Iraq War dissenter.

Please, please, please. Cross the desert with a delegation of the Not Happy John! campaign, and come over and help. We will help organise, publish, push the media - because we need you!!!!

Here they are, the 'We Are Very Happy John!' team:

Canning (Don Randall) Marginal Liberal
Curtin (Julie Bishop) Safe

Let's google Johnny out of power! (james hardy)

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! Why has it taken so long for Howard and Co to finally feel the heat? More power to you Margo for taking the fight right to Howard.

I am continually amazed that up until now he seems to have escaped scott free. I firmly believe in Karma and that what goes around, comes around .... on that basis Howard has a a whole lot coming his way. As Bush might say . . . Bring it on!

It is fantasic to see that Johnny is starting to get spooked. Looks increasing like a rabbit caught in the head lights and with no where to run. ('Why won't people believe me?')

Together we must all help keep the heat up. If all of your supporters did just one little thing each day, such as a letter to a local paper or sending a sticker to known swinging voters, we would all be so much closer to a Howard free government.

I just did a search on Google and hit on an ide

Democracy Dying In Front Of Our Eyes (Peter Peridis)

WEDNESDAY 25TH AUGUST 2004 Does John Howard know which country he is Prime Minister of? Today in The Advertiser (South Australia), page 19, aprot pote David Hicks

More publicity for availability of car stickers (Gerry Binder)

How about an item on the HOME page about how/where to get car stickers?

Perhaps an accessible database of contact details of 'stockists' of your stickers?

E.g. I got 60 from Antony, and gave 50 of them to my local Labor candidate Mark Ptolomy at Hazelbrook, NSW.

My point is: Maximise access to people who hold stocks of stickers.

Go Girl, Margo !!!!

NHJ (AL): Hi Gerry, thanks for your message. The best way to get stickers is writing to our email address: We're sending out stickers daily to numerous people around the country. Equally, contact the offices of John Valder in Sydney - 02-99296818. And if people want to tell us or show us how they've used the stickers, please do let us know.

Plucky Neglected Fundraiser Seeks Limelight to Help Fight Democratic Grandstander ()

NSW Liberal Party man-of-mystery and Corporate-Toucher-in-Chief Michael Yabsley reckons John Valder's snowballing campaign is a case of the old limelight deprivations. Last night's 7.30 Report on JV's campaign launch revealed that:

HEATHER EWART: Still, a former federal president of the Liberal Party criticising the PM can't expect to get off scot-free. The Howard Government has been coy to date about publicly attacking John Valder or Brian Deegan. But now former NSW Liberal minister Michael Yabsley has become its willing spokesman against Valder.
MICHAEL YABSLEY, FMR NSW MINISTER: I basically expressed my disgust at what he has done in terms of the assault that he's delivered against John Howard and the Federal Government. I think there are many people, I think the vast majority of people in the Liberal Party, feel that way.
HEATHER EWART: Late last week, Michael Yabsley fired off a fax to John V

Australia on the road to fascism and other such news... ()

We're living in pre-fascist times, argues MK. Gerard Henderson, supporter of the status quo and ruffler of even fewer feathers, says not.

Henderson appears unmoved, unwilling or ignorant of the profound changes occurring under the watchful eye of John Howard. Gay marriage laws, illegally taking us into Iraq and treatment of asylum seekers are but some examples. The comparison is not with Hitler or Mussolini, but rather with newly created powers in the post 9/11 world, not least of which is terrifyingly repressive so-called anti-terrorism laws.

Then again, what do we expect from a former adviser to Howard himself?

And in other news...

As Hollywood star Matt Damon lands in Australia, news emerges that, America's premiere online activism force, will be launching a series of advertisements tom

Bravo Margo! (CILLA TEY)

You are fast becoming a cause celebre! I have just attended John Valder's campaign launch in Eastwood and it was the most uplifting experience. So many different parties came together to unite on the one cause. I am very optimistic that I will be an extremely proud Australian again after the election.

I have purchased 100 stickers and will be giving them out. If only John Howard had given me a bigger tax cut, I would have bought 1000!

John Howard lying again (Toby Newton-McGee)

John Howard stated on 23/08/2004 that he was disgusted with Mark Latham personally bagging him out and he said that he would never resort to those tactics. However I would like to inform Mr Howard that he was bagging out Mark Latham's physique after the cricket match that Mark Latham participated in some months ago.

Also, Mr Howard would alway find something about Simon Crean.


Tall (Karen Doran)

I want a couple of Not Happy John t-shirts! Where can I get them?


NHJ! (JR): Try contacting John Valder's NHJ! campaign office, Karen, on Sydney 02-99296818, or email here ( Happy wearing...

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