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when democracy becomes a pit of deceit... a personal message to jamie raskin….

The Raskins have two daughters, Hannah & Tabitha, and had a son named Tommy. On December 31, 2020, Raskin's office announced that his son Tommy, a graduate of Montgomery Blair High School, a graduate of Amherst College, and a second-year student at Harvard Law School, had died at the age of 25.[69]


amateur female brawlers on capitol hill — the world is in good hands....

'The Big Weekend Show' panelists react to Sen. John Fetterman, D-Penn., hitting back at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Sunday after she suggested he was a bully for comparing the House of Representatives to 'The Jerry Springer Show.'

'THAT'S ABSURD': John Fetterman claps back at AOC's 'bully' accusations




A session of the Taiwanese parliament, the Legislative Yuan, descended into a fist fight on Friday, with members suffering concussions, fractures and other injuries.

unhappy birthdays.....

Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to destroy Hamas – but he enabled its development. Four Corners asked Israeli insiders how this happened in the new documentary, “The Forever War‘.’



rags to riches — all in the family — a bedtime biden story....

Jesse Watters : Insane Plot Twist!





no appetite for a direct military confrontation with Russia....

The West has no appetite for a direct military confrontation with Russia over Ukraine, UK Defenсe Secretary Grant Shapps has stated. He also suggested that Berlin is unwilling to provide its long-range missiles to Kiev for fear that they would be used to hit Russian targets in Crimea.

On Tuesday, Shapps had said Britain has no problem with its weapons being used by Ukraine to strike the peninsula, which joined Russia in 2014 following a referendum. Most countries, however, do not recognize this territory as Russian. Earlier this month, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron also gave the green light to UK-made weapons being deployed to conduct attacks deep inside Russia.

planet of the evolved apes: english spoken while trying to rob russia and china......

The late historian Paul Schroeder offered insights into how to bring Russia into a collective security arrangement.

With the death of scholar Paul Schroeder, international historians lost one of their most innovative and distinguished practitioners.

Schroeder’s approach to the study of international relations was ideational: it is not power or interests alone that shapes the behaviour of states but prevailing norms, values, and experiences.


"satire is a plunger used to unblock the toilet of truth..."

"satire is a plunger used to unblock the toilet of truth..."

                       Gus Voltairsky

Has the Babylon Bee Ever Gone TOO FAR?? In this podcast clip, I asked Joel Berry, Managing Editor of The Babylon Bee, if he ever felt that they wrote an article that went to far... 

The Babylon Bee Received a CEASE & DESIST Because of This HILARIOUS Article






apple crush crashing....


If the new Apple iPad ad is worthy of an apology, we’re all doomed

BY Ryan O’Connell

As is often the way in modern times, I encountered the outrage before the object of said outrage.

Given the tone - and volume - of comments/headlines I came across regarding Apple’s new iPad ad, I was expecting to eventually watch a piece of creative so truly appalling and offensive, that it may end civilisation as we know it. Yes, the villagers were most certainly upset.

So as I searched for the ad (which wasn’t that easy to find, considering the global trainwreck I was led to believe it was), I began to wonder what horror Apple would have to produce to get my blood boiling.

charting course for enhanced ties........

The two sides had a comprehensive review of the successful experience in developing the China-Russia relationship, and had an in-depth exchange of views on the relationship as well as major international and regional issues of mutual interest, charting the course forward for their cooperation across the board.


Xi stressed that this year marks the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Russia. In the past three quarters of a century, the China-Russia relationship has grown stronger amidst wind and rain, and stood the test of changing international landscape. The relationship has become a fine example for major countries and neighboring countries to treat each other with respect and candor, and pursue amity and mutual benefit.


CO2 emissions continued to increase in 2023 with now little chance of global warming staying under 1.5oC. Planting trees is part of the solution but only in the longer term. Even Hollywood is getting the message.

Plants are part of the (long-term) response to climate change

In the Autumn 2024 edition of the magazine of the Friends of the Botanic Gardens of Sydney, Chief Scientist Professor Brett Summerell provides very clear guidance for maximising the contributions that plants can make to managing climate change.


pinkwashing war crimes and warmongering....

NATO will stand up for the rights of LGBTQ people, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg declared on Friday.

He was among hundreds of Western public officials, institutions and organizations to make a statement affirming the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT).

“NATO exists to defend 32 nations, and our peoples’ right to live freely & in peace,” Stoltenberg posted on X, formerly Twitter. “On the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia & Transphobia, and every day: all love is equal. LGBTQ+ people deserve respect & dignity, and I am proud to call myself your ally.”

The overwhelming majority of responses to Stoltenberg’s posts were negative, however. 

buying the news, ignoring the news and burying the news....

Wearing a dapper checked suit and gold tie and looking much older than his 35 years, Dylan Howard rests his pudgy right hand on the presidential desk in the Oval Office as he and President Donald Trump beam for the camera.

It’s July 11, 2017, and Howard, Australia’s most infamous tabloid journalist, along with his boss at the National Enquirer, David Pecker, had been invited to dinner at the White House as a “thank you” for their repeated acts of unethical journalism, which had helped cover up any embarrassing stories which might have impeded Trump’s win at the November 2016 election.


trying to break the BRICS.....

The United States and its Western allies appear to be mounting a hostile media campaign against the Indian government of Narendra Modi.

Sensational media accusations of India running an assassination program against expatriate dissidents and spying operations in Western countries have gathered pace recently, leading to acrimonious relations.


The streamlined Western media campaign to compromise the Indian government is suspiciously orchestrated.

BY Finian Cunningham


Parsing the Western allegations, it is plausible that Washington and its Five Eyes partners are amping up false-flag provocations to coerce New Delhi into adopting pro-Western policies toward Russia and China.

moral duty, be damned!.......

A legal ruling in Australia this week sentencing military whistleblower David McBride to 5 years imprisonment for disobeying orders to expose war crimes has stood the principles established at the Nuremberg trials on its head.

David McBride, found guilty, has been sentenced to 5 years and 8 months imprisonment (2 years 3 months non-parole). His offence? The refusal to just ‘follow orders.’


Australia abandons Nuremberg principles as post-war international order crumbles to ruin    By John Queripel


now you see it, now you don't....

US President Joe Biden has declared executive privilege over a recording of his interview with the special counsel who probed his mishandling of classified documents, blocking Republican lawmakers from hearing the exchange that led to him being called a “well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory.”

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