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feeding the terrorists in syria...


voltaire did not have a lego set of the bastille...




















When It Stops Being A Laughing Matter


As the January 6 prosecutions begin and the hunt is on for alleged "domestic extremists," the politicization of law enforcement continues to accelerate.


He called himself a QAnon Tier I Ranger SEAL Operator, and had the 17 tabs down one sleeve to prove it. “In a situation like this, Embed, you stick to me and I’ll get you home, brother. Unless the GPS gets us lost again.”

statistical advice...



























We are precisely advised by the AZ vaccination bodies that a first jab could protect you from catching Covid-19 with a 30 per cent efficiency, that a second jab eight weeks later will protect you with 60 per cent efficiency and that should you get your second jab 12 weeks later your protection will be 80 per cent efficient. Drumroll, please.  


a difficult choice...
















2021 is only halfway done, and there have been no accusations from the United States towards Russia and its purported "meddling" in American elections? Wait no longer, for a new part of "the Russian trace" saga has commenced.

US President Joe Biden on Tuesday said that he had received an intelligence brief alleging that Russia is meddling in the 2022 midterm elections in the United States.

no twerking on putin's navy day...

putin navyputin navy

















Putin intimidates the world with the power of the Russian Navy


Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his speech dedicated to the Day of the Russian Navy, recalled the threats that Russia is currently facing from a number of countries.


Putin speaks bellicose rhetoric

Experts noted that Putin resorted to the rhetoric of threats for the first time as he vowed "to destroy anyone, anywhere."

Putin spoke not only about the historical significance of the date, but he also mentioned those who positioned themselves as Russia's opponents.

a dilemma...

dilemmadilemma                 <

of anti-semitism...

la juivela juive




















My name is Jules Letambour. I have a rare old French book. It’s missing the title page with the name of the author but it was probably written in the late 1830s or early 1840s… It relates the story of the Jewish people from the Merovingian times to the opera “La Juive” (1835).


the mad leading the mad...



















The Vote Leave team sought to oust Boris Johnson almost immediately after the premier's landslide victory in the 2019 general election, former No 10 official Dominic Cummings revealed in an interview with BBC on Tuesday night. How could the ex-top aide's explosive revelations pan out for BoJo?

leaving the party...



















Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce says Campbell Newman’s decision to quit Queensland’s Liberal National Party is not politically brave and is timed to damage the party.

The former Queensland premier resigned from the LNP and his position as party trustee on Sunday after its annual conference, saying he was “dismayed” with both the state and federal arms of the party.

Mr Newman accused the LNP of failing to stand up for individual freedom and small businesses amid a “heavy-handed” response to COVID-19.



























A thick, dark blue stripe runs across one of the flood maps of Erftstadt – subcatchment Erft, map sheet B002 – in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. 


the sane versus the drone insanity...




















With prosecutors seeking a maximum sentence, Hale delivered a powerful handwritten letter describing his motivations to the court.



below the worm kingdom...





















As you know from reading this site, you are an idiot if you believe in conspiracy theories… and you are an idiot if you believe there are no conspiracies anywhere…


So it’s quite hard to make the difference between defined conspiracies because most of them are secret and the conspiracy theories that float on the loony pond. And there is no rule of thumb. Even the best of news outlets fall for the trap. For example if you don’t believe that the war on Saddam (2003) was not set up as a conspiracy, you need to have your head examined. 


setting our aussie arse on fire...

mad abbottmad abbott


















 It was an off the cuff comment after a few drinks, delivered with a belly laugh from a then-senior minister a few years back.

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