Saturday 31st of July 2021

full page porkie

full page porkie

Let's disagree about the forestry agreement

In the "forestry agreement", we are led to believe that things are saved. This information is not worth the paper it's printed on.

In many instances the big trees cannot survive without the other trees around. They can become prone to diseases or the "forest remnant" that once was a thick and natural forest becoming infested with exotic plants and animals.

The destruction of old growth forests will be phased out?

Sure, when there is no old-growth forest left apart from a few old trees like a couple of crumply seniors on a park bench in the middle of a patchy lawn — very grumpy old trees, angry at tourists in awe at the height of the thingsters, the offsprings of which have been wiped out to make tourist brochures and governmental porkie pamphlets.

Remember this: destruction is faster than creation.

... never intended to offend...

A national lobby group has publicly apologised for a advertisement which offended gay, lesbian and transgender Tasmanians.

The controversial advertisements ran in the lead up to the 2007 Federal election.

Timber Communities Australia made the apology in Hobart today and undertook not to use similar ads in the future.

The ad aired on commercial television in Tasmania and attacked Greens' policies on same-sex marriage and legal recognition of transgender people.

TCA's Tasmanian manager, Barry Chipman, says it was never intended to offend.

"We are sincerely regretful that we ran the ads," he said.

"At the time of running the ads in the lead up to the 2007 Federal election it was purely for political purposes.


Never intended to offend? Let me laugh... Purely for political purposes? Let me cry...

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